Leave of absence letter for a family wedding (+5 Samples)

In this post, we will be displaying a number of samples of “Leave of absence letter for a family wedding”.

Writing a “Leave of absence letter for a family wedding”

When you are writing a leave of absence letter for a family wedding, you will need to keep a few points in mind.

  • First and foremost, you will need to mention the date or dates on which you need to take leave
  • You can then state the reason for your leave, in a polite and professional manner
  • You can finally indicate that you have handed over your responsibilities to someone else on that day, and also give your contact number for emergency reasons

Sample 1: “Leave of absence letter for a family wedding”


Software Developer

123, AAX Road,

New Delhi -22

Date: 22/07/2022


Nitin Sharma,

Lead Software Developer,

ABC Company,

New Delhi-34

Subject: Leave Request for an Attending Marriage Ceremony

Dear Sir,

It is respectfully to inform you that I have to attend a marriage ceremony in the upcoming week. And the function is determined to be placed at Gujarat for the handiness of guests. All of my family members are going tomorrow for the apprehensive purpose. I request you to permit me to take leaves from 28th June to 5th July. I am waiting for your kind support. Thank you




Sample 2: “Leave of absence letter for a family wedding”

{Name of Employee/Student}

{Address of Employee/Student}

{City, State and Zip Code}


{Name of Supervisor/Principal}

{Title of Supervisor/Principal}

{Organization/School Name}

{Organization/School address}

{City, State and Zip Code}


Dear {Manager/ Principal},

I kindly request for a three-day leave of absence to attend a marriage function of {give the relationship with the person getting married}. I have to attend the function because {explain why it is necessary to attend}.

I will be very obliged if you allow me to take the leave for {specify the number of days} starting from {specify the start date} to {specify the end date of your leave}. I intend to resume my {necessary duties or school} on {specify the day you resume work or school}.

Best regards,


Sample 2: “Leave of absence letter for a family wedding”

Date…The Manager (Authority name),

Institute Name…

Institute Address…

Sub: Leave Letter for Attending Marriage Ceremony

Respected Sir,

The reason for writing this application to you is that there is a wedding coming up in my family involving close relationships. (Show specific reason). I am seeking 4 days leave from the office to attend the marriage ceremony. I cannot ignore it due to immediate relatives involved in it. I don’t want to miss this beautiful function. I want to request that you grant me leave for 3 days. I shall be extremely grateful to you.

Yours Respectfully,


Job Designation…

Contact no…


Sample 3: “Leave of absence letter for a family wedding”


(Write Your Name Here)

(Write Your Address with City, State, And Zip Code)

Date – (Date of Writing the Letter)


(Write Name of Supervisor Here)

(Write Address of Supervisor Here)

Subject – Leave Application for Wedding

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am (Your Details), working in (Department details) in your company. I am writing this letter because I want to convey that on the evening of 24th December, my close friend is getting married and I need to visit the function as he is one of my closest friends.

I request you to please grant me 2 days of leave so that I can attend the wedding. I shall be grateful.

Yours Sincerely,

Thank You

Your Name

Sample 4: “Leave of absence letter for a family wedding”

Subject: Leave application to attend my sister’s wedding-

Dear Sir,

It gives me immense pleasure to inform you that my sister is getting married on 17/6/2022. As she starts this new journey, my family and I need to make several arrangements and give her a ceremony to remember, for which I will need two weeks off. I request you to approve my leaves from 12/6/2020 to 26/6/2020.

Awaiting a positive reply!


Manoj Sharma

(Senior Graphic Designer)

Sample 5: “Leave of absence letter for a family wedding”

The Principal,

Lahore Grammar School

Gulberg Campus, Lahore

Subject: Leave Application for Marriage Ceremony

Respected Sir,

Please be informed that my daughter is studying in your school. My nephew’s marriage ceremony is to be held on 23rd December. So my Daughter will not be able to attend School during this period. Kindly grant her leave from 20th December to 26th December. I strongly request you consider her leave. She will collect all regular work and notes from her friend while she leaves. I shall be very thankful to you for this kindness.

Yours Sincerely,

Arshad Bajwa, F/O Sidra Bajwa

9th A- Roll No 13

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Frequently asked questions: “Leave of absence letter for a family wedding”

How can I take leave to attend a marriage?

You can take leave for attending marriage by writing a leave of absence letter for your employer. In this letter, you can mention the date or dates on which you require leave and why you require it in the first place.

Is there any marriage leave?

Yes, there is a marriage leave that allows employees to take a certain number of leaves in order to get married. However, this can vary from organization to organization and even country to country.



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