What is the meaning of different meditation colors?

This post answers: What is the meaning of different meditation colors? Why do individuals see colors when meditating? What are the seven chakras in an individual’s body? What is meditation? What are the steps of meditation? What are the benefits of meditation?

What is the meaning of different meditation colors?

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Counseling is Key to a Healthy Marriage

Researchers believe that every individual has energy centers that are called chakras. Each of these energy centers is linked with a particular color and yogis believe that individuals experience seeing certain colors because of particular chakras.

The meaning of different Carlos that individuals might see while meditating are:


individuals might see a white color during meditation due to the crown chakra which is located at the top of the head. This chakra’s connected with our intuitions and is related to a source energy. researchers believe that when this chakra is blocked it leads to headaches, anxiety, and dissociation.


purple color is associated with the third eye chakra is located between the eyebrows. It is believed to hold clairvoyance powers and holds significant value in various cultures. it guides individuals to see the whole picture and also gain wisdom.


when individuals see blue color while meditating it is mainly connected to that root chakra. Researchers believe that this chakra gets blocked when individuals lie or don’t speak the truth. it is dispensable for people’s capability to express themselves and carry out conversations.


the heart chakra is the one that is connected to the color green. it helps individuals to accept and give love. the major elements that are associated with this chakra are forgiveness, inner peace, and compassion. individuals who experience a block in this chakra my told history of trauma and pain.


Yellow color is associated with the navel chakra which helped individuals feel confident and present at the moment. It is suggested to be related to an individual’s potential and strengths. Individuals whose neighbor chakras are blocked might experience a sense of fear or they might feel stuck in life.


Oranges are associated with the pelvic chakra. It has an impact on individuals’ sexual organs and reproductive systems. It is responsible for a person’s creative and sexual energy.


The color red is associated with the chakra that is placed at the bottom of the tailbone link to the root chakra. it helps individual stake grounded and give them a sense of reality. 

Researchers believe that individuals who have experienced a block in this chakra might have concerns relating to food, career, and money.

Why do individuals see colors when meditating?

Yogis and researchers believe that individuals might experience various colors while meditating due to some reasons such as:

  • When a chakra is blocked and is indicating you to work on it
  • When a chakra is flowing effectively
  • Colors might signal answers to the question individuals ask during meditation
  • Colors might provide a direction to the answers that individuals are looking for

What are the seven chakras in an individual body?

Chakras refer to the energy centers present in an individual’s body in various parts. Researchers believe that there are 7 chakras in the human body which are:

  • The root chakra.
  • The sacral chakra
  • The solar plexus chakra
  • The heart chakra
  • The throat chakra
  • The third eye chakra.
  • The crown chakra.

What is meditation?

Meditation can be referred to as a balancing and focusing technique. The main goal of meditation is to bring about a balance between a person’s subjective and objective experience and expand awareness.

When people sit down to meditate, they are required to close their eyes and focus. This helps the person to eliminate distractions and focus on their internal experience.

What are the steps of meditation?


The steps of meditation are:

  • First, a person must find a quiet and comfortable place where they can sit without distraction for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • After sitting comfortably with their back upright and without any external support a person must close their eyes.
  • Once a person closes their eyes they must focus on their internal experiences and sensations.
  • A person must then try to focus on their attention and breathing.

What are the benefits of meditation?

Some benefits of meditation are:

Meditation helps to regulate feelings

Meditation can help to regulate difficult thoughts, feelings, and emotions without suppressing, analyzing, or encouraging them.

When a person allows themselves to acknowledge their current worries, irritations, negative memories it helps in fading away from the negativity.

Meditation helps to explore

Meditation can help individuals explore their unknown causes of distress and concern. This is done by accepting the events that are happening in a person’s life rather than escaping from them.

It acts as a medium to gain insights into what’s driving a person’s concern and anxiety.

Meditation can help create healthy boundaries

Meditation can also help create healthy imaginary boundaries around a person such that their concerns and anxieties do not exhaust them both mentally and physically leaving them dysfunctional.

When a person can understand the unknown causes of their fears, worries, and negative thoughts a sense of freedom is felt.

Frequently asked questions: What is the meaning of different meditation colors?

What do colors mean when meditating?

Yogis and researchers believe that seeing colors is an indication of a healing experience among individuals. They also suggest that every color is associated with various energy centers that are present in an individual’s body indicating healing taking place in a particular part.

Which colors are good for meditation?

Some colors individuals must consider in the meditation space are Rust orange, Navy blue, Dark Brown, Light brown, Peach, Berry, Blush, and Hunter green.

Why do I see blue when I meditate?

Individuals might see the color blue while they meditate as a signal of the throat chakra.



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