Loneliness at Christmas – how to survive

One of the most anticipated dates for many people around the world is Christmas.

Christmas is considered a time of peace, an occasion to gather the whole family and plan the goals for next year.

One of the best feelings that this era gives is to be next to the people you love.

When a person, through various situations in life, has to spend Christmas alone, it generates a kind of discomfort and sadness.

The person would like to be surrounded by people that it cares about and have a pleasant time.

In this guide we are going to discuss what is loneliness at Christmas is like and how to deal with it.

Understanding loneliness

Loneliness is something that goes beyond the absence of the company.

A person can feel lonely when in a certain moment needs someone’s company and does not have it and when the person is not taken into account for something.

These are actions that make a person feel alone.

When a person manifests feeling alone, it affects both mentally and physically.

When the person feels that they cannot move forward, the feeling of loneliness interferes with each of their daily activities, it is time to go to the psychologist.

The psychologist will help to know the origin of why the person feels alone and how to deal with it.

Some reasons can make a person feel alone, one of these is the arrival of festive dates such as Christmas.

Many people understand that these times are to spend with family and friends, and the absence of these makes them feel even more alone.

What are the reasons for a person to feel loneliness at Christmas?

For many people, Christmas holidays are a long-awaited time, but for others not so much.

At Christmas time, when someone cannot be around of the people who they want to, they feel sad and alone.

Reasons such as work situations or remoteness because they reside in another country, are the most common reasons why someone cannot be present during the holidays.

The person who has to work during these times feels sad to not have a little time to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere.

Knows that its livelihood is work and if it doesn’t do it, it might lose it.

Although the person knows that has to work during these days, this does not take away the fact of the feelings the person can manifest due to not being present at Christmas.

A person who is in another country or city also suffers loneliness at Christmas.

Being away makes it more complicated to spend time with family and friends.

When it is a person who is in another country, loneliness at Christmas is stronger since the person misses the traditions and activities that are carried out in their native country.

The person feels that it is missing a part of itself.

Not being able to eat the cuisine of your place of origin leaves you a bitter feeling.

When a person cannot travel to its native country during the holidays, in many cases the person does not have the necessary resources.

Many people who emigrate to another country do so in order to find a better life and help their family get ahead.

If you are going through one of these situations, it is normal for you to feel loneliness at Christmas.

You miss spending time with the people you love, being in your city or country and being able to take a break after a hard year of work.

Even the person being aware of its situation and the reasons why it cannot spend time with family and friends, this is no reason for the person to feel bad.

Loneliness at Christmas manifests symptoms such as feelings of sadness and abandonment, little interest in daily activities and a low mood.

Another reason why a person can feel lonely at Christmas is if they have had a loss from someone close.

Death, although it is a normal process of life, causes sadness in the person who has the loss and if it does not overcome the grief, it cannot move on.

It is difficult to enjoy the festivities if you do not have the presence of that someone who is no longer there.

Among the people most affected by loneliness at Christmas are the elderly.

In a survey conducted by the United Kingdom, it revealed that around 5% of the population spends Christmas alone, which is for many dark days in which their feeling of loss and withdrawal is exacerbated.

How to overcome loneliness at Christmas

While it is difficult for a person to celebrate festivities like  Christmas alone, there are some actions that can be taken to avoid feeling this way.

Contact known people

The fact that a person cannot be physically present with their loved ones does not mean that they should move away.

Calling or writing is a way of maintaining communication and feeling a little closer.

Go for a walk

Take advantage of these holidays to learn a little more.

Maybe there are places that before, the person who feels loneliness at Christmas, had not been able to meet and these days can be a great opportunity for it.

Walking allows the mind not to think about so many things and enjoy the moment.

Do various activities

There are many things that can be done during the holidays.

Watch movies, read, go to the movies, play sports, etc.

There is much to do and focusing the mind on something helps the person enjoy more and not feel so alone.

It is essential that the person who feels lonely at Christmas understand that being alone does not mean that they cannot take advantage of the holidays to have fun, relax and have a good time.

Being alone there are many things that the person can do. You can take the time to take a break and analyze the next step in your life.

Christmas always brings that feeling of organizing plans in life and starting a new year from scratch.

Difficult situations are an opportunity to learn.

You have to see the positive side of things that happen day by day and if you had to be alone one Christmas or has already spent several, you can look at the positive side and not only the negative that is not being with anyone or other circumstances that prevent you from enjoying this holiday.

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FAQs about loneliness at Christmas

How can I help someone close who feel loneliness at Christmas?

It is hard to see someone close to feeling lonely, especially if other close people feel they have been there for that person.

The best thing you can do in this situation is to listen to the other person and know their reasons why they feel that way.

Be patient and make them understand that it is not alone, that it can count on the people around.

I am surrounded by the people I love most, and yet I cannot stop feeling alone. What can I do?

There are other reasons why a person can feel lonely since loneliness goes beyond the absence of not being around others.

It is important to search within your being and analyze what makes you feel this way.

Sometimes a situation can happen where you did not expect that result and trigger a feeling of loneliness.

Going to a psychologist will help you know more because you feel that way.

I want to be alone, is it okay to think like that?

Human beings are different and do the things they enjoy most.

There are people who feel good about being around others, and others who don’t feel good about being with many people.

It is normal to want to spend time alone.

Sometimes the person just wants to hear their own voice and have a moment of tranquillity to reflect and enjoy its own company.

How to deal with the fact that I don’t want to spend Christmas with my family?

In some cultures, it is normal that in festivities such as Christmas, people decide to travel to another place or do other types of activities that do not involve traditions.

It is difficult for a traditional family, where they value Christmas season very much to see one of its members make the decision not to want to spend those dates together.

One solution is to express the reasons why you do not want to spend the holidays and reach an agreement where both parties feel comfortable.

It is the first time that I will spend Christmas alone without being around my loved ones, how to handle the feeling of loneliness at Christmas?

A person who is used to spend each holiday like Christmas with their relatives, it is difficult to receive the news that will spend Christmas alone.

To overcome the feeling of feeling loneliness at Christmas, the person must analyze the causes for which this event will occur.

It may be that labour issues have been brought or that there is not enough money to make a trip.

Recognize why it is vital. Once the person becomes aware of the motives, must assume them and be positive.

Understanding that there will be more holidays to spend with the family is a way of accepting that it is not the end of the world for not being with the family at Christmas.


All human beings at some point in their life feel or will feel alone.

We must learn to recognize when these symptoms occur and act.

It is common for Christmas to awaken the feeling of feeling even alone, but this should not be a reason not to enjoy and have a great holiday.

Even manifesting feelings of loneliness at Christmas, the person must become aware, understand the reasons why he feels this way at the time and looks for the positive side.

Christmas is a beautiful time, it is a time of peace and joy and there are many ways in which this can be achieved.

If the person within their loneliness is allowed to open up and enjoy more on the holidays, the feeling of loneliness at Christmas will likely diminish.

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