LittleKuriboh and his battle with depression

This article will center on LittleKuriboh, and his struggle with depression. It will show how he has come forth talking about being depressed and even having suicidal thoughts. Aside from that, the article will explain who LittleKuriboh is.

LittleKuriboh and his struggle with depression 

LittleKuriboh, who became known among the anime fandom, has been diagnosed with depression in 2014. The Youtuber that often seems lighthearted, and humorous had turned a little darker. 

He said, during that time, that he had been struggling for quite some time with depression, and even with suicidal thoughts. What is most interesting about LittleKuriboh is that he seems to be convinced of getting better, and helping others in the process.

He seems to be completely honest about his condition and wants that to not only be a way of healing for him but possibly help others in their process of healing as well. , on the 12th of January 2015, he released a new Youtube series that he would do with his wife.

The series was called We’re Still Here, and it would be a channel for both him, and his wife, who also struggle with depression, to talk about how the condition affects their life, their feelings, and even their relationship.

It seemed to be a way for them to confront the impacts depression had on them. To vent, put their feelings out. And in the first episode, he talks about how this is also a place for people that are depressed to feel less alone. 

But showing once again his caring personality, he made a point to tell the viewers that were struggling with depression, to not expose themselves to the comment sections of the videos, since those can, at times, bring many triggers, and sayings to invalidate depression, and other people’s pain.

During the episodes of We’re Still Here, LittleKuriboh has openly talked about his time in therapy, and the thoughts of suicide. His wife has also come clean and spoke about a rape she was a victim of, which had a huge impact on her mental health, leading her to be depressed.

But the episodes of We’re Still Here are not only based on sadness, and the struggles someone with depression can go through. It also brought some touching and uplifting moments. And as seen in the comment section of the videos, it seems to have helped many others that are also living with depression.

And it is not only on Youtube that LittleKuriboh has openly discussed his mental health. He has also used his Twitter feed to show people how he has been feeling. In July of 2017, he wrote about how he felt depression acted in his life. He said:

“Depression has slowly nibbled away the pages of the book of me until all that’s left is the cover.

But the good news is, I can write more.”

This touching post seems to elude the idea and feeling that depression can eat you up from the inside. It seems to take away everything you have, all the joy, the happiness, and pleasure. It can also take the negative feelings, like the sadness, and just leave you with a void, hollow like you are just the cover of the book.

But LittleKuriboh got this metaphor and took something positive out of it. He kept in mind that even though depression took all he felt on the inside, it didn’t mean he would always be like that. As he said, he could write new pages, and develop new feelings.

From that first post, one of his followers offered their help and support and was saying they were there for him. To which, he answered:

“I’m sorry if I ever seem like a broken record re: my depression. It’s not all there is to me. It just wants me to think that.”

Showing that he is aware that he is talking about his depression often. And that even though some people may not understand why, and think that this is a way of him defining himself just for his depression, he is far from that.

He says that depression can, sometimes, make you want to think that your whole life is defined, and determined by it, but it is something that he is determined to distance himself from and define his life for much more than depression.

LittleKuriboh and his battle with depression

Who is LittleKuriboh? 

LittleKuriboh, born Martin Billany, was a creator of a Yu-Gi-Oh satire show on YouTube, in 2006. From then on he became a known person in the anime world. And started to take part in conventions, and on many panels.

In 2007, he proposed to his girlfriend Abigail on a Youtube video, and she accepted. By 2008, they got married. But by July of 2009, again on his Youtube channel, he said that they are separated, and the two had an annulment.

 But by 2011, he married voice actor Marin Miller. And the two are still together and living in California. By 2014, he was diagnosed with depression, and in 2015 he was also diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, which made him hospitalized.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Is LittleKuriboh depressed? 

What are suicidal thoughts? 

Suicidal thoughts, also known as suicidal ideation are ones in which a person begins to think about ending their own life. It can often happen in two ways, a more passive one, in which the person experiences fleeting thoughts about ending their life, but they don’t have a concrete plan for it.

The other form of suicidal thoughts tends to be more dangerous. It is a form of suicidal thought that is more active, and in it, the person will begin to plan their suicide. In that, they might begin to think where, when, and with what they would do it. 

If someone you know has shown signs of that, you may want to get them professional help, and don’t leave them alone as in an impulsive moment they may act on it.

How can I tell someone is having suicidal thoughts? 

When someone is having suicidal thoughts, some of their behaviors may change. The first thing is that they may become more agitated. If they were depressed, you may have seen that they are already different, but when they are going through suicidal thoughts, this can become more intense.

Their sleeping patterns will also change, and they can begin to feel insomnia. They can become more irritable, and even have outbursts. When a person is having suicidal thoughts they may also begin to giveaways their belongings, and start to say goodbye to their loved ones.

Aside from that, when a person is having suicidal thoughts, they can develop a strange curiosity for violent news, and even news that involves death, or even suicide.

How can I help a friend that is having suicidal thoughts? 

If you are thinking one of your friends is going through suicidal thoughts, the first thing you should do is try to have an honest conversation with them to understand what is going on. That may be hard, but it may also come as a relief to them.

Suicide is such a taboo that it can be a relief for them to talk to someone willing to understand what they are going through. In this talk, try to understand if they are in a more passive moment of their suicidal thoughts, or if they are already planning it.

Through that, try to be supportive, and don’t assume that position of fixing everything. Rather than that, discuss with them if they are already in treatment, and if not, if they need any help getting the proper care.

Also, let them know you are close. And make yourself present, be it physically, or even through text message. Feeling that others care and that they are connected to people can be a way to prevent them from attempting suicide.

Aside from that, if you understand they have actively planning to suicide, you should get in touch with the other people that are a part of their support network. Give them a brief explanation, and you should try to set a schedule so that your friend is not left alone. Hopefully with treatment, and your support, your friend will feel better in no time.

What are the most common symptoms of depression? 

Depression can often cause the person to experience intense sadness, it will also make them lose interest in things, even the ones they used to love. Aside from that, it causes the person to feel empty like they lost their purpose, less energetic, more fatigued, and irritable.

Depression will also make it harder for the person to focus, and their sense of self-worth and their self-esteem will go down. The condition also causes you to feel guilty, and become more isolated.

When you are depressed, your eating and sleeping patterns can change, you may also experience crying spells, and in some cases, people can act in self-harm, and even have thoughts of death or suicidal thoughts.

What are the forms of depression?

Depression can happen in four forms, it can be mild, moderate, major, or persistent. The first, as the name says, is the one in which the person presents mild symptoms, and those will go on for a short period.

Because of that, it may be the hardest type of depression to diagnose. But to treat it, it is most necessary for the person to change some of their lifestyle habits. When going through moderate depression, the person may begin to experience the symptoms of depression more intensely, and they can begin to affect their life.

Moderate depression usually goes on for longer, and to treat it, people will often need therapy, and in some cases, people will need medication. Major depression is the most intense form of depression. 

In it, the person may begin to have trouble doing the most common things such as getting out of bed. Aside from the common symptoms of depression, major depression can even cause the person to experience hallucinations, or even become delusional. To treat major depression, the person will often need a combination of therapy and medication.

As for persistent depression, it is one in which the episode will go on for around 5 years. During this time, the person can swing between moments of mild depression and major depression. To cope with those swings, the person will also need medication and therapy.


This article showed that the Youtuber LittleKuriboh has come forth about his struggles with depression, and admitted to even having suicidal thoughts. Aside from that, the article explained who LittleKuriboh is.

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