KCL counselling (A guide)

In this brief article, we will be discussing KCL counselling, the contents of KCL counselling, the benefits of KCL counselling, and more information about KCL counselling.

What online counselling services can KCL counselling give?

This kind of counselling centre in the college is moving its counselling services online to help students who are in need of these services.

The counsellors in this kind of counselling centre understand that this is a struggling time for students and that there is a need to take care of them through mental health support services.

If you want to access this kind of counselling service, you need to visit this link How do I register for counselling.

You will get an appointment with a counsellor after 7 working days and you can get 6 online counselling sessions.

This kind of counselling centre also provides another counselling service which is the Big White Wall for students to get access in.

This can help students to get through therapy at this time and share their struggles in this kind of counselling service.

You can use this kind of online platform to release all the tension that you feel from the issue nowadays and you can use this online platform to talk to other students who are going through the trouble of this concern and would like to speak their hearts out which can make you less alone in your struggles.

What can you do on Big White Wall in KCL?

The following are the things that you can do on this online platform:

  • Get stuff off your chest and open up with people experiencing similar concerns to you
  • Open up about how you’re feeling with words and images
  • Learn practical techniques to help you deal with the concern better
  • Take self-assessments and observe your progress
  • Get engaged in group courses on subjects such as stress, problem-solving and negative thinking

How do I join Big White Wall?

The following are the steps you need to follow to join this online platform on the college’s website:

  1. Check out the Big White Wall website.
  2. Press the button that says join us
  3. Under Organisation choose the option that states Universities & Colleges from the dropdown list and click next.
  4. Enter your email address used by this college applying for your k number and then click Next. The format of your email address should be knumber@kcl.ac.uk as most students will have in applying for this platform
  5. Finish the remaining fields such as selecting an anonymous username and password and then press the button that says sign up.
  6. You should then get an email to your email account for this college inviting you to finish the registration process.

Is this online platform really anonymous?

Yes, this online platform is really anonymous.

This is because your username and password will only be known by you and you can’t connect this information to your email address. 

You can also check out the Wall Safety section of this website to know about the anonymity observed on this website.

How do I apply for the KCL counselling?

You can apply for this kind of counselling by following the steps below.

You should be aware that there will be some changes to the counselling appointments of this counselling due to the recent pandemic.

This kind of counselling will be offered to you for free and there will also be confidentiality observed in this counselling.

You will also be given emails to help you be supported in your psychological struggles. 

You can also get in contact with the counselling by following the email mentioned above.

This kind of counselling can be applied when you are able to finish the self-referral form on the website.

The following are also other things that you should know in relation to this kind of counselling: 

  • Please realise that you must have a general practitioner based in the UK to avail the Counselling and Mental Health Service in this kind of college.
  • The Counselling and Mental Health Service is not suggested for specific complications and for those who cannot meet through face-to-face appointments.
  • Check in the Eligibility Criteria for more information about this kind of counselling.

You can also check for new counselling services to get yourself updated in this kind of counselling service.

You can encourage yourself to going through counselling by buying this book on this website.

What is other remote mental health support that is accessible to me?

There are also other choices of the mental health support that can be accessed through online means.

This college has a website where you can find other remote mental health support services that can work for you.

You can also see the guidelines of these remote mental health support services on the Coronavirus update.

You can also keep yourself psychologically relaxed by buying an aromatherapy diffuser.

Experiences of students using the KCL counselling

The following are the experiences of students in using this kind of counselling service.

This was based on an interview by a journalist to students who have used this kind of counselling service.

A student named Sara accessed this kind of counselling service due to some issues that occurred in the family in the middle of a Christmas holiday.

She went through counselling and she noticed that the counsellor was more focused on the clock than her current issues.

This kind of situation where there are many people in the counselling service keeps coming up in people’s comments about this kind of counselling service.

This can lead to an implication that these kinds of counsellors are only there for the money of the student which can lead affected students to get more distressed.

Andi is another student who has gone through this kind of counselling and he stated that he wasn’t given a choice to choose a counsellor.

He said that he had a good counsellor but he finds himself unable to trust him with his experiences.

He stated that he has been having overwhelming issues that went through the 3rd year of college but he wasn’t able to get this kind of counselling service for free.

Amy is another student who also accessed this kind of counselling service but she was having a difficult time getting through the emails of this counselling service which means that no one was willing to answer her immediately.

When she finally got to contact someone in this kind of counselling service, she was able to get an early access to counselling and they were apologetic to the lack of response

Abi is a former student in this kind of college who decided to leave due to the inability of the counselling service and himself to deal with her mental health complications.

She was able to do six sessions from this kind of counselling service to have some long-term mental health care due to her mental health problems.

Then came the inevitable that the counsellor wants to have 4 more years of therapy with the student.

This made it even more impossible when the counsellor stated that there were no more counselling spaces for the student. 

He even suggested that the student be taken cared of by a trainee counsellor which she refused.

This leads her to leave her counselling sessions in this kind of counselling service

The former student even stated that it was uncomfortable to have time restrictions for her counselling which was very limited considering her mental health complications at that time.

Although she was able to leave this kind of college without counselling and with anxiety and moderate depression, she has found solace in her new University where she was able to access counselling services there for her own good.

The Head of Counselling named Griffiths stated that in line with these negative and positive connotations to this kind of counselling service, she stated that this counselling process is more indirect than direct.

This means that this kind of counselling service will work the registration process based on the mental health complications existing in the client who has recently applied to this counselling service. 

This kind of counselling service will be serving clients who have serious mental health complications first and then having the other clients with mild to moderate mental health complications.

This kind of counselling service is really trying its best to serve each client for his or her mental health complications.

Recently, these kinds of counselling services are already getting famous in universities and colleges due to the mental health complications that are rising in the country.

This can also help these students to get easy access for these kinds of counselling services ad minimize the occurrence of risk that might endanger the client or the school.


In this brief article, we have discussed KCL counselling, the contents of KCL counselling, the benefits of KCL counselling, and more information about KCL counselling.

If you have any questions about KCL counselling, please let us know and the team will gladly answer your queries.

FAQs: kcl counselling

Is King’s College London hard to get into?

Yes, King’s College London is hard to get into.

This is because the statistics depended on the average amount of UCAS points needed to get into this kind of college.

The truth of the matter is that there is only a 23 UCAS point different which is a difference from the one A level grade to another college that has been known to be hard to get into. 

What can you study at King’s College London?

At King’s College London, you can study academic preparation programs, biomedical and life sciences, arts, culture, and media, chemistry, conflict and security, computer science, and dental training and practice.

There have also been psychology courses that can be studied in this kind of college. 

Is King’s College London good?

Yes, King’s College London is good.

This is considered as the 33rd most prestigious schools in the world according to the QS World University Rankings in this year.

This kind of college values research in students and this college also has a good reputation for having the best professors

What grades do I need to get into King’s College London?

The grades that you need to get into King’s College London are English language O-Level/IGCSE/GCSE grade C, International Baccalaureate Standard Level English, grade 4. IELTS score of 6.5 or similar with a minimum of 6.0 in each skill.

How competitive is King’s College London?

King’s College London is not that competitive even though it is considered as a prestigious college.

Every qualified student who has applied for this kind of college will be accepted by the administrators of this college. 


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