Leave of absence letter for school (Samples)

In this guide we will discuss how to write a leave of absence letter for school, when you could write one and some additional considerations.

Leave of absence letter for school

A leave of absence letter for school can be written for multiple reasons and by employees, students or parents whose kid is at school, asking for permission to be absent or have time off due to a specific event or reason.

Scenarios could include going to an important appointment with you doctor to get treatment for a medical condition (which could take a few days or weeks), a sick leave because you are ill with a stomach bug or the flu, attending funerals or wedding ceremonies in the family, having vacations in another country/city, etc.

Generally, students are required to present a leave application to their class teacher or to the principal to excuse them for their absence.

However, if we are talking about little kids, their parents may write a leave application latter on their behalf.

In addition, it is recommended to write this letter in advance but sometimes it is not impossible due to a family emergency, an accident or an unforeseen event. 

However, it is important to remember to request for permission in advance (if you happen to know it in advance) so your employer, college or school can make arrangements to cover your commitments/workload. 

Since it is a simple letter, that can have the following format:

  • Include the basic information about the recipient.
  • Request the leave of absence and the specific dates you wish to take off.
  • Be honest, as you may be asked to provide evidence upon your return.
  • Clearly mention the reason why you or your child does not have other option but taking some time off.
  • Apologize if this causes any inconvenience and if you can offer any assistance to catch up with work/assignments.
  • Keep a polite tone and also remember this request could be rejected/denied.

Sample 1:

“Dear Mr. Burr,

I am writing to request a 3-day leave of absence for Christopher from school, as we have arranged to attend a wedding at the other side of the country, and need considerable time to make the journey. Ordinarily we would not take Chris out of school for such a function, but we do not have anybody capable of looking after him while we are away.

We have told Chris that he can complete any school work provided during the trip, and if needed he will catch up with anything missed when he returns.


Mrs. White”

Sample 2: (medical leave/illness)

“Dear Recipient Name:

I am writing to request a 15-day leave to be absent from my job duties due to medical reasons. As my health seems to keep deteriorating, my doctor advised me to take some time off work. If possible, I would like to leave work on xxxx and return on xxxxx. 

Even though I won’t be in the office during the time period requested, I will still be available via email or phone. Please do not hesitate to contact me if any questions arise.

Thank you for your consideration. 


Your signature

Your name”

Sample 3: (normal leave/personal reasons)

“Hall News Inc.

1415 Haul Road

Minneapolis, MN 55401

Dear Hall News Inc.,

I wish to request a leave of absence for 30 days. I plan on leaving June 1st, 2009 and returning June 30th, 2009.

The reason for my requested absence is personal. I have been working very hard for the past few years, and I just need some time to relax and get myself back into shape. If I don’t get this leave of absence, I don’t know how long I will be able to continue working in the capacity that I have been.

Thank you for your consideration. If you have any questions or issues, don’t hesitate to contact me at 523-342-5434.

Your name”

Sample 4: (sample excuse)

“Dear (recipient’s name)

I am writing to inform you that (your kid’s name) will be absent from school from xxxx to xxxx. She will be attending the funeral of her grandfather with the rest of our family. 

We hope that this absence from class will not affect (your kid’s name) academic performance. Please let us know if there are any assignments she needs to complete before she leaves. My husband and I will make every effort to ensure the completion of the schoolwork while (he/she) is away.

Please do not hesitate contacting me to my email xxxxx or phone number xxxx with additional information on the assignments or any questions. Thank you for your understanding. 


Your name”

Sample 5: (college)

“Dear Mrs Papworth,

This is Rachel Anderson, currently studying Art and Design. I am asking you as head of year to grant me leave of absence from April 12, 2011, as I am due to undergo minor back surgery to correct a slipped disc putting pressure on my sciatic nerve.

I am not entirely sure how much time I will need to recover, but I am letting you know well in advance in case I’m required to complete any extra work. I will keep the teachers informed via the email system.

Thank you for understanding,

Rachel Anderson

Student ID: xxxxx”

Sample 6: (Vacation)

“Dear Mrs. Davies,

I am writing to request a leave of absence for vacation from January 01 to January 21.

In the four years that I have worked here, I have never had one day off, so I have enough vacation time, though I understand that the usual policy states we can only have two weeks off in one go.

I politely request that you make a rare exception. I have not long welcomed a baby son in to the world, and my wife and I wish to travel to New York to stay with her parents and have some family bonding time. Our relationship has been strained recently and I think this would be perfect to get us back on track.

All of my work is currently up to date I can train my temporary replacement if required over the next two weeks. I look forward to your response.

Gary Barnaby

Forklift Supervisor”

Sample 7:




Date (Date on which letter is written)




Sub: ————-

Dear ————-

With due respect, I would like to bring to your kind attention that my ————- is studying in grade ————- of your school. We have recently planned a family trip to ————-. My ————- is very much excited about the same and has already submitted homework to the class teacher. The trip is for one week, therefore we kindly request you to grant ————- leaves from ————- to ————- have spoken to the class teacher and requested her to complete the syllabus in advance so that there should not be any difficulty for ————- after returning from the trip.

I hope you will consider this letter as formal leave application and grant the Leaves for the above mentioned days.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely.


Sample 8:


Stanley Smith

18, Avenue Hills


Date: 7th March 2017.


Ms. Rita Mathew


Green Field School


Sub: Leave Application

Respected Ms. Mathew,

I want to bring to your kind attention that my daughter Angela Smith is studying in Grade I at your school. Due to some health problems, my father has been hospitalized and has been recommended a minor surgery by the doctors. He is recuperating from a stroke he suffered earlier this month.

My wife and I are busy taking care of him and are spending a whole night in the hospital. So, there is nobody to get Angela ready and send her to school. I will be obliged if you grant her to leave for one week from 26th August onward. I assure you that she will attend classes regularly from this 3rd September onward.

I hope you will understand our situation and do the needful.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Stanley Smith

Father of Angela Smith

Grade I.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I write a leave of absence letter for school?

To write a leave of absence letter for school, here are some tips:

– Write the letter always using polite language, expressing your appeal of leave.

– Clearly state the reasons why you are applying for leave. 

– The resonance of the letter should be reserved.

– Remember to be concise and to the point. 

How do I write sick leave for school?

You could write sick leave for school following this example:

“Sir/Mam, Most respectfully, I beg to state that I am not in a condition to come to the school since I am suffering from fever. I have been prescribed by our family doctor o take proper rest for at least [number of days] days. Hence, kindly grant me leave from (start date) to (end-date).”

How do I write a leave letter to my son?

You can write a leave letter for your son by following this example:

“Dear (Sir/madam), With due respect, I want to inform you that my child (name of the child) is a student of class (state which class), of your school. Due to some health issues, my child is hospitalized and is advised to be in a doctor’s surveillance for three days.”

How do I ask for a leave of absence?

To ask for leave of absence it is important you:
Understand and know your legal rights regarding time off and pay.

– Make the request in person, delivering your request preferable in a written form (making a copy).

– Do it in advance, with enough time, so they can consider and approve/reject.

– Discuss with your boss any additional action plans you could develop before or after going on leave.

– Offer to keep track of any important paperwork.

How do I write a leave of absence letter?

To write a leave of absence letter you should consider including:

– Explicitly requesting the leave of absence.

– State the dates you expect to be away from work.

– State the date you are planing to return to work.

– Offer any assistance, if possible.

– Thank your employer for considering your request.





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