Masturbation effects on body (What happens)


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Page last updated: 21/11/2022

Masturbation effects on body

Masturbation effects on body – A guide to understanding the effects of masturbation on the body.

In this guide, we are going to discuss how masturbation can affect the body and if it does it positively or negatively.

Masturbation effects on body

Masturbation is a normal practice performed by many people.

This has the purpose that the person feels pleasure and can discover those erotic areas of its body.

Several investigations have been carried out to know the masturbation effects on body, throwing the advantages that it has for the person who performs this practice.

Some people avoid performing because they feel shame and culture-related issues.

Masturbation is performed by people regardless of gender or age. Children before reaching adolescence practice masturbation.

Although when they are younger they are not aware that this practice is called masturbation, they do it because of the pleasure it causes them.

It is a way to explore the body.

Practising masturbation is not negative, but it is important to know that it should not be performed anywhere.

It is an intimate activity and the person who does it must feel respect for its body. If you are a father or mother and you see your boy or girl masturbating, explain what this practice consists of.

There are parents who, instead of explaining, shout at the children and they begin to have a negative perception of masturbation.

When the child grows up with the concept that masturbating is not correct, this can harm its sex life.

It is important to know the benefits of masturbation for the body.

While it is true that it is favourable, it is not a practice that should be carried out in excess.

Some people masturbate once a day and several times a day, but you have to be careful that this practice is not done in a way where the person feels they should masturbate at all times.

Among the positive things that masturbation has is that it helps the person know the areas of its body that cause it a pleasure.

Masturbation is the body examination that a person does to know which parts cause its arousal.

When a person identifies these parts, they can help you have a more satisfying sex life.

Having a partner does not mean that masturbation is not practised, on the contrary, it helps improve the relationship.

Masturbation also helps the person not to contract a sexually transmitted disease.

Because it is a practice that is often done only by the same person, you do not run the risk of getting a disease or getting pregnant.

Masturbation can also be practised by the couple and still decreases the risks of contagion of any STD or possible pregnancy.

Masturbation also helps the person increase their self-esteem.

As masturbation allows the person to get to know each other more, this helps to generate self-confidence, knowing what it likes and what it doesn’t.

While it is true that masturbation has many benefits for both physical and mental health of people, it is important to know a little more about how masturbation occurs and what neurochemical processes are involved.

Masturbation effects on body (What happens)

What is masturbation?

Masturbation can be defined as the act performed by a person, both male and female, to feel sexual pleasure.

The person goes through his body in search of the areas that cause him pleasure.

Normally touching the genitals are those areas of greatest pleasure for people who perform this practice.

A person can masturbate through the touch with their fingers in those parts where they feel more excited or do so by using another person’s genitals or using sex toys.

Men when they masturbate normally do so by holding the penis with their hand and moving it from top to bottom or from back to front.

It depends on which movement causes you more pleasure. Also touching the testicles is another form of stimulation.

Other ways in which men masturbate is using sex toys, some of these are inflatable dolls, artificial vaginas, vibrators and others.

Women, when they masturbate, do so by stimulating the area of ​​the clitoris. Also introducing some fingers in the vagina is another common way to masturbate.

To make masturbation more satisfactory, women often lubricate their fingers with saliva or with some water or oil lubricant that can be found in erotic shops.

The use of erotic toys is also present when masturbating, being the most common vibrators.

What happens in the brain when a person masturbates?

When a person masturbates, the brain releases a series of hormones called endorphins, which makes the person feel good.

Various studies also indicate that masturbation affects the prefrontal cortex of the brain.

The prefrontal cortex has to do with aspects of consciousness, such as self-assessment and the consideration of something from another person’s perspective.

According to the study conducted by Komisaruk’s team, they found that there is greater activation in the prefrontal cortex during the climax.

Also in the study, it was found that, at the time of the practice of masturbation, more than 30 areas of the brain are activated, including those related to touch, memory, reward and even pain.

What are the masturbation effects on body?

Several scientific research has inquired about what are the masturbation effects on body.

Many benefits have been highlighted both physically and mentally for people who perform this practice. Some of them are:

  • Makes the person feel more relaxed
  • Download high-stress levels
  • Help to better sleep
  • Feel more pleasure
  • Relieves cramps
  • Release sexual tension
  • It helps the person to know his body better and knows those places where he feels the most
  • Relieves menstrual cramps
  • Strengthens the muscle tone of the pelvic and anal area
  • Increase self-esteem
  • Lower risk of contracting an STD and a possible pregnancy

When the person masturbates, it has greater control of its body. It is easier to recognize in which places you feel more excited and not.

Also, masturbation helps to improve the relationship.

Apart from having penetration, masturbation between couples helps strengthen the relationship and build more trust between them.

What are the negative masturbation effects on body?

While it is true that masturbation has positive effects on the physical and mental health of the person, this practice can negatively affect the person.

Masturbation can be related to the fault a person feels in doing so due to cultural influence.

In many cultures, this practice is seen as not correct and if a person performs it under these beliefs, they may feel bad, which over time can cause problems in their sexual life as a couple.

Another of the negative masturbation effects on body is that the person can become addicted to this practice.

Some people spend a lot of time masturbating and can generate an addition to this practice, interfering negatively with their life.

The person can stop going to work, skip homework, cancel plans with family and friends, just by simply spending time masturbating.

Excessive masturbation can interfere with a person’s productivity since they will only spend time performing this practice.

FAQs about masturbation effects on body

How can a person quit masturbation addiction?

Masturbation addiction requires a similar treatment as any addiction a person may have.

For a person to stop masturbation addiction they will need medical treatment.

The health professional will help you know the reasons why the person masturbates excessively and how to stop practising this action in excess.

Is it true that if I masturbate a lot I will not want to have sex with my partner?

That’s not true. Masturbation can help improve sexual appearance in the couple.

When the person masturbates, it knows its body more and knows which are the parts where it feels pleasure and where it does not.

This can help your partner know how and where to stimulate, making the sexual relationship more satisfying.

How does masturbation influence my mood?

When the person masturbates, the brain releases hormones called endorphins which are responsible for the well-being of the person.

It is common for a person to manifest feeling better after masturbating.

How do I talk to my children about masturbation?

The issue of masturbation should not cause any discomfort.

Sit with them and explain what the practice is.

Tell them that this is part of their privacy so they should not do it publicly and not let anyone touch their body.

Explain that masturbation is a way of knowing your body and that as they grow they will mature more and know more about how the body reacts when masturbation is practised.

How can a woman learn to masturbate?

A woman learns to masturbate by touching herself in the areas where she identifies that she is more sensitive.

For example, the woman can start touching her clitoris, which has the function of providing sexual pleasure and that is where most women feel arousal.

The woman can also touch her vagina and start by inserting a finger and see how she feels.

The touch should be in a gentle way or depending on how the person likes it.

The use of sex toys can help the person feel more pleasure.

If the woman has a partner and they have had sex, this person can help you masturbate.

The important thing is that the woman when trying to masturbate feels comfortable and relaxed.

Masturbation effects on body (What happens)


Masturbation is a practice performed by many people. There is no shame in doing so because this is a form of exploration and personal excitement.

Masturbation helps the person know their own body, increases their confidence by knowing in which places they feel pleasure and in which they do not.

It is important that, if you are a father or mother and discover your son or daughter masturbating, do not yell at them and tell that it is wrong since this can negatively influence your sex life.

It is best to educate them about what masturbation is.

When the person masturbates the stress levels go down and he feels happier.

Besides, it is a way to feel satisfied if someone has no partner and seeks to satisfy their sexual desires.

If the person reaches the point of developing a masturbation addiction, he or she should seek help since the masturbation addiction can be as serious as other addictions.

Every practice in excess hurts and masturbation is not exempt from this.

Masturbation must be for enjoyment and for the person to feel a balance for their sexual life not to cause otherwise.

Masturbation effects on body (What happens)
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