Loneliness Test (3 mins)

In this brief self-assessment loneliness test, you will get to know the scores on the basis of how lonely you feel in your life within 3 minutes. The loneliness test gives you an idea about the ratings or severity of loneliness and cannot be used as a diagnostic tool.

The loneliness test

Instructions to Follow

Please make sure to mark each question with an answer. This loneliness test is a very brief measure taking about 3 minutes and gives you the total score on the basis of the level of help you require.

1. I feel unhappy when I have to do things alone


2. I feel there is no one I can talk to


3. It gets intolerable for me to be alone


4. I feel as no one understands me


5. I wait for others to call or write me


6. I feel as I am totally isolated


7. It is difficult to communicate with others around


8. I feel extreme lacking for joining other


9. It seems hard for me to make friends


10. I feel excluded among other people


Final Result:

If your scores lie in the extreme loneliness range, you are advised to seek professional help immediately, as severe loneliness can be life-threatening and have a damaging effect on your wellbeing

If your scores lie in the moderate range, you are advised to seek professional help, as well as you can seek helpful tips from self-help guides to deal with them at the initial levels.

If your scores lie in the normal or little loneliness range, then you are experiencing the regular ups and downs of life and you can move out of loneliness with your subjective efforts.

What is Loneliness?

Loneliness is part of a number of psychiatric conditions, it comes as an experiencing symptom or outcome for various psychiatric conditions. Loneliness is part of major mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, stress and phobia. Mostly in mental disorders, people experience loneliness as a result. Loneliness makes the vicious cycle with mental disorders and they end up causing each other.

Causes of Loneliness

Loneliness used to have a number of different causes and the trigger is different. Some people experience loneliness after the death of loved ones, relationship disturbance, losing work or special belonging, change of routine, and adjustment issues can cause loneliness.

The person being lonely starts feeling as if they have no real friends and as if they do not have any family available. It is difficult for them to maintain their social life, or belongs to a minority group, either they belong to low socio-economic status or experience the stigma of mental disorders. Loneliness can also be caused by the experiences of physical or sexual abuse.

How to deal with loneliness?

To deal with loneliness one needs to first accept the fact that they are feeling lonely. There is nothing shameful about feeling lonely. As with the advancement in times and in the era of social networking people are getting lonely because of lack of real relationships.

What you need to do is to just start established the old strong connections you had, and getting into contact with them again.

Another encouraging thing about loneliness is that about more than 20% people feel lonely at times, so you are not the only one going through this, you just need to start interacting and developing new connections.

What is in this Loneliness Test?

The following loneliness test is based on the research as well as questions taken on the basis of peoples experiences in their lives, along with data adapted from established standardized and validated loneliness tests. This loneliness test was formulated by a team of experts in mental health.

This loneliness test will help you to get a score on the basis of how you feel in your everyday life. On the basis of these scores, you will get to know the levels of your loneliness which will assist you in making any future decisions regarding the management pf your wellbeing.

As the test is not diagnostic and not recommended to be used in professional settings, further help is advised to deal with loneliness if it is extreme loneliness and if it is life-threatening. You should seek professional help to improve your symptoms.


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