What happened to Junko Furuta? (The worst death ever)


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In this blog we are going to answer the question ‘’What happened to Junko Furuta?’’ one of the worst murders in world history that took place in Japan decades ago.

What happened to Junko Furuta?

In 1988, Junko Furuta was kidnapped, held captive, tortured, raped and murdered by members of a criminal organization in Japan.

Junko Furuta was a 17-year-old junior high school student in Misato, Saitama Prefecture, Japan. According to the descriptions given by her closest friends, Junko was a very intelligent girl who excelled in all school subjects, sweet and, although she was somewhat shy, she got along very well with everyone she met; she had never had a boyfriend or any kind of relationship with anyone and did not like to go out partying…

According to some sources, a classmate named Miyano Hiroshi was obsessed with her because no matter how much he flirted with her, Junko didn’t pay attention to him and he wasn’t used to that. Everyone “respected” – or rather feared – Hiroshi because it was no secret to anyone that he belonged to the Yakuza, a Japanese mafia dating back to the 17th century that is extremely dangerous and whose main criminal activities are extortion, drug trafficking, prostitution, illegal gambling, arms trafficking and human trafficking.

Junko Furuta’s kidnapping

On November 25, 1988, while Junko was on her way home, she was approached by Hiroshi and three of his friends who kidnapped her. It is still not known if they did it by intimidation or if they convinced her, claiming, for example, that they needed her help with some school work or research, but what is certain is that at that moment Junko Furuta’s hell started and lasted 44 days…

The group of kidnappers consisted of the aforementioned Miyano Hiroshi, 18 years old; Jo Kamisaku -surname adopted after his release from prison-, 17 years old; Minato Nobuharu, 16; and Watanabe Yasushi, 17 years old.

The teens took Junko to Nobuharu’s parents’ home and, in order to avoid a police investigation, forced her to call her parents and pretend that she had run away from home, but maintained that she was with a friend and was fine. Although Minato Nobuharu’s parents were very puzzled to see Junko with the teenagers, Hiroshi threatened her to pretend to be the girlfriend of one of the boys.

However, to the paranoia of Nobuharu’s parents, they abandoned the excuse of the courtship and intimidated them not to call the police. Since Hiroshi belonged to the Yakuza, he threatened that he could kill anyone who intervened.

From that moment on Junko Furuta lived through what is possibly one of the most terrible kidnappings of the century… For the next 44 days, she suffered tortures so disturbing that they are beyond imagination.

On January 4, 1989, the young woman died after a series of atrocities that had been done to her that day and she could not resist any longer. The killers hid her corpse in a cement-filled drum, which was abandoned in Kōtō, Tokyo. However, a year later the police found the body and an informant who infiltrated the Yakuza gave the killers away, who were then arrested and brought to justice…

The teenagers confessed to all the crimes committed and to each of the tortures inflicted on Junko during those days.

According to their statements at the trial, they kept the young woman naked and locked in a room for 44 days, where the four raped and abused her in various ways, including inserting foreign bodies – including an iron bar in her vagina – inserting pyrotechnic devices into her rectum and then setting them on fire, which caused her obviously serious injuries.

Furuta was usually forced to masturbate in front of them, in addition to 100 friends who constantly invited to participate in the atrocities; she suffered the amputation of a nipple with pliers, had weights dropped on her stomach and was constantly burned with cigarettes and lighters (this served as punishment when Junko once tried to escape and call the police), was forced to drink her own urine and was fed cockroaches…

What happened to Junko Furuta? (The worst death ever)

How was Junko Furuta tortured?

There are records of a total of 24 different types of torture (to be listed below) which are documented because the 4 teenagers recorded and photographed everything they did to Junko to share with the other members of the mafia…

One of the most terribly outrageous and sad things about this atrocious event is that the 4 murderers were tried and prosecuted as minors, so the sentences were ridiculously short for the terrible nature of their acts; today they are all free… The highest sentence was 17 years and the others were around 5 and 7 years.

This event had a strong media repercussion due to the fact that the press made a yellowish coverage of the event, focusing on Furuta’s life and the hell he went through, in order to highlight and denounce the lack of harshness of the Japanese legislation against juvenile delinquents.

The situation reached such a point that, according to the statements of one of the accused, it took Furuta more than an hour to crawl down the stairs to go to the bathroom, but that this was not a problem because one day she was forced to insert a light bulb in her private parts, which exploded, causing severe burns inside her and making her lose control of her sphincter completely.

They also noted that “probably about a hundred people” knew that Furuta was imprisoned there and that they participated in the rapes and abuses perpetrated; in fact, forensic doctors determined that she suffered more than 500 rapes by an unknown number of people (estimated to be more than 100)… The tortures inflicted on Junko Furuta were as follows:

  • Keep her naked most of the time.
  • Rape her between the four of them every day.
  • Inviting members of the yakuza mafia to rape her: it is estimated that more than 100 men raped her a total of 500 times and, on one occasion, 12 men in a single day.
  • Beating her at every turn, including with pipes and golf clubs.
  • Smashing her face repeatedly against the concrete floor.
  • Urinating on her.
  • Photographing and filming the torture all the time.
  • Forcing her to masturbate in front of her captors or their guests before raping her, while they drank beer.
  • Inserting objects into her vagina, including a bottle, an iron bar and a light bulb.
  • Depriving her of food and water.
  • Making him eat live cockroaches and drink his own urine.
  • Inserting a pyrotechnic device into her rectum and igniting it, causing severe burns.
  • Amputating her left nipple with pliers.
  • Tying her hands and feet, lying her on her back, and dropping dumbbells on her stomach.
  • Making her lose sphincter control.
  • Punish her every time she urinated.
  • Breaking all the bones in one of her hands by stomping on them.
  • Inserting scissors and rotisserie chicken tongs into her vagina, tearing it.
  • Hanging her from the ceiling and using her as a punching bag.
  • Putting her in a freezer for several hours.
  • Burn her eyelids with hot wax.
  • Stick dozens of sewing needles in her breasts.
  • Burning her vagina with cigarettes and her clitoris with lighters as a form of punishment when she tried to escape.
  • Inserting a hot light bulb into her vagina, which broke inside, causing her serious injuries and thus causing her death.

When did Junko Furuta die?

On the 44th day of the hell, Junko went through, the teenagers challenged her to play a game of Mahjong (a board game of Chinese origin) to “make fun” of the fact that, after all these atrocities, she could no longer be the bright young girl she was at school… 

However, Junko won the game, which infuriated her captors terribly. In retaliation, the young men brutally beat her and set her legs and arms on fire. Her body resisted for a while, but after a few hours, she couldn’t take it anymore and died that same day, January 4, 1989…

The Junko Furuta Trial

Although the acts of Hiroshi Miyano, Jo Ogura, Minato Nobuharu and Yasushi Watanabe were unforgivable, due to the way they abused Junko, the consequences were not so severe for them.

Since the 4 young men were still minors at the time of committing the crime, the court gave them sentences of only 8 years, while only Hiroshi Miyano got 17 years in prison.

Although the criminals were released shortly after their sentences, two of them, Minato and Ogura returned to prison for other offenses committed later. The rest remain at large.

Frequently Asked Questions: What happened to Junko Furuta?

How old was Junko Furuta when she was kidnapped?

Junko Furuta who was kidnapped, raped, tortured like hell for 44 days, was 17 years old.

How was Junko tortured?

They kept Junko naked and locked in a room for 44 days, where the four raped and abused her in various ways, including inserting foreign bodies – including an iron bar in her vagina – inserting pyrotechnic devices into her rectum and then setting them on fire, which caused her obviously serious injuries.


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