11 tips every woman with little boobs should know

In this blog post, we collected 11 tips that every woman with little boobs should know. 

Why having little boobs is not as bad as you think

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Counseling is Key to a Healthy Marriage

All parts of the body look different from person to person, and breasts are no exception.

Breast size depends on age, weight and hereditary factor. 

To mention just a few of the benefits that women with small breasts enjoy:

  • The first and most important advantage that women with small breasts have is the much faster detection of possible suspicious formations in the breast area, during regular medical examinations, which is much more difficult to achieve in the case of large breasts, as explained oncologist Marisa Weiss, quoted by Woman’s Health. This is essential when it comes to preventing breast cancer, she said.
  • Research conducted in France over 15 years has revealed that the bra does not prevent sagging breasts, but on the contrary, it seems that wearing it accelerates the natural course imposed by gravity. Since women with small breasts do not need to support too much weight with the help of bras and often do not even wear this piece of underwear that is indispensable for women with large breasts, the youthful appearance is kept longer. 
  • A bulky bust often means back and neck pain, beyond the incorrect position of the body, given that a pair of D-cup breasts can weigh up to 10 kilograms, says oncologist Marisa Weiss. Instead, small breasts relieve you of such torment and medical problems.

Before continuing reading this article, do not forget that every woman has her charm and natural beauty, and these qualities are not given by the size of her bra.

Many famous women are considered true goddesses by men despite their small breasts.

These include Jennifer Lopez, Kate Moss, Miranda Kerr, Eva Longoria and, of course, the famous Audrey Hepburn.

Tips every woman with little boobs should know

  1. The power of a correct posture

The simplest and most convenient method is to take care of your posture. When you keep your back straight, give an imposing stature to your figure and your little boobs will look optically larger by the simple fact that you bring them out in front.

Try to sit straight in the mirror and you will see the difference!

  1. Contouring

For those who have not yet found out, contouring is practised not only on the face but also on the breasts.

It is the technique of shading with bronze the places where the shadow falls naturally and lighting the places that will be enlarged and highlighted.

It is a very popular technique among Hollywood stars, including the famous Kim Kardashian.

  1.  The bra

The size of the bra is very important, it must fit you perfectly.

There are several types of bras that lift the breasts and create the optical sensation of enlargement:

  • The push-up bra: Perhaps the most well-known and used bra for breast augmentation is the push-up bra. It creates a lifting effect because it contains ‘pillows’ that lift the breasts. Silicone pillows look best, but they can also be made with foam, water or gel. Make sure the size of the bra is right for you for the best results. A trick when you put on your push up bra is to sit down, place your cups on your breasts, tighten the straps and hold the bra tight at the back. The breasts will fill the cups and the push-up effect will be spectacular!
  • The bra with inserts: Ideal when you want a more natural bust because the effect obtained is not as spectacular as for push-ups. The inserts in the bra will lift the breasts and support them in a natural way.
  • The balconette bra (half cup): Unlike the other two, the half-cup bra has no inserts or cushions. It lifts and supports the breasts very well, and, being very revealing, it will give you a gorgeous bust!
  • Adhesive bra with push up: If you are wearing a dress with a bareback, which does not allow you to wear a bra, you can choose an adhesive bra with push up that will stick very well to your breasts and will lift and support them. Another advantage of this bra is that you can even wear it to the beach if you want. The downside is that you may feel discomfort when you peel it off.
  • The bra straps: Most women do not adjust their bra straps correctly, leaving them either too wide or too tight. How do you know you’ve adjusted them correctly? Check for two fingers between the skin and the strap. Another trick to lift your breasts is to fasten the straps of your bra in X, this will bring your breasts closer and will give a very pleasant look to the neckline. If your favourite bar doesn’t allow X-clamping, all you have to do is use a plastic paper clip.
  1.  Patterns in the chest area

To give the impression of a more generous bust, choose a blouse with ruffles in the chest area, which will create the illusion of volume. This trick is also valid for choosing swimsuits.

         5. Light colours

Avoid wearing dark colours on the upper part of the body because it is optically thin. The light colours, especially white, give the impression of volume.

In the lower area you can wear dark pants, straight, to thin the hips. Your bust will look more generous by contrast.

 6. Horizontal stripes

Like ruffles, horizontal stripes optically enlarge the bust. But avoid wearing them at the bottom because you want your attention to be in the breast area. Also, choose to wear dark pants.

7.  Round neckline

The best option for the neckline is to choose around, U-shaped neckline because it distracts the attention from the little boobs.

Also, under a round neckline, you can easily hide a push-up bra. Avoid the deep V-neckline, because it will highlight the small breasts.

       8. A sexy, transparent dress

What can make a woman sexier and more confident than a see-through dress, possibly with a bareback?

Suitable for any type of event, you will attract all eyes. A well-chosen dress will highlight your shapes and hide your small flaws.

 9. Use statement necklaces

Accessorize your outfit with massive necklaces to attract attention in the neckline area.

Choose to wear a blouse in light shades to optically enlarge the bust and don’t forget to stand up straight!

   10. Body oil with shiny iridescence

If you do not want something as complicated as contouring and you want a subtle and easy to achieve enlargement, you can confidently use the oil with iridescence.

It contains bright particles that will attract light, optically enlarging the bust. It is very easy to find at different companies and the price is affordable.

You can’t go wrong with this oil!

        11. Thin straps

The thin straps are fine and give elegance to your figure. By contrast, they will make your breasts look more generous.

Be careful with the type of bra you choose so that the straps of the bra are not visible.

Myths about breast enlargement

One of the biggest myths is related to birth control pills. Some women claim that their breasts have enlarged or gained weight after the pills started.

Dr Anne Burke, a professor of gynaecology at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, believes that the effect of breast augmentation is far too rare, with the dose of estrogen being too low to cause visible changes.

Creams that promise breast augmentation. If they worked, everyone would walk down the street with big breasts and the product would sell like hotcakes.

Don’t be fooled by all the ads for supplements and medicines meant to increase your breasts spectacularly.

On the internet, there are many ads placed by charlatans that would promise anything for profit.

Most of the time they have no effect, they can even be harmful to your health.

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In this blog post, we collected 11 tips that every woman with little boobs should know. 

We hope you found our tricks useful, but don’t forget, you look best when you are confident in your own body, no matter what cup you wear.

Important is the elegance that your body denotes, as well as Audrey Hepburn, one of the most appreciated and desired women for her figure and beauty, although her breasts were very small.

Additionally, if you have a chubby body and feel uncomfortable about it, You should read a blog on the tips for chubby girls.

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