Love affirmations for couples (33+)

Love affirmations for couples

  • I have a magnetic character that makes me irresistible to those around me
  • I am thankful and deserving to have love
  • Everywhere I go I bring in love
  • I am strong, in control, and also ready to show up the ideal love
  • There is absolutely nothing between me as well as the floodgates of limitless love
  • I exhale negative thoughts and inhale love & joy
  • I am worthy of love and also be worthy of to get it in wealth
  • People desire to be around me
  • I am open to the chances that the Universe brings me for love and also romance
  • I am a magnet for positive connections
  • I am at tranquility as well as consistency with everyone besides me
  • I am infinitely happy for my friends, family, and individuals I fulfill
  • I enjoy sharing my positive vibes with every person around me
  • I spread out love to everyone around me and also it goes back to me in abundance
  • I invite new partnerships with open arms
  • I create outstanding connections with the people around me
  • I construct real relationships as well as prosper in the company of others
  • My relationships are constantly satisfying and purposeful
  • I am attracting a fantastic and amazing person to my life
  • I am grateful every day for just how much I have the ability to like and be loved by others around me
  • My partner and I are expanding deeper in love with every passing day.
  • I am grateful for my partner and the remarkable life that we are developing.
  • I am getting closer to the love of my life.
  • I am grateful that I am married to my soulmate.
  • My marriage is a blessing to me as well as the whole globe.
  • I am needed and also preferred by my companion.
  • My enthusiast accepts me for that I am.
  • I am comfortable and accepted in my marital relationship.
  • I am honored with an outstanding companion and supportive partner.
  • My marriage is joyous as well as we bring in a lot more love, wealth, and also joy every day.
  • My partner and I are in a loving, committed, and strong relationship
  • My partner and I are deeply in love with each other every day
  • I feel loved, cherished, and secure in my relationship.
  • My partner loves me every day that goes by
  • I feel free to be myself in my relationship.
  • I have the best partner in the world
  • I feel comfortable expressing my feelings and needs to my partner.
  • I respect and appreciate my partner.
  • My partner and I communicate well with each other.
  • My partner and I have fun all the time
  • I can view things from my partner’s perspective.
  • A loving relationship now brightens my life
  • My partner is supportive of me just as I am supportive of my partner
  • My partner and I go out of our way to support each other.
  • My partner sees me as everything they have been looking for in a partner
  • My partner and I are in a healthy relationship.
  • My partner and I feel comfortable and safe with each other
  • I am loved and cherished for who I am.
  • My partner and I laugh every day. I am focused on growing a healthy relationship
  • My partner and I are fully loyal to one another
  • I love, trust, and respect my partner.
  • My partner loves me, trusts me, and respects me.
  • I give my relationship the attention it deserves
  • I have full confidence in my partner.
  • I feel comfortable trusting my partner.
  • Trust in my partner is growing stronger every day.
  • I am confident that my partner is making the right choices.
  • There is a great level of trust in our relationship.
  • There is a natural connection between my partner and me.
  • I believe in the integrity of my partner.
  • My partner and I trust each other completely.
  • I am blessed to have a partner that I can trust with my secrets
  • My partner and I are loving, caring, trustworthy, and understanding towards each other.
  • My partner and I give pure love and total commitment to each other
  • I am in a loving, long-lasting, and fulfilling relationship
  • My relationship is harmonious, committed, and permanent
  • I feel free to reveal my true self to my partner.
  • Our love is stronger than argument and fights. I now believe that relationships can be joyful and fun.
  • My partner and I have set healthy boundaries in our relationship.
  • I treat my relationship with the care and attention it deserves.
  • I love and accept my partner, warts and all.
  • My partner and I share a strong and powerful love for each other.
  • My partner is crazy in love with me and I’m crazy in love with my partner.
  • I give and receive love and respect in my relationship.
  • I feel comfortable being myself in the relationship.
  • I remove the internal blockage that prevents me from receiving love
  • I feel good being intimate with my partner
  • My partner and I resolve our conflicts peacefully and respectfully.
  • My partner and I communicate well and openly.
  • Love wins between my partner and me
  • My partner is my soul mate and we love each other purely and unconditionally without judgment
  • Romance and sensuality are natural feelings in my relationship.
  • Our Relationship is getting more and more romantic each day
  • I easily express my romantic feelings to my Spouse
  • My Spouse effortlessly senses my love
  • My Spouse and I have a perfect romantic relationship.
  • I understand that marriage is pure bliss and I have achieved it.
  • My Spouse and I give physical contact with each other on a daily basis
  • My marriage is becoming deeper and stronger each day.
  • I love being in love and loved by my spouse.
  • My spouse is my best friend.
  • I am basking in the love, security, and trust of my marriage.
  • I am perfectly happy in my marriage and do my best to make it work and last forever.
  • My marriage is protected by the powerful love my partner and i have for each other.
  • I am savoring the feeling of being loved and cherished by my spouse.
  • My marriage will stay strong for the rest of our lives and beyond
  • I enjoy the safety and security of my loving marriage.
  • Our marriage is a divine bond of love and trust and a divine journey Planned by God Himself
  • Me and my partner are joined together for this bond of love and marriage by God Himself
  • I am absolutely committed to my marriage.
  • My spouse is very supportive and encourages me to follow my passion.
  • My partner and I accept each other for who we are
  • My marriage is built on love, trust, and respect.
  • My spouse and I love each other unconditionally.
  • The love I receive from my spouse helps me to be a better person.
  • My marriage is the ultimate gift from god.
  • I love to fall in love with the same person, again and again, enjoying it as if it is for the first time every time.
  • I am faithful to my spouse and my spouse is faithful to me.
  • My Spouse and I understand and appreciate all that we do to strengthen our marriage.
  • I am whole within me and my partner is whole within himself/herself.
  • I am happy to be completely myself in the relationship without being unrighteous judged
  • I look forward to growing old with my spouse.

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