Lopsided smile (A complete guide)

In this brief article, we will be talking about a lopsided smile, the causes of a lopsided smile, the meaning of a lopsided smile, and more information about a lopsided smile.

What is the meaning of a lopsided smile (Uneven smile)?

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Counseling is Key to a Healthy Marriage

The meaning of a lopsided smile is almost the same as the typical Duchenne smile that exhibits friendliness. This kind of smile is where the lips somewhat meet the outlines of the eyes. 

Lopsided Smile Fixes

Here are some common lopsided smile fixes:

  • Get an orthodontic consultation
  • Wearing a mouthguard
  • Straighten your teeth
  • Removal of Supernumerary teeth
  • Readjustment of bite

Lopsided Smile Causes

There can be many causes of a lopsided smile, like:

  • Lifestyle habits.
  • Injury.
  • Bell’s palsy.
  • Misaligned Bite
  • Stroke
  • Genetics. 
  • Sun damage.
  • Smoking.
  • Dental work.
  • Misaligned teeth
  • Aging.

Sometimes, a lopsided smile may appear when a person feels that something is off about a person or an environment.

As you will learn in the following below, you will get to know the causes of this kind of smile.

For instance, smoking was immediately correlated to a lopsided smile in a 2014 study.

You can even check with yourself if you have this kind of smile by seeing your face in a mirror. 

A lopsided smile can be exhibited when the left side and the right side of the face are incongruent with each other.

The side of the lips has one side being lifted while the other side is frowning.

A lopsided smile is also sometimes seen as an uneven smile.

Other than the lopsided smile, there is another type of smile, called the asymmetrical smile.

How to use a lopsided smile?

You can use the lopsided smile to make someone think that you can’t dedicate yourself to contentment.

You can also show this kind of smile if you are trying to show to people that you are happy even if you aren’t really happy. 

You can also use the lopsided smile to show that you are being sarcastic about a certain topic to the person and you can make the person feel that he or she shouldn’t take your words literally and seriously.

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Causes of a lopsided smile

The following are some of the causes of why you might have the lopsided smile.


Sometimes, a lopsided smile can be the result of the complexity of genetics.

If one of your relatives has this asymmetrical smile, you are more likely to have this smile as well.

Cleft lip and palate and vascular complications are inherited health conditions that studies point to as reasons for a lopsided smile.

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Sun damage

When you grow older, you can notice the rapid effects of sun damage on your skin such as moles and blemishes.

This damage from the sun is less effective on your face if you wear or have something that can protect you such as wearing a baseball hat and an umbrella.

Sun damage can cause harm on one side of your face which can result in a lopsided smile.


As mentioned before, smoking can cause you to have a lopsided smile since the toxins can rearrange the shape of your face. 

Dental work

When you had your tooth taken out, you will have some effects on your face that will make you have a lopsided smile.

The use of dental procedures can contort the shape of your face but it has been observed that these medical procedures can help straighten this asymmetrical smile. 

Some cases have observed that not all people who had veneers or other dental procedures were able to fix a lopsided smile.

A study on twins who had dental extraction and genetic background of this asymmetrical smile had this smile thanks to this extraction.

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When you are getting older, you are more likely to have a lopsided smile.

You don’t have to worry since this is a typical aspect of being in the elderly age. 

Your bones might have stopped growing when you were undergoing puberty but your cartilage will continue growing as you get older.

In this case, your ears and face will grow which can make you have a lopsided smile.

Lifestyle habits

Some people believe that the practices of sleeping on your belly or with your face against a pillow, having poor posture, sitting with your legs crossed in the same direction for a very long time and resting your face against your hand can all cause the inevitability of a lopsided smile.

A study also found that sleeping on your stomach can make you have this asymmetrical smile.

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Injury on your face in your childhood years can make a lopsided smile. This asymmetrical face can be caused by a broken nose or a deep cut on your face.

Bell’s palsy

If you suddenly have a lopsided smile, it means you might have an underlying physical condition.

Bell’s palsy is the paralysis of nerves that can disrupt some functions in the body and make deformations in other parts such as the face. 

Bell’s palsy can happen after pregnancy due to an infection but this tends to be short-term.

This physical condition can cause the muscles in the face to weaken which can cause a lopsided smile.

You can learn more about Bell’s palsy by buying this book here.


The drooping of the face is a symptom of a stroke.

If you feel that a side of your face is face and causes a lopsided smile, you need to seek medical help immediately. 

Other symptoms and signs of a stroke are muscle numbness and having trouble falling asleep.


Torticollis is called a twisted neck and may be a cause of a lopsided smile.

This physical condition can occur when you are still in the womb due to some closeness in the tight space.

Eye weaknesses can occur in the midst of torticollis.

This physical condition has symptoms and signs that only last for a short time. 

It is less typical for torticollis to happen in the long term.

How to test if your smile is symmetrical and not lopsided?

You can test if your smile is symmetrical and not a lopsided smile by finding materials that can help you realize that you have a certain smile.

You can evaluate a recent photo of you to check your smile.

Then, you could check some parts of your smile that could make it lopsided. You can use a mirror as well and check for the following markers:

  • the peak of your forehead and the bottom of your chin where you can set some points for vertical symmetry and one of the sides is horizontal
  • the crease on the far corner of both of your eyes
  • the crease of where each of your eyes starts next to the bridge of your nose
  • the crease where your lips start on both sides
  • the widest mark of both sides of your face
  • the largest section of your nose on both nostrils

You can use a ruler to mark some sides horizontally to check for a lopsided smile.

There are also apps that are free to use to check your asymmetrical smile. 

You need to be cautious about taking the results of your photos literally.

Computer apps can only do so much but they can’t measure the uniqueness of your face. 

A computer can’t always determine if you have a lopsided smile and a hint of attractiveness in that kind of smile.

How to cure a lopsided smile?

You can cure a lopsided smile by doing one of the following medical interventions.

Although this kind of smile doesn’t really warrant medical attention since this smile captures your uniqueness. 

Here are some cosmetic medical procedures that you can do to fix your lopsided smile.


Inserting a soft filler can fix your lopsided smile by inserting an injection.

This is why the use of Botox is very popular in this scenario where your face will be formed into the proper shape.

Fillers can help fix your lopsided smile as long as you keep addressing it.

This is because the effects of this medical procedure only work in the short term.

Facial implants

If you might be having a lopsided smile due to a skeletal dysfunctional, you can do facial implants.

These medical procedures can help you sort out your asymmetrical smile to a symmetrical smile. 

Facial implants have lasting effects and the kinds of these medical procedures are the following:

  • silicone
  • metals
  • plastics
  • gels
  • proteins
  • Rhinoplasty

If your lopsided smile is a cause of a broken nose, you can do a nose job using Rhinoplasty which can make you reform your face and your smile again.

You should take note that the effects of this medical procedure don’t last a long time.

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Some famous celebrities with lopsided smiles

Some famous celebrities have been taking their lopsided smiles as gifts that can help them develop in their career

Will Arnett

Will Arnett as an actor finds a benefit for his lopsided smile since it makes his smirk more apparent and ready for his movie roles.

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes has been promoted by her followers to see her lopsided smile as a trademark which is called Dawson’s Creek.

John Mayer

John Mayer has been upgrading his appearance in music by using his lopsided smile which makes him a guitarist in the eyes of his fans.

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart’s lopsided smile makes her look like Elvis Presley and she is killing it in her movie roles and local appearances.

Alicia Keys

Some fans would say that Alicia Keys is judging them internally.

However, this is the result of her lopsided smile which gives off a smirk that makes her know more than most people.

Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom’s lopsided smile makes him seem easygoing and relaxed which grabs the admiration of his fans.

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore is the famous actor that first opened up about his lopsided smile.

He finds this asymmetrical smile as an asset to his career and to his uniqueness as his own man.

Milo Ventimiglia

Milo Ventimiglia opened up about his lopsided smile is a result of a birth defect.

Despite that explanation, fans still admire his smile since it’s unique than what most people would conjure up.

The importance of smiling

Smiling will not only provide us with great physical well-being, but it will also revitalize our spirits and make those around us get the will to live.

Didn’t you notice that people smiling makes the whole room feel different?

It is a fact proven by science, that the smile and the good humor increase the antibodies and protect us from infectious, autoimmune and tumor diseases.

Many people wonder if anger, screaming and impatience are not needed to rebel against injustices, before those who break their word, before those who deceive, before those who commit atrocities before our eyes. 

One of the most famous books of antiquity, The Iliad, begins with Achilles’ anger at the injustice of Agamemnon.

But where does an epic full of war and death, of great and exceptional feats lead us? 

The greatest feat, and the best way to maintain health, is still to hold your posture and smile.

Even if it is a big smile, crazy smile, crooked smile, half smile, or sad smile – whatever you call it, the important thing here is to tell your brain that it is not the end of the world. 

Smiling revitalizes the mood and not only of the person smiling, but also that of everyone around him.

The art of the shaman, the jester, the psychiatrist and the good doctor, are in the fact that when faced with the most transcendental and serious positions in life, they know how to smile (and when not laugh out loud).


In this brief article, we will be talking about a lopsided smile, the causes of a lopsided smile, the meaning of a lopsided smile, and more information about a lopsided smile.

If you have any questions about a lopsided smile, please let us know and the team will gladly answer your questions.

FAQs: lopsided smile

What does a side smile mean?

A side smile means that someone who exhibits that smile is sarcastic towards the person he or she is talking to or is manifesting confidence.

People who have this kind of smile on are trying to show an air of superiority to people they are talking to. 

Can chewing on one side cause facial asymmetry?

Yes, chewing one side of your face can cause facial asymmetry.

This can occur when you keep using this kind of method for too long then your teeth might be affected by this habit which leads to a part of your face wearing down to deform. 

Does sleeping on one side of your face cause asymmetry?

Yes, sleeping on one side of your face can cause facial asymmetry.

Poor posture and resting your face on your hand are habits that have been known to contribute to these kinds of asymmetries.

Sun damage and smoking have effects on the elastin, collagen and pigmentation which can contribute to having this kind of asymmetry.

What are the types of a smile?

The 19 types of smile are the Duchenne smile, fear smile, distressed smile, damp smile, qualifier smile, malicious smile, humiliated smile, and the contempt smile.

The Duchenne smile is the father of all the different kinds of smiles.

Can asymmetrical faces be attractive?

No, asymmetrical faces can’t be attractive to most people.

This kind of predicament is related to a biological theory that mates would rather have partners that have symmetrical faces.

Nevertheless, people with asymmetrical faces can still have romantic partners who are in love with their personalities than their bodies.


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