Leave of absence letter for birthday (+5 Samples)

In this post, we will be laying out a number of samples of “Leave of absence letters for birthday” reasons.

Writing a “Leave of absence letter for birthday” reasons

When you are writing a leave of absence letter for birthday reasons, you will need to consider a few points.

  • You will clearly need to mention the date or dates on which you need to take leave
  • You can then state the reason for taking leave in a polite manner, in this case due to a birthday
  • In addition to this, you can also mention that you have handed over your duties to someone else on your day of leave

Sample 1:

Dear Sir,

This is to inform you that I wish to apply for leave on Saturday, ___June, 2022 as my birthday falls on that date. I would like to celebrate my birthday with my family. I will be contactable on my cell phone __________ in case of any emergency.

I would be highly obliged if you sanction me leave on ____.

Yours faithfully,

Your name

Sample 2:

Dear Sir,

Tomorrow is my birthday, and my family has a function at home, and some relatives are also invited. Therefore, I request you to give me one day off from the office on (date) to attend the function at home. I will be thankful to you.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Sample 3:


The Manager (Authority name),

Institute Name…

Institute Address…

Sub: Leave Application for Son’s Birthday


With great respect it is has been stated that my elder son’s 10th birthday is going to fall on (date: dd/mm/yy) of this month. We have decided to celebrate the birthday with my parents living out of the city. (Show your cause). Hence, I need leave for one day only on (Date: dd/mm/yy) to celebrate the aforementioned event.

Please approve my leave and I will be highly thankful.

Best Regards,


Job Designation…

Contact no…


Sample 4:




Dear Mr. Jonathan,

I am writing this excuse letter for my absence on 5th August 20XX.

It was my birthday on 5th August, and my family and friends planned a surprise party for me. They all came at midnight to celebrate my birthday and stayed till 5 a.m. Although I had intended to come to work, as I slept after 5 a.m., I could not wake up till late.

I know this is a personal excuse and may not be acceptable for being absent. I apologize for my unprofessional behavior, and I ensure that nothing of the sort will be repeated. I am truly sorry and request you to excuse my absence this time.

Looking for a positive response!


Sarah James

Sample 5:


Mr. Frank,

General Manager,

PRE Security, USA,

Respected Sir,

I hope you are doing fine. I am the security supervisor of the 2nd floor in this company and doing my job well. The reason why I am writing this letter is because it is an event of my birthday which has been arranged by my family. My family has arranged the celebration of my birthday this Friday and my mother is also coming to this party. I have to receive my mother and later attend the party which demanded my whole day and for that a leave from the work. My junior will be able to perform my duties in my absence and there won’t be any issue.

I hope to get a leave so that I can stick to the plan which has already been made. I would be very grateful to you.



Security Supervisor,

Employee # 1234567

Frequently asked questions:

Is it okay to take off on your birthday?

Yes, it is okay to take off on your birthday as this is your special day. Even if there is no big celebration of your birthday, you can easily take a day off and rest at home.

How do I ask for leave via email?

You can ask for leave via email the same way you would in a leave letter. In this email, you will need to specify the date on which you need leave and why you require it. You can also mention that you are handing over your tasks to someone else

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