left-handed introverts ( Myth or Fact?)

In this article, we will answer whether “ Left-handed Introvert” is a myth or fact, description of introverts and their personalities, types of introvert personalities, some left handed personalities, myths about left-hander, left handed and introversion and then some frequently asked questions related to the topic.

Left handed introverts is a myth because:

  • There is no relation between handedness and personality
  • They are rather a better conservation starter
  • They are emotionally independent 
  • There is a mixed composition of extroversion and introversion in left handed
  • Introversion and Extroversion are often contextual
  • Handedness only represents the hemispheric asymmetries


Carl Jung, a psychologist described the continuum of personality with extroversion on one extreme and introversion on the other end. 

And the understanding of both the personality type can be understood through the process of how they regain energy. 

Introverts prefer a less stimulating environment and recharge themselves with solitude and isolation while on the contrary, extroverts recharge and refuel themselves with the presence of others and the stimulating surrounding environment.  

However, it is not that an extrovert doesn’t have a certain level of introversion in their personalities. There is the presence of both the elements in an individual, however, the dominance of one personality type over the other results in the particular personality type and resulting behaviour.

Types of Introvert Personality

There are different types of Introverts and often people believe and misunderstand that introverts are left out and the secluded one from the social groups. However, for them, this gives them immense joy.

Some of the different types of Introvert Personality are:

Social Introvert

This type of introvert is the most common and prevalent among people where the person prefers to spend time with themselves rather being in a group or with a company. 

They tend to enjoy their own company and drained out when in the presence of a company. 

Introspective Introvert

Those are the people who enjoy spending time with themselves and being in their company. They build their inner world very rich and integrated. 

Often people misunderstood these types of people as lost in their own world, in fact, they are deep into their critical thinking and entertained by it.

Anxious Introvert

This type of introvert is in constant struggle with the social anxiety that face. They often feel an inability to engage and perform in the large gathering,  Anxious Introverts feel disturbed by social invitations and gathering. So, they are trapped in the abyss of social anxiety. 

Restrained Introvert

It is very common amongst many introverts however is less known. They are characterised by constantly holding themselves back and refraining from others and even if they have to interact with others, it takes time for them to warm-up and build the rapport. The underlying reason behind that is they are selective and picky with the people with whom they should interact. And once they find their comfort zone and vibe along well, they keep the bond strong and forever. 

Personality characteristic/ traits of an introvert

Introverts are known to be quiet, thoughtful, reserved and don’t prefer to engage with others. They don’t like the attention given to them and the social engagements since it results in a feeling of exhaustion and draining out.

Some of the personality traits of an Introverts are:

  • Prefers to spend time alone and seek solitude
  • Drained out by social engagements, interactions and gathering
  • Don’t prefer to work with a group rather doing the task alone allows them to focus deeper and better
  • Keep their social circle limited and small
  • They are curious and introspective
  • Often zone out from situations that they find uncomfortable and chaotic
  • More comfortable writing down and journaling down than feelings and thought than sharing it verbally with others
  • Tends to be emotionally sensitive and feel more
  • They prefer to have emotional regulations and high quality of friendship
  • Introverts like Extroverts are more like a spectrum
  • Often retreat their mind 
  • Are self-concentrate and self-aware
  • Take time decision making

These are the major personality traits of an Introvert. So, briefly, they tend to prefer time to themselves, don’t like being in social gatherings and prefer quiet time for concentration. 

Left handed

Those are the people who primarily use their left hand rather than their right hand. Almost 8-15% of population constituents left handers. And it is often believed that left-handedness is more common and prevalent in females than in men. Adding onto that, identical twins have a higher chance of being left-handed.

Studies have shown that the dominance of a particular hand has no link ith their brain rather it is widely believed to be the role of the spinal cord when in the womb. The genetic activity of the spinal cord when in the womb could determine the handedness of a child.

Some left handed personalities

  • Leonardo da Vinci
  • Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Barack Obama
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Prince William
  • Angelina Jolie
  • Keanu Reeves
  • Lady Gaga
  • Babe Ruth
  • Albert Einstein

Myths about Left-Handed

Some of the myths about people who are left-handed are discussed below, however, it is not proven yet that these could be fact.

They are intelligent and creative

Since the right brain hemisphere of the left-handed is dominant, people often believe that they excel and perform better in tasks that require artistic skills and creativity. 

Although there were recurrent claims in people that left-handed people have increased creativity and higher IQ score, there is no research that has proved the claim yet rather it was found that there is no link between dominant hand and creativity.

Another major myth about left-handed is that they tend to have a lower life expectancy and die earlier. But the fact remains that there is no associated risk in left-handers to die earlier and increased mortality.

Left-handed are likely to be leaders

There is no associated relation between leadership skill and handedness rather it was simply extrapolated that there is a link between handedness and success and elected leaders from history.

Left-handed are right-brained

It was widely believed that right-handed use their left hemisphere in processing of language and left-handed use the right hemisphere.

However, it was found that almost 98% of the right-handers are left-brained and 70% among left-handers use their left brain too.

Thus, it is not always that side of the brain hemisphere used is different with handedness. 

They are persecuted

Even tracing from the past has shown that left-handers had a rough time with a prejudice that they have committed crimes and sins resulting in their disposition to use the left hand.  They are often labelled or tagged as evil and witches. 

This remains a myth and there is no evidence as such rather they hold positions in different spheres of life.

These are some of the major and common myths people associate with left-handers and accordingly stigmatised them.

And despite these myths being very common and prevalent, no research had proved it yet. 

They are born when the mother is stress during pregnancy

It was widely believed by most of the people that people who are borned left handed are because of stress a pregnant mother had undergone. Infact, it is determined by the spinal cord, gene and societal pressure. 

Left-handed and Introversion

People often believed that left-handers are introverts and more restricted to their own self than right-handers.

Nevertheless, it hasn’t been proved yet. A study has shown that there is no relation or association between the personality types and handedness of an individual. 

In exceptional cases, there are left handers who are a little more closed and restricted to their own self and tend to seclude themselves from others.But this can’t be generalised for all the left handers since there is no associated link between our dominant brain hand and personality type.

FAQs: Left handed introverts

Do left handers think differently?

Yes, lefthanders do think differently compared to right handers. In most of the left handers, their right brain is the dominant one which is known for creativity and intuition. However, it is not the same for all the left handers.

What is special about a left -handed person?

Left handed people make up around 10% of the total population. There are certain advantages available and inherited only in left handers such as in sports, task of artistic and creativity, visualization, intuition and daydreaming.

Can left handed kill you?

No, it can’t kill you rather it is just a myth that left handers are more susceptible and vulnerable to illnesses, accidents and early death.

Do left handers have higher IQ?

No, there is no difference between IO Scores of people with predominant right hand and left hand. 

Why are lefties so rare?

Since handedness is determined by one’s heredity and other associated medical conditions, it is rare. 

Why is left handed bad?

It is just a myth that people who are left handed are associated with evil, sin and witches. They aren’t bad and harming even researches haven’t proved it so.

Is being left handed genetic?

Yes, researches have shown that handedness is determined 25 % by genes and 75% by one’s own environemnt. 


In this article, we will answer whether “ Left-handed Introvert” is a myth or fact, description of introverts and their personalities, types of introvert personalities, some left handed personalities, myths about left-hander, left handed and introversion and then some frequently asked questions related to the topic.





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