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Law of attraction depression (7 tips)

In this writing, we will address the topics “ Law of attraction depression”, a brief introduction about the law of attraction, small introduction of depression, the underlying principles and usage of law of attraction, law of attraction and depression and some FAQ related to the topic.

Law of Attraction Depression 

  • Focusing on the positive side and attracting such thoughts and action
  • Practicing meditation and relaxation
  • Believing the internal locus of control and will power
  • Getting over with the negativity and source of negative thoughts
  • Motivating oneself with the positivity around
  • Believing in the good things around and more to come
  • Being conscious of one’s thought and action
  • Attracting positive thoughts and repelling the pessimism
  • Confronting the fact that depression can be treated and cured.

Law of Attraction 

It is the ability of the individual to attract in our lives things that we are focusing on. This law uses the power of our mind to translate the thoughts in our mind to reality. All the thoughts in the mind are translated into things or action eventually.

This implies that if we focus more on the negative things and engage ourselves in negative thoughts, we will forever remain in that negative doom and gloominess while if we feed ourself and our mind with positive thoughts and mindset, one will find the way to achieve and accomplish it with massive actions. 


Depression is a mental disorder that is classified under Mood Disorder in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual. It is a mood disorder where the individual experiences prolonged sadness, lethargic, worthiness, helplessness and melancholic that interferes or hampers their daily functioning.

It is one of the most common and prevalent mental disorders that affect 264 million people from varied age groups. And women are more vulnerable and likely to suffer from depression than men.

Sign and Symptoms of Depression

The three noting symptoms of Depression are:

  • Fatigability, tiredness and feeling of exhaustion
  • Anhedonia, loss of interest in pleasurable activities
  • Depressed mood or prolonged sadness

The truth about the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is often believed to be the biggest mystery of life. Despite its power in attracting positive thoughts and determining our action, there are only limited ones who actually know about and are aware of the power of the Law of Attraction. 

Through the span of our existence, we constantly act as a human magnet where we send out the thoughts and actions that are negative and wrong to us while attracting those of positive and constructive thoughts.  

Since many of us are unaware of the power of Law of Attraction, we often leave our thoughts and actions unchecked resulting in sending wrong actions and thoughts and sticking onto the unwanted action, thought and action. 

Once the law of attraction is known and aware, one can use and apply it to all spheres of life including, workspace, with social relationship, self-motivation etc.

A brief history of the Law of Attraction 

The law was for the first time used and taught by immortal Buddha. He believed that what we are or have become is the result of what we think, which is the underlying principle of Law of Attraction.

With this concept known, “ Karma”/ “ Destiny” remained popular throughout societies and culture. The common understanding is that people receive whatever they give out to the world.  Since then, the core idea of the Law of Attraction remained popular in many different civilisations. 

Basic underlying principles or belief of the Law of Attraction

Some of the basic facets or the core principles of the Law of Attraction are mentioned below:

  • Everything that comes to your life, you are attracting it towards you.
  • Your life can be changed if you develop conscious thoughts.
  • When healthy and positive thoughts are developed, it is impossible to feel bad and low.
  • All thoughts can be turned into reality through one’s action.
  • Our thoughts and actions can work like a magnet in terms of attracting positive and constructive thoughts while repelling from the negative and wrong thoughts and actions.
  • One can attract what they are focusing on

These are some of the major facets or the principle of Law of Attraction.

Using of Law of Attraction

One the law is understood, it can be used consciously as well as intentionally to shape and create a better life. Choosing to think differently, act differently and respond differently to a particular situation can bring in more goods and positivity.

The three important steps in using the law are to ask, believe and then receive.

  • Asking from the universe or world about the things that are wants and wishes for than those that you don’t want in life.
  • Believing that one will get what they wish for and acting onto that.
  • By becoming a vibrational match to the things you wish for, receive it.
  • Manifest in love and relationship the law of attraction.
  • Improving mental as  well as physical health with the law of attraction.
  • Attracting abundance, success and prosperity.
  • Using the law of attraction for meditative exercises.

These are the few usage of Law of Attraction that can leave a detrimental effect on one’s life specially in bringing positive thoughts and actions.

Law of Attraction and Depression 

When the predominant thought of a person is depressed and low mood, one tends to feel more depressed and the depressive symptoms aggravate. Similarly, if they cope up the depressive mood and thoughts with more positive and constructive actions, the severity of symptoms reduces and they tend to feel better.

The predominant idea of the Law of Attraction in context of depressive patients and depression is to do with the focus. What we think and our thoughts determine the feeling. So, thinking about depression simply draws in more depressive thoughts and feelings. Our brain responds to the command of our thoughts and thus, it is always negative and depressing, the brain responds accordingly.

Some of the strategies of coping up with Depression by using Law of Attraction are:

Let yourself off the hook

Simply confronting and accepting the reality that one is undergoing depression is the first thing to recovery. It only gets worse when the individual beats them up with negative thoughts and feelings. Thus to accept the melancholy and sadness can help in combating the symptoms better.

Knowing that you are attracting the positivity

One can feel safe from the depressed mood by attracting all the positive things in the surrounding. These will manifest the development and changes slowly and gradually. Believing that you are constantly attracting positivity results in avoiding the cycle of feeling gloomy, low and worthless. 

Everyday meditation

Daily meditation can result in positive mental health and boost it up. Tyring a simple meditation posture for 5 minutes everyday can help combat the depressive symptoms by evoking feelings of calmness and peacefulness.

Unplug for a while

It is a useful technique of cultivating a positive perspective and outlook to one’s life and function on an optimal level. The negativity that flows in through social media, technologies and gadgets can result in bad and negative influence. Thus to limit the exposure to such negative influences and being more mindful and conscious to the present, makes it easier to nail down the depressive symptoms.

Tuning into the things or people that genuinely makes you happier, inspired and positive and turning away the attention from things that bother you can help. 

Clearing off the negativity from life

The more you spend time with the negative events, thought sna dn people, it tends to escalate and yield more negativities. Thus, to remove the distorted beliefs about oneself, cutting off all sources of negativity can help people to invest their time and energy as well as to divert to the positive and brighter side of life.

Shifting energy/ Energy Transformation

When one feels overdosed with negative thoughts and weighed down by pessimism, it is always better to shift the attention and energy from the negative side to the brighter side of life that can shower happiness, pleasure and joy. And tend to rejuvenate the person.

Celebrating the small gains in life

In attracting positive thoughts and vibes, rather than self loathing and looking down on oneself, it is more constructive and better to focus on the small good things and achievement around you. Doing so, it results in greater satisfaction and self love.

FAQs: Law of attraction Depression

What are the 3 laws of attraction?

The three laws of attraction are Like Attracts Like, Nature Abhors a Vacuum and The Present is Always perfect.

What are the 7 laws of Attraction?

The seven laws of attractions are

Law of Manifestation
Law of Magnetism
Law of Unwavering Desire
Law of Harmony
Law of right action
Law of Universal Influence
Law of delicate balance

Who is most likely to suffer from depression?

Age determines the likelihood of falling into depression. And particularly people belonging from aw group 45-65 are the most vulnerable group to suffer from depression.

Is it okay to cry the law of attraction?

A good cry can help if it doesn’t occur on a daily basis. When the law of attraction is applied and frustration is built, a good cry is possible as a result of a negative state.

Is the Law of Attraction fake?

There is no scientific basis to the law of attraction but it is believed to be a pseudoscience dubbed. 

What is manifesting?

It is defined as the readily perceived or perceived by the bodily sense most likely to be the sense of sight.

Does manifestation actually work?

No, manifestation doesn’t really work and these are some limits to it.  It doesn’t really take into account the inherent negative thoughts of an individual such as depression, anxiety etc.

How do you use the Law of Attraction?

The five steps that can be used to put the Law of Attraction into work or implementation are:

Knowing what the client truly deserves or want
Focusing on the positive self talk and the gratitude
Having a intentional communication
Visualizing and thinking about success and accomplishment
Accountability and believing it to be the key

Does crying release negative energy?

Yes, crying helps in venting out and releasing the negative energy and the resulting thoughts and action. It is believed to be a good source of emotional ventilation for short period

Does crying at work show weakness?

No, there is association between crying and mental toughness. Crying doesn’t actually disturb and cause impairment in the professional standing; rather it is just a myth to believe that crying makes you look weak.


In this writing, we addressed the topics “ Law of attraction depression”, a brief introduction about the law of attraction, small introduction of depression, the underlying principles and usage of law of attraction, law of attraction and depression and some FAQ related to the topic.

What we recommend for depression

Professional counselling

If you are suffering from depression then ongoing professional counselling may be your ideal first point of call. Counselling will utilize theories such as Cognitive behavioural therapy which will help you live a more fulfilling life.

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