Least stressful jobs (UK)

In this guide, we will discuss why some people with certain levels of stress can handle certain types of job and which are the least stressful jobs in the UK.

Least stressful jobs UK

The life we ​​lead today can be said to be accompanied by a dose of stress.

Perhaps you have felt moments where stress is greater than in other situations, but in the end, you have been able to control it.

Having certain stress levels is normal. Stress is the body’s response to a certain stimulus that can cause concern.

When we feel a little stress in our work it warns us and motivates us to give more.

These amounts of stress are positive.

When we have high levels of stress this can mean danger. A person who lives most of his day with a lot of stress can lead to some anxiety disorder or depression.

So much stress to the body is not good. It may be that you have seen yourself in a situation where your stress levels have been so high that you couldn’t be in peace.

You feel your mind heavy with strong headaches and your body is most of the time very exhausted.

It is common to see how people tend to have high levels of stress due to various situations, one of the most common is having work stress.

High levels of stress at work can lead the person not to fulfil the functions under its charge.

It is normal for some people to have a greater capacity to deal with situations that generate high stress at work.

People with management positions where they have an entire company in their care can be stressed a lot of the time.

Some people can deal with this, but others can’t.

The fact that a person cannot deal with certain levels of stress in their work has nothing wrong, the bad thing is how that stress affects their health.

As human beings that we are we have our differences and our abilities to perform certain things are different.

Some people are good for one thing and others are good for others.

For people who usually develop high levels of stress, there are certain jobs that they can access.

Having stress does not mean that this prevents you from wanting to be in the workplace.

Everyone has the right to work, the focus is that it can be located in a space where they can perform their duties and in turn do not develop stress.

There is a series of least stressful jobs UK so that those who live in the United Kingdom can access them and continue their professional growth without stress impeding this.

When stress becomes a danger

While it is true that having a little stress is normal and positive when it increases it is the opposite.

A person who spends most of his day with high levels of stress will not feel well. Stress shows a series of symptoms such as:

  • Excessive worry
  • Sweating
  • Lack of concentration
  • Forget things easily
  • Headaches
  • Palpitations
  • Sleeping problems

Some of those mentioned above usually manifest when a person has high levels of stress.

Stress does not allow the person to carry out their daily activities because they only spend thinking about what causes a lot of stress.

Some people have stress levels so high that they forget everything and this can be a danger.

A person who is crossing the street and does not see that the light is red could cause an accident, someone who is cooking and forget to turn off the stove can cause a fire, someone who is at work and forgets to pay some company bills can eventually lead to some legal problem.

Many people assume that it is normal to be in a constant state of stress.

They think it is right to worry excessively about something and feel that way.

Over time, stress can lead to diseases and boost some. A person who does not control their stress may develop anxiety or depression.

You may also have gastrointestinal problems. That is, high dose stress can be a danger.

A list of the least stressful jobs UK

There are a lot of people who lose or quit their job due to the high levels of stress that it generates.

Stress should not impede for a person to develop in the workplace.

There are several jobs in the United Kingdom that a person who tends to become very stressed can do. 

Skilled Tradesman

A skilled tradesman is the first on this list of least stressful jobs UK.

It refers to a worker who specializes in a particular occupation that requires work experience, job training and, often, formal vocational education.

This profession does not require a bachelor’s degree.

In this type of work, a person can create various items such as candles, boots, caps, watches and similar objects.

It is a job where experience is vital but many times they do not require the person who holds titles.

It all depends on where it is. This job can be considered less stressful because the person just has to follow a pattern of the things he has to do.

While it is true that it can be a bit heavy, but in turn, it may not cause high levels of stress.

Administrative & Secretarial Occupations

Seeing a secretary or administration position on the list of least stressful jobs UK might seem like a trap since some people manifest the stress they may feel performing the functions of these positions.

This work is considered as one of the least stressful because the role of people in the administrative area and secretaries have to see how to keep the papers in order and that things are carried out.

A person in this area has their functions well defined and usually always performs the same every day.

Normally the person is not in much movement so it also contributes to less stress.

A very active person can find this type of work monotonous and would rather not do it.

Cleaners & Labourers (Elementary)

These jobs occupy a position in the list of least stressful jobs UK for certain reasons.

This type of work involves repetitive actions. The person does not have to feel stress thinking that greater responsibilities will be added to them.

A person who works as a cleaner knows that its function is to keep everything clean.

While it is true that this job requires some strength since at some point the person will have to move furniture or some other purpose to clean, it is not required more than anything except that things and the place, in general, is clean.

In the case of a labourer, it is similar.

Here the person does have to use physical force when they have to mix and move the materials, but in the end, their functions are the same.

More than stress could cause physical fatigue.

Both are tasks that do not require university studies but have experience.

In both cases, people could take courses or attend vocational schools but a person who wants to enter the area should not fear to have a university education.

Managers, Directors & Senior Officials

In the list of least stressful jobs UK is those management positions.

To some extent, it may be a bit strange to see these types of posts on this list, but there may be a reason.

People with management and managerial positions put all the pressure and demands on their subordinates, but this can change according to how in each country their companies manage their responsibilities.

The people in managerial positions are the ones that respond to the shareholders and owners of the companies and it is something that can cause stress, but at the same time as they give the orders, they can be seen at a point where they do not have to do so much work in yes but take care that this is done.

University Professor

Also part of the list of least stressful jobs UK is those positions in the area of ​​education that involves teaching and research.

While this type of work is rare in the United Kingdom, those who own it are almost certain that they will not be fired.

One of the things that can cause stress is when a person in a job thinks he can be fired and in the case of university professors in the UK this possibility is very low.

Teaching can be a process that causes stress, but stress can rise when taught at the school level.

In college, teachers teach adults, so it is easier to maintain control in class.


The area of health is something that can fill many people with stress since studying and exercising their specialities leads to many hours without sleep and being alert to any emergency, anyone might think that there are no areas of health that are not loaded with stress.

On the list of least stressful jobs UK is being a dietitian.

A dietitian is a health professional expert in food, nutrition and dietetics.

A person exercising this profession does not develop high levels of stress because it is not an area where the person has to be awake to attend a medical emergency.

Also, the process of working with patients is established on a schedule and the person has time to rest.

FAQs about least stressful jobs UK

What happens when a person fails to control their stress levels?

If a person does not control their stress levels, they can experience the symptoms in a stronger way that not only prevents them from performing their job functions but also others that are part of their daily lives.

A lot of stress can also lead to a person developing anxiety.

Can a person with stress eventually have depression?

Yes. It has been seen in several cases that frequent and uncontrolled stress can lead to the person manifesting symptoms of depression.

How can a person reduce stress levels?

To reduce stress levels the person can take a moment and take long breaths and focus on the moment.

Exercising and resting properly are also ways to reduce stress.

In case the person understands that these methods do not work and that their stress levels are very high, seeking professional help is a good option.

Is it correct to tell your boss that you have work stress?

Yes. It is not bad to tell your boss that you are feeling stress at work.

This can help both looks for feasible solutions for both.

Is it right to quit a job if it causes me a lot of stress?

It is correct to quit if you have reported stress in your workplace and no steps have been taken to reduce it.

Remember that health is paramount.

Least stressful jobs (UK)


While it is true that in the list of the least stressful jobs UK there are not all jobs that cause less stress, some of these give an idea where the focus of interest of the person can go.

A person in the UK can take this list as a reference when focusing on a job that does not cause their stress levels to skyrocket.

Mental health is important and in any situation that may cause high levels of stress, the person must be cautious and advise in the search for jobs that allow stability and in turn, do not trigger much stress.

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