Key to Happiness (How)

A guide to understanding where true happiness resides

In this guide, we are going to discuss whether there is what many people call the key to happiness and how to find it.

Key to happiness

Many people yearn to find the key to happiness.

They would like to just find what makes them happy, but unfortunately, this is not the case.

Finding the key to happiness is a challenge for human beings since it is a process.

Over the years what caused a satisfaction of well-being no longer does it and the person immerses himself in a process of continuing to look for what makes it feel good, of looking for the key to happiness.

What is happiness?

Happiness for each person has a name. For some it may be obtaining a material asset such as a house or a vehicle, for others finding the dream job or a couple, and for others, it is simply being at peace.

That is, everyone perceives what happiness is. The definition of happiness has been analyzed by various philosophers since the beginning of humanity.

Authors like Democritus was the first philosopher in the Western world to examine the nature of happiness, concluding that happiness was a “mental case,” presenting a subjectivist view of what happiness is.

Other authors such as Socrates and Plato, who was his student, presented a theory about what is the most objective happiness.

The authors stated that happiness was “safe enjoyment of what is good and beautiful.”

Each theory of the authors has its weight since, in the end, the human being decides what causes happiness or not.

Some people need certain amounts of things to be happy, others do not need little and in the end, the difference between what each person wants is part of the beauty of the world, the differences make each person unique.

Is there a key to happiness?

There is no key to happiness since happiness does not represent the same for each person.

Everyone has aspirations in life, has dreams that it wants to achieve with the last instance of being happy.

If we say that there is a key to happiness, this is personalized since each one looks for what can make them happy, not what they may think of another.

As mentioned before, for one person the key to happiness can be to find the job of their dreams, for others to win the lottery and for others to have a family.

It doesn’t matter what the person can do as long as it represents what they understand that makes them happy.

Sometimes people get lost in the way of finding their happiness because they understand that what makes a person happy can make happy to another person too, and when the person sees that this is not really like that, it becomes frustrating.

The person becomes frustrated to know that it works hard on something it does not yearn for or believed it could ever make it feel as wanted/

When a person finds their key to the happiness it must understand that this feeling will not be forever.

Life is a form of happy moments. Finding what makes someone happy does not represent that it will be like this forever.

The person must understand that its happiness can be marred by difficult situations that life presents and may reach the point of believing that this was not what it was looking for.

Remember that difficult situations in life are no reason not to believe in happiness.

Happiness is all around you. You just need to see it. Books or little bags of happiness can be your source of happiness.

How to find the key to happiness?

For a person to find the key to happiness, they must first know that what they want may not be equal to what others aspire or want in life and that does not mean being wrong.

To find what makes the person happy, it must think about what it wants for life and where it is visualized.

Every day is a new experience and brings with it an apprenticeship.

Through the experiences that a person can experience, they can mark their lives in a way that totally changes their destiny and changing what once were their greatest desires.

An accident that can cause the loss of life can cause the person to reflect and understand that their happiness does not lie in having material possessions, but having life and health and being around the people they love most is the most important thing in their life.

If we talk about the fact that there is a key to personalized happiness for each person, it means that it only fits in their life model, not in what another wants.

In today’s society, it is easy to get distracted by everything there is.

Extreme consumerism makes a person see that what it wants today will hate it tomorrow.

Staying strong in your ideals and not letting certain influences interfere with your achievements is another way to achieve happiness.

If the person identifies their key to happiness does not mean that everything is there.

The person has to work for what they want and what at one time may seem impossible is not because as the end inside of itself the person this is what it wants.

More than finding a key to happiness it is important to remember that life is those moments of happiness.

Learning to appreciate what you have at the moment and not comparing yourself with others are the key elements to discover where true happiness resides.

Since everything is going so fast today, the person also wants their search for happiness to be like that.

Find the key, open the door and go through that door, but no. Life is a daily work, hard and full of adventures.

Sometimes people walk in search of the key to happiness.

They strive so hard to search and search that they forget that in the least expected places everything is.

Sometimes people have in front of everything they need to be happy and lose their north.

Before looking for your key to happiness, look around and analyze if you already have it.

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FAQs about the key to happiness

How can I find the key to my happiness?

Finding the key to happiness implies a process of self-analysis.

It is to identify the goal that motivates you every day to wake up and work hard.

Your search does not have to be the same as a family member or friend.

Human beings have different tastes and interests and if you think differently does not mean you are wrong or lost.

You are immersed in your process.

What can I do to stop feeling frustrated because I don’t know what causes me happiness?

The first thing is to stop feeling frustrated about not finding what can cause happiness in your life.

This is a process that can take a long or short time.

Sometimes in every day and simpler activities, it is that the person comes to discover what wants.

It is good not to think so much about what makes you happy or not, but to be happy at the moment.

Appreciating and being grateful at the moment helps to have a more positive vision and to open the mind more.

What happens if I feel that nothing makes me happy, I negatively see life and I am not motivated to do anything?

If you feel unmotivated and nothing you do makes sense, it is time to seek help.

Family and friends will always be willing to listen and offer you a hand to get ahead whatever the situation.

If in your social environment you feel you cannot find the help you need, going to the psychologist is the best solution.

The psychologist will help you understand where those feelings you have come from and help you to see life from a more positive perspective.

Why are there people who have great achievements in life such as money, cars and fame, but express that they are not happy?

Because there are people who once understood that the key to happiness was in material possessions and once they obtained them they realized that it is not so, and it is.

Obtaining material goods influences that the person can have a better lifestyle, but does not mean that their internal well-being is also the same.

Some celebrities even having it all have expressed that they suffer from depression and others have committed suicide.

Can I be happy without having financial resources?

Money does not give happiness. Many debates have been around this issue since.

Some people say that without money you can not do things, and another expresses that even having the money you can be very unhappy.

In this case, we could say that both ideas are right. If a person has money they can contribute so that their health or that of a family member is optimal.

Money helps cover basic needs. Foundations and charities work with money to give to the needy.

But if it looks in the way that money can fill no gaps.

A person is not filled internally with material goods since there are wealthy people who feel very sad and empty.

When the key to happiness lies in money, the person is putting it into an element that can vary.

One day a wealthy person can be left with nothing and would not be happy.

So, in this case, it is best to understand that money plays a fundamental role in our lives but does not represent complete happiness.


All human beings struggle to find the key to happiness. They want to live fully and feel calm, but this does not happen at one time or another. It is not as easy as finding something lying, but not as difficult as finding a needle in a honeycomb. Sometimes the key to happiness is right in front of the person and the cravings of life divert their attention. Before looking outside, people must search inside and do so will allow knowing more and ultimately know what is it that makes them happy.

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