Meditation course ( An in-depth guide)

In this guide, we will discuss the best course about meditation and how to find them.

Meditation course 

Meditation is a practice that has been carried out for a long time.

Many are people of different ages and around the world who include this activity in their lives.

Many people have expressed the results that meditation has brought to their lives and they are increasingly adding to this practice.

Various scientific studies have tried to demonstrate the influence that meditation has on people’s lives.

Some have referred to the role it has in reducing the levels of stress and anxiety that a person may experience.

Several people in all parts of the world have emphasized that meditation has brought positive change to their lives.

One of the advantages of this type of activity is the ease with which it can be performed and the place.

You do not need a large space to meditate or a large amount of time. The good thing about meditation is that it can be done anywhere, anytime.

Is necessary space where the person can be in peace and a few minutes a day will be enough for the person to open the way to meditation and let it begin to transform its life.

Some people want to take it further, want to be experts in the area and want meditation to be more than 5 minutes a day.

Some people want to learn the art of meditation, know its origins and various techniques for meditation.

It is common to find countless schools and organizations that teach about meditation, some people are specialized in the area.

Since the technique of meditation is a practice that encompasses different types, some people focus on various aspects of meditation.

It may seem a lot, but the good thing is that there are various ways to access the meditation that is of interest to the person.

Today there is the meditation course, which has the purpose of the person learning about this ancient practice and deepening more about what meditation consists of.

Meditation goes beyond simply taking a few minutes to close your eyes and breathe, it includes a process that involves the connection between the human being and its being.

In a meditation course, the person gets to know more, likewise.

Discover feelings with which it has not been able to get in touch and becomes more aware of who it is and everything around.

The meditation course seeks to place the person in the here and now, something that is not usually very common in a world where everyone is running fast and does not stop to reflect and appreciate their surroundings.

For a person to start a meditation course it is important to be clear about the reasons why you want to take this type of course.

Sometimes having an idea about meditation that does not go concerning what can be given in the course can change the person’s perception and make them not decide to take the meditation course.

Knowing what meditation is and the process involved is key to being able to carry out a more meaningful practice.

Definition of meditation

Wikipedia defines meditation as a practice in which the individual trains the mind or induces a mode of consciousness to obtain some benefit.

This benefit can be anything that the person seeks to obtain through this practice, such as knowing itself or entering a state where it is aware of its surroundings.

According to religion, meditation has different meanings.

Countries of the Asian continent such as India and China were the first to introduce meditation practices, each with their respective names.

These practices, according to culture, have different meanings.

In Buddhism meditation is of the utmost importance. This practice seeks the mind to reach a level of reality and understanding that goes beyond what has been learned.

The Zen school explains that meditation is the natural consciousness of human consciousness, capable of understanding on its own the meaning of its existence, even so, this occurs at the level of the unconscious.

This perception can be interrupted by agitation or interest in the particular matters of our attention.

In Christianity meditation has a Christological approach. In this culture, meditation has a thought focused on God, his word and his work.

In Hinduism, in yoga and Vedanta schools, meditation is part of two of the six branches of Hindu philosophy.

While it is true that some research has emphasized the positive effects of meditation such as maintaining concentration and reducing the consequences of stress, as well as at least two types of research produce changes in the hippocampus or insula, it has been found some adverse effects that this practice could have.

In the case of people with mental illnesses, meditation can lead people with depression, anxiety disorders or attention deficit disorder to experience symptoms of mania, depersonalization, anxiety, panic and experimentation of traumatic events.

While it is true that as every practice does not give 100% of results, it should not be ruled out that it has many benefits for which it is used as an alternative treatment.

The important thing is to know at what time and at what type of person to recommend performing this activity.

Which are the best meditation course?

Today we live in a world where through technological means we can have access to various tools for the improvement of our lives.

Almost anything we can find on the internet and looking for a meditation course is no exception.

On the internet, there are several online courses that we can access if we want to learn to meditate.

Some are paid and those who are not.

It should be clear that the free courses will always come with their limitation, so it is important to know what you want when you want to start in meditation and how much you would be willing to pay.

According to a simple search conducted on Google, which yielded the best meditation courses, the following can be pointed out:

Udemy – online and paid course

Among the first meditation course, are those offered by the Udemy website.

This page is known for providing courses in different fields and meditation is one of them.

There are many positive reviews that this website receives. If you are determined to deepen the practice of meditation, taking a payment course like this can be beneficial for you.

Among the meditation courses they offer are from basic meditation to mindfulness.

It also includes meditation practices from various countries such as China and India.

A fairly complete guide with various options to decide which meditation practise to start and deepen.

Book Retreats – classroom and paid classes

Book Retreats is a website that places you in which parts of the world different kinds of meditation are going to take place.

Prices and cities are detailed on the web. It is a great facility to locate a physical class since many times the person does not know where to start looking when it comes to a meditation class.

The costs on the page may be a bit high but each class is intended for the purposes that the person has with the meditation.

You have to understand that meditation is a practice that requires work and the results are not achieved in a single day.

The page has the advantage that shows various categories and the person can choose according to their needs in meditation.

Coursera- free and paid online courses

Among the mentioned meditation courses are those offered by the Coursera page.

This website, like Udemy, offers a wide variety of courses in different areas, including meditation.

This page has the advantage of having free courses, which allows the person to try one at no cost.

It has a great variety of meditation courses, contemplating those of different cultures.

Triyoga – paid classroom courses

In the case of a person being based in London, he has at his disposal those courses offered by triyoga.

Not only meditation classes are offered but also yoga and pilates, which also provide positive effects on the well-being of the person.

The web has the option of not only taking courses but also taking some class. It can be purchased individually or in packages.

In general, great options for the person to choose when entering this practice are shown on the web.

Mindful School – online and paid courses

This page offers a series of programs focused on mindfulness and other areas.

The courses offered are paid and have established schedules at the time of registration.

The page shows complete and detailed content about what they offer.

Online meditation – free online courses

Online meditation is a website that offers meditation courses. These courses are free but do not have much variety.

Being free allows the person to try them and not invest money without first knowing what they consist of.

It has many meditations of various types, which the person can enjoy.

It also has images that explain what parts of the body are working in the meditation you choose and the positions.

It is very complete in this aspect.

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FAQs about meditation course

Is it necessary to take a paid meditation course to learn to meditate?

Paid meditation courses have their advantages among which is that these are usually complete, but for a person who does not have enough resources to sign up for a paid one, trying free courses is also an option when learning to meditate.

Can I learn to meditate without taking an online or classroom course?

Yes, there are various resources such as books which teach step by step how to learn to meditate.

Can meditation help me with my anxiety?

Yes, meditation can help the person decrease their anxiety levels.

Meditation causes the person to focus on the here and time, leaving concerns aside.

How can I learn to meditate at home?

If you want to meditate from your home, the first thing you should do is find a space where you are calm and relax.

Start with some deep meditations and let your mind calm down.

Let the thoughts fly and try to be in a place where nobody distracts you or interrupts your process.

How long is it advisable to meditate a day?

Everything will depend on the availability of the person and how advanced he is in this practice.

If you are starting in meditation, 5 to 10 minutes will be enough.

Some people are in a more advanced stage and can meditate half an hour and up to an hour.


Meditation courses are a good option when a person begins to practice meditation.

The meditation courses serve as a guide so that the person step by step can learn more about this practice.

Not only online courses can be useful for learning to meditate, but also the use of meditation books can be effective.

Meditation course ( An in-depth guide)
  1. A Course in Meditation: A 21-Day Workout for Your Consciousness
  2. Meditation: A Foundation Course – A Book of Ten Lessons
  3. Meditation For Beginners: How to Meditate For Lifelong Peace, Focus and Happiness


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