Journal prompts for self-discovery (+21 Journal prompts)

In this post, we will be listing out the best journal prompts for self-discovery. We will also discuss a few great journal prompts which you can use to improve your relationships and also to grow in your career.

Journal prompts for self-discovery

Journal prompts for self-discovery which you can use to improve your self-awareness to help in your personal development and growth are,

What is the most unique aspect of my personality?

Through this journal prompt, you will be learning more about your uniqueness. More often than not, society tries to group people into certain cliques. But you need to be aware of what makes you stand out as a complete individual.

When others see me, what do they see?

Through this question, you will be able to find your unique selling point in the view of others. At the same time, you need to remember that this is just your narrative and may not be right. Still, it may be a good idea to see how your subconscious feels in the eyes of others.

What is my favorite part of the day? Why?

Everyone has their favorite time or part of the day and this can reveal a lot about themselves. While answering this question, don’t forget to understand the reason behind it too. Maybe it is the coffee, a special aroma from a bakery or even a visit from a loved one.

Why am I the way I am?

This question may seem deeply philosophical and even confusing at times. But it can be a curious way to understand your drives and your motivators. It can also help you appreciate or be aware of the forces which have helped in shaping your personality.

How do I communicate with myself?

While answering this question, think about the type of language that you use when you speak to yourself. Is it more of a critical nature or a directional nature? Either way, find what works for you better by looking at the way you often respond to the voices in your head.

What coping tool do I most commonly use?

Whether you realize it or not, you might already be using a coping tool but might not be aware of it. It is good to understand what type of coping tool you often use to stress, and also recognize if it is a constructive coping tool or if it simply does you more harm.

Am I a kind person?

This may be a simple yes or no answer, but it can reveal a lot about you. Kindness is often perceived to be a weakness, but can be your greatest gift to others as well as yourself. Answer this honestly and see if there are ways through which you can practice better kindness.

Journal prompts for relationships

If you are trying to improve your relationship by understanding it better, you can try the following journal prompts.

Do I love this person genuinely?

Understanding whether you genuinely love this person or not, is simply crucial for your self-awareness and also your future in the relationship. While answering this question, think about your definition of love and see if it matches the other person’s perspective.

Is this an emotional relationship or a partnership?

Sometimes we may mistake a partnership for a relationship and this can make the situation even stickier and confusing. Think about if you really emotionally connect with your person or if the relationship is just an exchange of needs.

What do I love best about them?

This is a great way to learn more about your relationship and what you actually think about your partner. More often than not, you might end up filling pages about what you like best about them or surprising yourself about your feelings for them.

What can I do better in the relationship?

There is always something better that you can do, especially if you really love this person. Doing better does not necessarily mean going and spending all your savings on a gift, but can be simple gestures and actions that can express so much more.

What have I learnt from this person?

Romantic partners not just support you through your journey but can also be great teachers of certain life-skills. Think about the various lessons that you have learn from the person and what you think you may have taught them in return.

Do my friends like this person?

Friends can teach you a lot about life and even a lot about the person you are with currently. Think about if your friends like the person who you are dating and why they may like or dislike them.

Have I been emotionally abusive to my partner?

Sometimes, without our realization we may be abusive to our partners emotionally. This is mostly due to emotional traumas which you might have gone through before. Think about your behavior towards your partner, especially when you are triggered.

Journal prompts for work

You can also make use of journal prompts to improve your performance at work and grow in your career.

Do I get up every morning feeling happy to go to work?

Answering this question can pretty much give you a very clear answer as to if you genuinely love your job or not. If you feel that you are dragging yourself to work every day, maybe this job is not for you and maybe you need to try something else.

Do I want to do this every day for the rest of my life?

While every job has certain milestones and developments that come around in the career automatically, the essence of the job still remains. Think about your career and see if you want this for a lifetime. On another day, you may answer this question differently; who knows? 

How often do I say no at work?

Assertiveness is a skill which not many people have but is essential for growth and satisfaction at work. Think about past incidents and check how often you actually stand up for yourself and say no.

What can I do to go up the ladder?

If you think that you are slumped or stuck at the same position at work for a long time, there might always be something that you can do to improve your standing. Think about people you can talk to and skill sets that you can learn to go higher up the corporate ladder.

Do I need a side-hustle?

In this day’s economy, side-hustles have become a common thing that everyone is trying to pursue. While they can bring you more money and can also turn into a full-time job, side-hustles can also bring you a lot of stress. Think about if you really need a side-hustle.

Do I like my work environment?

After the pandemic, many companies have resorted to work from home modes or simply made a change in the work environment. Think about your present work environment and see if you truly like it or would like some change in it.

Am I constantly learning?

In any job, learning needs to be a constant. If there is no learning, it can lead to a dull work-life and may also dip your job performance. Think about the last skillset which you learnt at your workplace and how well you are using it in your daily tasks.


In this post, we have listed out the best journal prompts for self-discovery. We have also discussed a few great journal prompts which you can use to improve your relationships and also to grow in your career.

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