Magic Mushrooms (A complete review)

Magic mushrooms are basically mushrooms that are made from psilocybin. There is another name for the magic mushrooms that is called “shrooms.”

It is a kind of drug which is used to create hallucinations and other side effects. In the ancient times, these mushrooms were used to cure various things and it was considered a good natural remedy.

But, in the past, there were obviously not scientists who could test magic mushrooms to see how safe they were, or to discover other drugs that might have the same positive effects that magic mushrooms might have without the dangerous side effects.

However, in the modern world the use of magic mushrooms is now illegal and is prohibited.

They are sometimes dangerous. Although we can get health benefits from them, it requires certain conditions.

The use of this mushroom requires a lot of medical assistance because excessive use can be life threatening as well.

This is true of many natural remedies, since many of them have not been tested by scientists or confirmed to be safe by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

While they can help some people, the dangers of taking them often outweigh the benefits that they can have.

Or, the side effects that these kinds of remedies have might be very negative, and outweigh any positive benefits that magic mushrooms might have.

There is a theory that these mushrooms might have provided us Santa Claus, while someone had taken them and was hallucinating.

This just goes to show that these mushrooms can be beneficial but can also be very dangerous, especially when someone takes them in a dosage that leads to them believing that they are seeing things that are not actually there, as someone might react to hallucinations that they are seeing in violent or irrational ways.

There are various kinds of magic mushrooms that help us in various ways.

There is no doubt in the fact that humans discovered these mushrooms and have used them for all sorts of reasons, but when we take a look at ancient history these mushrooms are presumed to have been used the most in religious rituals.

The psilocybin mushrooms were very important to the Spanish people because they say these mushrooms have played an important part in their religious rituals in ancient times. 

These mushrooms have been considered to improve the brain capacity.

However, this idea has set up a lot of interest in the people, but no proper discoveries are made.

Still there are people that say they help to alter the consciousness.

Some people believe that through hallucinations, people are able to reach a higher level of enlightenment or a greater understanding of themselves.

Conversely, hallucinogens like magic mushrooms can cause people to see very negative images that can greatly disturb the user.

The use of these mushrooms could be very dangerous as the psilocybin mushroom when ingested can be very poisonous and it could harm the brain cells.

This results in the mood swings and hallucinations associated with magic mushrooms.

People who took it prefer to say it expanded consciousness. Recently, due to modern ages of science and technology it has drawn attention towards the actual structure of the brain.

Magic mushrooms are basically drugs considered to make a person hallucinate and they enable you to help you increase your senses and their abilities.

These seem real but they are just hallucinations and are not real. Users of magic mushrooms might experience an out-of-body sensation, or feelings of grandeur or extreme joy and happiness.

The effects of magic mushrooms are believed to be influenced by the ecosystem or just some environmental factors, such as laying out in a field versus doing magic mushrooms within a bedroom or a basement.

It is believed by some people that the magic mushrooms are to be related to spirituality, or certain kinds of gods.

Some people believe that these magic mushrooms help users to have spiritual spirits with lots of powers and supernatural abilities.

However, the remaining people just take it as hallucinations for a certain period of time. 

When magic mushrooms are taken in it is said that they go directly to the brain and make you feel unreal and involuntary things.

You get to feel different perceptions and things that you have never experienced before.

The effect starts within 20 to 40 minutes and it can last up to 6 hours.

The reason behind this is that the psilocybin is excreted in exactly the same amount of time every time and the hallucinations are over. 

According to the experts, these mushrooms can result in extreme anxiety and depression, several hallucinations that could last very long, and confusion in several cases.

Certain medical experts like to call this experience a “Bad trip.”

A good trip might consist of a warm feeling all over the body, and visions that are pleasant to look at.

A bad trip might consist of seeing one’s worst fears in hallucinations, or feeling an extreme sense of fear and panic that one is unable to escape from until the magic mushrooms wear off and the trip ends.

Magic mushrooms have been used a lot for medicinal reasons and for spiritual use by Americans and people in Europe.

In 2018, a research was made that could classify the use of these mushrooms as a medicine.

Researchers say that psilocybin mushroom can be used to cure cancer related psychiatric distress.

Moreover, it can also prevent and stop nicotine addiction and sometimes reduce depression and anxiety.

It is also used to cure some substance disorders.

In 2019, Denver was the first city in the United States to say that these magic mushrooms are now legal because of the way that they can act as a cure in the medicinal world.

After a few months it was legal in Oakland as well. This does not mean that they can be used by every citizen.

Its main aim was that it can be used for certain medicinal purposes under the influence of medicinal experts.

These two cities have been working and producing medicines from these magic mushrooms and getting better at it day by day.

However, it is dangerous, but they are still finding how it can be helpful in treating humans.

It is to be noted that this research is being done in controlled environments and by scientists who know how to test the drug safely and effectively.

As these magic mushrooms play an important role in curing yet there are many common side effects of these mushrooms.

When we take magic mushrooms these hallucinations occur, which could result in mental and emotional breakdowns.

It can easily affect mental health and can cause extreme mood swings or may make a person feel trapped within their emotions.

While hallucinations are still there magic mushrooms can cause accidents to happen under its influence and moreover, it can result in serious injuries as well which can be life threatening as well.

Mostly, these magic mushrooms are taken with alcohol which impacts the health so badly and it can easily change the psychology of a person.

When a person takes magic mushrooms and ingests alcohol at the same time, a person can often not remember what is happening to them or what has happened to them while they were under the influence.

It is like a memory loss.

Many physical risks are also possible. It may affect your neurons which could result in no movement of your body parts and it can remain till your life ends. 

When we consume these magic mushrooms there is a chance that we can get panicked by the hallucinations.

Moreover, it could create a panic attack resulting in severe damage to the brain and you could end your life during hallucinations. 

The physical effects include the following:

·      Nausea: A constant feeling that you would vomit at any instance. It makes you feel very uncomfortable. And it causes gurgling in your stomach.

·      Yawning: You get so tired that you want to sleep, and you could not stop yawning and moreover you can not sleep as well.

·      Heart rate is increased.

·      Blood pressure is increased.

·      Body temperature is increased.

·      Headaches.

·      Dilated pupils.

In short, there are always positive and negative aspects of all things. Same is the case with the magic mushrooms.

We can get lots of cures from it, but it has a lot of side effects. So we use it very minutely in the medicines.


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Are you interested in the topic of magic mushrooms, and want to learn more about what they are, how they affect people, how they are being tested, etc.?

Here are some frequently asked questions that Google users had about magic mushrooms:

  • How dangerous are magic mushrooms?
    • One of the most dangerous things about magic mushrooms is the hallucinations that come from ingesting them. These hallucinations widely vary from person to person on what they will consist of, and some people will react better to them than others. If someone has a “bad trip” and reacts strongly to the magic mushrooms and the hallucinations associated with them, they might lash out, not because they want to hurt someone but because they are under the influence and often do not have conscious control over what is happening.
  • How poisonous are magic mushrooms?
    • It depends. If you ingest poisonous mushrooms, you might experience abdominal cramps and begin to vomit. These symptoms can last for hours on end. If someone experiences a combination of diarrhea, vomiting and stomach pain after ingesting magic mushrooms, they were most likely poisonous. 
  • Are magic mushrooms natural?
    • Magic mushrooms are natural, unlike some other hallucinogenic drugs. For example, LSD is another hallucinogenic drug, and it is not natural. These mushrooms can be found in the wild in South America, Mexico and the United States.

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