Life Coaching Books (List)

In this brief guide we will discuss Life Coaching Books and how does it help.

Then we will highlight 10 best books on life coaching and 5 best books on self-development or self-coaching.


Life Coaching Books helps a person indulging in a life-transforming skill which includes personal as well as the professional life of the individual.

Life coaching is different from therapy, counselling, consultation, advice etc. it mainly focuses on the priorities and being in the present.

You should also read books on self discipline as discipline is an essential rule for life.

These life coaching books will help in becoming a better person, someone who loves and respects everyone.

These days elder abuse has become very common and hence, these books can help you with it too.


  1. Thinking Fast and Slow– Daniel Kahneman:

Daniel Kahneman published Thinking Fast and Slow book in 2012 and it became the best-selling book. He referred to the two systems of the brain and they are-

  • System One: it is connected by our emotions and therefore works faster. This system focuses on the operating system of our thinking and is easily influenced by our moods as well as what we eat and feel throughout the day 
  • System Two: It refers to the slower and shuttle way of decision making after all the necessary and rational thinking has been done.

Kahneman tried to elaborate on both the pros and cons of both the systems inherited in us in this book.

It is a great book of the coaching purpose as it enhances the thinking pattern within and the coach can use this technique in order to bring the best version of the client 

  1. Mindset: The New Psychology of Success– Carol Dweck:

Carol Dweck has thoroughly studied human behaviour and motivation and with the help of this, he managed to develop her theory of two mindsets and the difference they have on the outcome of the success.

Those two mindsets are-

  • Growth Mindset: In this, the individual believes that the hard work, motivation, effective strategies and constructive feedback can develop skills. They are ready to learn and explore even if they find numerous hurdles in their way, they don’t give up rather accept the hardships as well.
  • Fixed Mindset: These individuals have a Fixed Mindset and don’t even bother to change it for anybody not even for themselves. They think that their abilities are fixed and can’t improve their skills. When they face bad days they easily give up and never look back

Her book elaborates that what our conscious and unconscious minds impact how we act.

This book teaches that with good mindset one can achieve the highest level of growth possible and therefore this book is very good for the coaching tips.

  1. The road back to you– Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne Stabile:

Both Cron and Stabile enhance on the fact of survival at any costs.

We learn that earlier our survival was dependent on the expectations of our family and friends and therefore we form a mask called personality or persona and to hide the real selves we put on masks which we don’t realize, becomes our identity.

Cron and Stabile go through nine different personality types and their different ways of seeing the world, their strengths as well as their weaknesses.

And how once the mask we wear vanishes upon learning our true strengths, the feeling of pride and delight have been defined in a perfect way possible and therefore it becomes a great book on coaching lives.

  1. A leader’s life purpose– workbook- Tony Stoltzfus:

This workbook contains 60 self-discovery tools which help in identifying our life purposes which have been designed by God from the very start for us.

Stoltzfus has made it a very in-depth exploration of four destiny themes-

  • Looking inward to see what has planted within us- our design
  • Looking outward to see the other preparations has been done by him
  • Looking backwards at our destiny clues in our own life story
  • Looking forward to achieving our destiny and be successful and beyond

This book examines the biblical concepts like- connection between suffering and purpose, finding our life message as well as our purpose of life. This is a great book for finding and following our calling.

  1. Recovery and Life Coaching: The Official Workbook- Dr Kevin and Cali Estes:

This official has been used successfully by numerous individuals, residential recovery programs, out-patient programs, professional recovery coaches, aftercare professionals, therapists, counsellors, family members etc.

To get help in understanding the deeper meaning of being dependent and especially to a substance, the solution of the problem and a program of action that promotes change in the substance user.

This book is specifically for the substance users but can be useful in curing other dependencies in life as well and therefore this book is great in terms of identifying the best version of ourselves as well as for the coaches to work with the clients dealing with these problems.

  1. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change- Stephen R. Covey:

This self-help guide has jotted down 7 habits of highly effective people.

Covey explained the role of our perceptions and beliefs in our life and therefore if we want some change, then we have to start from within. The 7 habits are as follows-

  • Be proactive
  • Begin with the end in mind
  • Put first things first
  • Think win-win
  • Seek first to understand then to be understood
  • Synergize
  • Sharpen the Saw (renew self)

A great to read and understand these habits in an elaborative way and see how it brings the change.

  1. Transformational Life Coaching: Creating Limitless opportunities for yourself and others– Cherie Carter-Scott:

Dr Carter-Scott has provided a great overview if coaching from both coach and client perspectives.

She has described the importance of chakras in this book and focuses on what it takes to be a brilliant coach.

Brilliant Coach is the one who can make a brilliant rapport with the client and supports in fully and lasting meaningful changes.

She also focused on the need for self-care for coaches as well to maintain the energy needed for this brilliant coach journey.

  1. Style your mind– Cara Alwill Leyba:

It is a workbook and guide created especially for women.

Cara through style your minds gives a chance to reflect and to plan what kind of woman one wants to be.

The questions included in this book challenges one to question “what do you want from life?” And it encourages as well to be as wild and as extravagant as one can be within dreams.

Cara also provides 30 days worth of “Things to think about” as well as the coaching exercises.

Therefore it a great book to invest for some meaning coaching ways.

  1. Life Coaching Activities and Powerful Questions– Phillis Reardon:

This book has been designed for a dual purpose- first, it is a workbook for life coach; second, it is also designed for the individuals who wish to make changes in their lives using the life coaching process.

Though it focuses on the basics of the coaching skills and activities that is what makes this book a must-have, as we always skip the basics and want to be advance in every skill.

This is what makes a big fool out of ourselves, as this book focuses on the basics of Coaching skills the more Powerful it gets when one learns the basics.

  1. Co-active Coaching: The proven framework for transformative conversations at work and in life:

As the name of the book describes- “co-active”, this refers to the co-active coaching relationship between the clients and the coach.

It is a collaborative alliance between two equals for the purpose of meeting the client’s needs.

Three things that give a co-active relationship are-

  • Fulfilment: It is about being alive. Clarifying values with the client and get them to identify their top 10 so goals and actions can be related to the values and this way the client will more likely achieve his goals.
  • Balance: It is important to look that the client is in control and not being in control
  • Process: The client will know what is important. As one progresses the atmosphere changes and the client is less stuck and it is also important to encourage the client to celebrate. And an important message would be “don’t fix it explore it”, hiding emotions is when the trouble starts.


  1. The Power of Habit: Why we do what we do in life and business– Charles Duhigg:

In this book, Duhigg explores why we have habits, how they are build and how can we change them in order to have a powerful impact on us.

The book has three core sections-

  • The habits of individuals
  • The habits of successful organizations
  • The habits of societies

Each section is beautifully explained and explored in a way that it results in encouraging oneself in building a new good habit.

  1. Making Habits, Breaking Habits– Jeremy Dean:

Dean elaborated on the fact that our habits are more powerful than our will.

When we are confronted by very strong distress we are inherited to use our habits in order to defend ourselves. These unconscious thoughts and actions are powerful.

He also focused on the fact that we don’t have to be in control of these habits of ours- but we can steer them.

Therefore this book is great in order to realise self and to focus on enhancing and controlling one’s own habits.

  1. The Self-Love Experiment: Fifteen Principles of becoming more kind, compassionate and accepting of yourself– Shannon Kaisar:

This book focuses on stopping the self-blames and overcoming the fears so that one can gain the confidence to reach our goals and be our best friend.

This book also focuses on the belief system that one shouldn’t take self to be the priority and go after their dreams.

The self-love experiment in this book helps to recite the problem.

Shannon beautifully shares her own experiment, that helps in compassionately removing fear-based thoughts so one can fall in love with life.

This great journey into self-love and acceptance is going to be wonderful to experience.

  1. Practising Mindfulness: 75 essential meditations to reduce stress, improve mental health, and find peace in every day- Matthew Sokolov:

This book helps in getting on the path to a calmer life with fast, easy, mindful meditations and exercises that work.

With around 75 meditations- that take between 5-20 minutes from start to finish, reduces stress, improves mental health, and stay present to matter what the day holds when we practice mindfulness, with:

  • Mindfulness 101 that provides a clear explanation of what mindfulness is, along with why and how it helps in our day-to-day life
  • 75 mindfulness exercises that are organised by the difficulty to help develop our practice
  • Practical advice for overcoming obstacles to our mindfulness practice like how to deal with distracting noises or fight off sleepiness

Mindfulness takes practice. Therefore it might take some time to get along with it but once you get along it becomes easy going.

  1. How to win Friends and Influence People– Dale Carnegie:

Dale Carnegie is a self-help coach and published this book in 1936 and even after more than 60 years, this book is still an international best-seller.

It focuses on the simple mindset that how do you get along with people in your day-to-day business and social interactions for success.

There are five key sections to the book:

  • Effective techniques for handling people
  • Six proven ways to make people like you and increase your popularity
  • How to win people around to your way of thinking
  • How to lead without offence or resentment
  • How to handle complaints and avoid arguments

This book can be considered as an iconic book for self-development or being a self-coach.


This blog briefly elaborated Life Coaching Books and how it helps people.

Then it jotted down 10 best books on life coaching which so far have changed many lives of the coaches worldwide and has enhanced the coach and client relationship.

Finally, it jotted down 5 best books on self-development, which have helped a million people to start their journey with self-coaching and self-development.

Please feel free to leave your comment or suggestions, we would appreciate it.


What is the best life coaching book?

Best life coaching books are Thinking Fast and Slow, The Road back to you, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, etc to name a few.

What does a life coach do?

A life coach helps their clients to learn how to focus on the priorities, achieving their goals, overcome obstacles and make appropriate changes in their lives.

How do I become a life coach book?

To become a life coach book, one needs to be thorough with the basics of Coaching techniques and skills and for that one need to read a lot many inspirational books.

How do you introduce yourself as a life coach?

One can introduce oneself as a life coach by providing effective background of studies and certificates.

Apart from it accepting own personal habits and the self-indulgence is a great way to introduce oneself as a life coach.


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