Making friends with anxiety(How)


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Page last updated: 18/10/2022

Making friends with anxiety

Making friends with anxiety – a guide to help a person to make friends with anxiety

In this guide, we will analyze how a person with anxiety can make friends.

Making friends with anxiety

Human beings are social beings.

People were born to be related to each other, it is a fundamental part of the development of the human species and thus society is composed.

People enjoy interacting with others in various environments, both work and informal to share and have fun.

Some people have certain difficulties in relating to others.

Some can be branded as shy and it is normal, not all human beings have the same social skills, but other people find it more difficult to relate and make friends.

People who have anxiety have a hard time relating to others.

When they are around other people they begin to feel nervous, they remain speechless and in the end, they prefer to avoid contact with people so as not to have to deal with the symptoms of anxiety.

A person making friends with anxiety suffers since it would like to make friends and interact with other people, but the symptoms of anxiety are so strong that they act as a barrier and the person prefers to retire.

A person who wants to make friends with anxiety may have low self-esteem.

It feels that it is not enough for other people to be around, it believes that it cannot contribute enough and that no one can pay attention.

The person who is trying to make friends with anxiety sometimes interprets that other people are not going to want to be their friends and that is why they decide to lock themselves up.

The interpretation of all the dynamics in the process of socialization and making friends is distorted in the mind of the person suffering from anxiety.

It looks like someone who may not like others.

A person who is making friends with anxiety may be meeting someone and at the moment it is with a person, in its mind, a series of thoughts can happen such as: “that person does not like me, that’s for sure,” “that person will think I’m strange” and similar thoughts.

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The predisposition is a barrier that prevents the person with anxiety from enjoying the moment, but what it does is that its anxiety levels increase.

In the end, the person who is trying to make friends with anxiety will avoid any social environment where it has to interact with others.

In many cases, the person can put aside activities that enjoyed just for the simple fact of being exposed to environments where there are more people and can feel that they are judging or criticizing.

It is a difficult situation since the person who is trying to make friends with anxiety may feel sad to see that its anxiety is isolating from the things it enjoys only because of the fear of exposing itself to being with more people.

Anxiety can affect people very negatively if it is not controlled, so the importance of knowing what it is and how it can interfere with people’s lives.

Making friends with anxiety(How)

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is a response that the organism gives to a stimulus that it perceives as threatening or dangerous.

This response is accompanied by an unpleasant feeling or somatic symptoms of tension.

When a person feels anxiety, it makes an alert call in a situation where the person takes the necessary measures to face the danger.

When anxiety is not pathological, it can be defined as a normal situation in daily life.

Many things can make a person feel anxious, but it does not imply seriousness in their health.

A person may feel anxiety when it is waiting for a story or for an event to occur.

All people at some time experience or will experience anxiety.

Anxiety when it exceeds certain levels, which influences the functioning of the person negatively, could be considered pathology and is part of anxiety disorders.

When a person has high levels of anxiety, it has difficulty developing its daily activities.

It has an excessive concern for things that have not happened yet and is always waiting for the worst.

The person lives in a state of alert that does not let him concentrate on other things.

Anxiety symptoms

Among the symptoms of anxiety are the following:

  • Palpitations and tachycardias
  • Sweating, dry mouth
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Difficult to focus
  • Excessive concern
  • Avoidance behaviour in certain situations
  • A feeling of memory loss
  • Restlessness
  • Irritability

Consequences of anxiety

While it is true that normal levels of anxiety are positive for the human being, when it exceeds those levels it can negatively affect the person.

Anxiety can cause a person to develop physical and mental illnesses.

Among physical illnesses, the person is at greater risk of developing heart disease, chronic pain and asthma.

Among mental illnesses, the person can develop disorders such as depression.

The person can often ignore that any of these diseases may be due to anxiety, so they must have knowledge about the dangers that anxiety can lead to and that it is not controlled.

How can a person start making friends with anxiety?

A person who is trying to make friends with anxiety may see this as a difficult process and even in some cases impossible, but there are some actions it can take to start the process of making friends.

Among the first things a person who is making friends with anxiety should do is work on itself.

Working on itself implies abandoning the preconceived ideas the person have about what others may think and about itself.

A person with anxiety can often be seen as not enough and believes that others will see it in the same way.

Changing this type of thinking will allow the person to open up to others and ultimately will understand that others do not think so.

A person who is making friends with anxiety, even if it is difficult to relate to other people, in many cases has a few friends.

Among these friends it has, the person should be able to tell them about the situation it is going through and that it would like help.

Sometimes the social withdrawal that a person has with anxiety can make their friends think that this person does not want to relate to them.

Talking about anxiety is not something to be ashamed of and true friends will understand this perfectly.

The person with anxiety can tell its friends that it would like to meet other people and to be present for future social activities.

Another action that a person who is making friends with anxiety can perform is trying to comply with the invitations they make.

The moment the person decides to have a closer relationship with other people, invitations to different activities may arise.

For the person with anxiety, it can be difficult to comply, but it must make an effort to go.

This is something that is achieved little by little.

The person should not feel pressured to go, but it must remember that this is part of the process to reduce the anxiety that it has to interact with others.

With time, the person who is making friends with anxiety must maintain communication with the people it knows as another step out of the social anxiety it suffers.

Trying to make invitations and comply will help throughout the process.

Creating a list of activities that the person likes and going is another way to make friends having anxiety.

Even if the person feels anxious about being around others, being in a place where they are going to do something they like can decrease anxiety levels.

If the person feels that by itself it cannot reduce its anxiety levels when making friends, it can resort to seeking professional help.

The person who is making friends with anxiety can go to a psychologist to help reintegrate and be able to interact with others.

FAQs about making friends with anxiety

Can anxiety destroy a relationship?

It is proven that anxiety can increase problems in a relationship of any kind.

Concerns, nerves and thoughts of fear can cause tension between a person and others with whom it relates.

Can a person with anxiety die from it?

Anxiety causes symptoms as if the person felt a heart attack, but does not cause death.

Now, if the person feels this symptom regularly, he should visit a doctor to rule out some disease.

Does a person with anxiety have a disorder?

There is a difference between anxiety and anxiety disorders.

People at some point in their life will experience anxiety and it is normal, a little anxiety is positive because it helps the person to be motivated or identify a danger.

An anxiety disorder negatively affects a person.

She lives with excessive worry and nerves, can not work well and has trouble relating to others.

Can a person eventually stop feeling anxious when making friends?

In many cases, anxiety over time decreases or disappears as it is normal to have certain degrees of anxiety.

But other people who have anxiety, it does not disappear, but the person can handle the symptoms depending on how they are and seek help if they need it.

Is anxiety genetic?

Several studies have shown that anxiety has a genetic component, but it can also occur due to environmental factors.

That is, a person can develop anxiety even without having family members who have suffered from it.


A person who is trying making friends with anxiety can see this as a very difficult activity and in many cases even impossible.

The symptoms take over the person and lead them to interpret the socialization process in a distorted way.

For a person to reduce their anxiety levels when making friends, they must make an effort to be in social groups and not misinterpret the perception that other people may have.

Changing thinking and understanding that many people are willing to meet others and create friendship makes the person feel calmer and reduce anxiety levels.

A person who is making friends with anxiety has some close friends and should be able to tell them and seek help if they have not already done so.

Anxiety, when treated, gives very good results, helping the person to reintegrate and continue with its life in a normal way.

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