Marriage Counseling Worksheets (5)

This page displays marriage counseling worksheets.

Some of these worksheets have been made by us while some of them have been curated by reputable third party websites, after reviewing relevant content from various sites.

These marriage counseling worksheets are helpful for couples who are facing difficulties in their married life and are unable to resolve issues with each other.

Marriage counseling worksheets train individuals way by which they can sort out their issues and lead a happy, content married life.

Marriage Counseling Worksheet- Exploring Marital Conflicts

Life after marriage is not easy if the partners fail to meet each other’s needs, resolve their marital conflicts, learn to compromise fairly, look after each other properly, maintain intimacy in their relationship and so forth.

Marriage is a bond between two people and both the partners are equally responsible for upholding this relationship.

For this, it is necessary to sort out the conflicts with each other and work on them to eradicate them.

Marriage Counseling Worksheets (5)

Marriage Counseling Worksheet- Resolving Marital Conflicts 

The strategy used for resolving marital conflicts and the way it is used, determines its effectiveness. Therefore it is essential to adopt appropriate strategy to settle down different marital conflicts.

Different people use different skills to sort out their issues. Some use negotiation techniques while some of them compromise.

Some discuss their issue assertively with their partners whereas some of them prefer to ignore the mistakes of their partners and end up forgiving them.

The selection of a specific strategy must be done on the basis of the nature of the problem.

For example if one partner compromises a lot, the other partners becomes used to it and starts taking things for granted.

In such a case, the  other partner must be told it is his turn to compromise when one partner can not do so.

Marriage Counseling Worksheets (5)

Marriage Counseling Worksheet- Enhancing Problem Solving Abilities 

The problem solving abilities of couples greatly influence their marital relationship.

If the individuals are well aware of the nature and root cause of their conflicts, and are able to apply problem solving strategies mindfully, they can successfully settle their issues with each other.

Furthermore, the partner must know when is the time for him to compromise and when he has to speak about his problems.

Marriage Counseling Worksheets (5)

Marriage Counseling Worksheet- Couples Make Important Decisions Together

  To make important decisions, both partners are involved, as they both are equally important in making any kind of decision, especially important decisions.

Important decisions are important in a way that they are necessary to be made mindfully in order to have better outcomes.

To aid in such circumstances, worksheets are made to make the couples mindful of the fact that both of them are essential for making any decision.

In the following worksheet, the couples are made to write down the important decisions and match their thoughts.

The mutual thoughts are discussed by the couple in a wise way and thus the decision is made through the wisdom of both the partners.

  This worksheet is presented to you on the next page. If you wish to download this worksheet, visit this site.

Marital Counseling Worksheet- Loving and Caring Behaviors

  Loving and caring behaviors have an important place in relationships. Couples need this kind of behavior to have mental satisfaction and stability.

They are fond of getting cuddles and love from their better halves in order to have a positivity in their relationship.

They need such characteristics to lead a healthy life.

Such worksheets aid the individuals in penning down all the loving and caring actions of their partners that they have done in the past, that they are doing in their present, and that they are willing to do in the future.

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The link to download this worksheet in the form of a pdf is here.

Marriage Counseling Worksheet- My Partner’s Qualities

Acknowledging the qualities of one’s partner aids in strengthening his marital relationship.

When one is aware of his partner’s good and bad sides, his needs, his wishes, the key to his happiness, his insecurities and so on, he can take care of all these things himself and build up a strong relationship with his partner.

In turn, his partner also makes an effort to make him happy, to do things that please him and avoid those which his partner does not like.

In this way, a healthy relationship is formed and the marital bond between two partners is strengthened.

My partner’s qualities worksheet, by psychpoint website, is a good resource for exploring your partner’s qualities.

It can aid you in maintaining a good, healthy and strong relationship with your partner.

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Marriage Counseling Worksheet- Relationship Gratitude Tips

Being happy for what you have is far more beneficial than complaining for what you don’t have. No relationship is perfect.

Every relation has its own conflicts and problems.

Hence, instead of losing hope and blaming one another for not being the way one wants, one must focus on the positives.

One must look for the good qualities of his partner and appreciate them to strengthen his bond with his partner.

Relationship gratitude tips worksheet is a great resource for helping couples to adopt certain strategies that would aid in making their marital bond stronger.

To download this worksheet visit this site.

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This page provides you with marriage counseling worksheets.

Some of these worksheets have been made by us while some of them have been curated from reputable third party websites.

In order to lead a peaceful and an optimistic life with your better half, you need to have counselling to eradicate and wipe off any misunderstanding, that could have been created anyway.

Marriage counselling aids the couple in eradicating any negative aspect that can hamper their peace and living concepts.

To have worksheets solved can be one of the sources for marriage counselling. 

If you have any questions or queries regarding these worksheets, let us know through your comments.

We will be glad to assist you.

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