What is a kindred spirit? 9 signs you found yours

In this article, we talked about what kindred spirits are and how you can tell whether you have met one. 

What is a kindred spirit?

A kindred spirit is much more than a good friend. Kindred spirits are those people who, as soon as we meet them, we feel that we have known them all our lives.

This are the are people who bring positive energy in our lives, people with whom we want to share as much time as possible, to laugh and feel good.

They give us compassion and unconditional love. They help us with our purpose in life.

Kindred spirits are people connected in such a way that they can feel the love, happiness and pain of the other.

They vibrate at the same energy level.

Kindred spirits:

  • Have similar values

You have many things in common, such as sharing the same political views, religious beliefs, and ethics.

But there are some differences that do not pose any problems. There are no conflicts about what matters to you.

  • Respect each other

The fact that you do not always agree is not enough to destroy your mutual respect. Trust each other and get along.

The support provided by your relationship often makes you feel encouraged and safe.

  • Are honest with each other

It’s hard for you to lie to each other. Even in difficult circumstances, you manage to be honest with each other, because your relationship is not superficial.

The sincerity between you is genuine and does not come from guilt. Even when the truth may seem ugly, you are there for each other.

  • Learn from each other.

Your relationship is very productive as you continue to learn from each other.

The related spirit has the ability to open your eyes to new perspectives and greater objectivity. It acts like a mirror even when the problems are difficult.

  • Their energy fits naturally

The strongest sign that you are around a related spirit is the feeling that you have known each other for a lifetime, even though you have just met.

As you vibrate on the same frequency, you find even more similarities between you. Vibrate on the same spiritual level, which has an impact on your life.

  •  Help each other move forward on their paths

Most of the time, you and your related spirit go through the same difficulties in life. And that’s because you attract people who have the same needs as yours.

Thus, they can empathize with what you are experiencing.

How does it help us to find a kindred spirit?

  • They challenge us to become a better version of ourselves

Sometimes not everything will go easy with our kindred spirit.

Sometimes these souls come to teach us to have patience, to cultivate virtue, to deal with something that is not easy for us and we have to learn in this life.

It is important to understand this and not stray from the test. Once we overcome it, we will be able to better face the next challenges.

  • Their positive energy connect with yours 

 Your inner spirit knows that you need your kindred spirit to learn and progress. When you meet them, you start to feel good about your energy.

You feel that you have more compassion, understanding, integrity, and treat everyone with respect and kindness.

  • Memories from home

When we are with our kindred spirit, we have a strong sense of being at home, in our home, the one we will all return to and where we all come from.

The strong and harmonious connection comes from the fact that we resonate in the same vibration with our spiritual group.

9 signs that you have found a kindred spirit

Finding someone who realizes that certain things are important to you is a wonderful thing because it means they really know you.

There is a time when you realize that you have a special relationship with someone.

It can be something as simple as a passion for the same food or subtle actions of affection.

You may not realize it, but you have probably found your kindred spirit. If you are still not sure, your soul has certainly done so.

Your creativity has increased a lot

When you were alone, you were good at certain things, but now you are wonderful at these things.

Your partner makes you want to live life differently, and your creativity is constantly flourishing.

You share almost everything

And here I do not only mean the exchange of material things, but also moments. These moments are even more precious than any physical object.

You became a priority

Finding someone who realizes that certain things are important to you is a wonderful thing because it means they really know you.

There is no quarrel

The quarrels are rather slightly heated arguments that end with moments of laughter.

You have many things in common

Whether you like to nibble on the same chips in movies or you are passionate about a certain sport, it is important to be able to enjoy the same activities.

They become much more beautiful made in two.

Giving a gift is a beautiful thing

Gifts are not a gesture you make because you have to, but because you want to.

You want to buy him things he likes and see the happiness in his eyes when he opens the gift.

You can talk for hours

Discussions between you are the most natural activity. You can talk for hours without realizing that time has passed. And discuss any topic.

It’s hard for you when you’re alone

When you are not next to each other it is difficult. Minutes feel like hours, hours like days.

And when you see each other again, it’s like seeing yourself for the first time.

You have the same dreams

You share the same hopes and dreams – this is a good indicator that you have found your kindred spirit. Now nothing seems difficult.

What you must remember

In this article, we talked about what kindred spirits are and how you can tell if you have met one. 

Kindred spirits are people with a very important role in your life.

They are those people who will teach you the better lessons, who will show you who you really are, those people who will often mirror you.

It is important to realize when you have a kindred spirit in your life and to appreciate its presence.

It can be quite difficult to identify it, but if you do, be sure to keep it in your life.

Your life without your kindred spirit in it, will be ten times harder and more boring.

Please feel free to leave any comments or questions about kindred spirits! 

FAQ about kindred spirits

What does it mean to have a kindred spirit?

To have a kindred spirit it means to have someone in your life who understands you like no one else.

Kindred spirits are those people who just get us, people with whom everything seems so easy: conversations, partnerships, activities, everything… 

Do kindred spirits fall in love?

Kindred spirits can fall in love, although they are not necessarily humans!

Some believe even our pets can be our kindred spirit.

However, if you are lucky enough to have your partner as you kindred spirit, you are probably having one of the healthiest and happiest relationships out there. 

Are kindred spirits soul mates?

Kindred spirits are the people who “get you”, who accept and love you easier than others.
Are the people who understand you without any words.

A soul mate is someone who also loves you unconditionally and is meant to teach you great lesson in this life.

Some people do believe that kindred spirits are soul mates also. 

What is the difference between a soulmate and true love?

A soul mate is a person who vibrates on the same frequency as you.

You get each other, you like to do many things together, you confide in each other.

Your mom, your sister or your best friend can be your soul mate.

A true love is usually referred to as a romantic relationship.

A relationship where the partners have mutual deep concern and care for each other. 

How do you know if you have a kindred spirit?

When you meet your kindred spirit you feel that everything just “clicks”.

You have many things in common, you can talk for hours, you share almost everything, even your dreams and goals.

These people are more than just good friends, they help you find and accomplish your purpose in this life.

Do kindred spirits get married?

Kindred spirits can get married if they are a couple.

Sometimes, your kindred spirit may be your best friend, your mother or father, even your pet!


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