Jobs for people who hate people (List)

In this guide, we will discuss “Jobs for people who hate people”, what does it mean to have an introverted personality and a few options to consider.

Jobs for people who hate people

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Surprisingly, there are options for jobs for people who hate people or people who have an introverted or shy type of personality.

Many people actually enjoy engaging with other people, having conversations, interacting, etc., but some others do not.

For the first group of people who enjoy contact with the public, we could actually find them in customer service roles, managerial positions, actors/singers, etc. 

For the second group of people, the lesser the contact with others the better, or they consider themselves as “not a people person”.

Here we could find positions such as software developers, computer system administrators, veterinarians, radiologists, biochemists, marine engineers, astronomers, technical writers, accountants or actuaries.

The ones we have mentioned are under the category of “highest paying careers for introverts”. 

It’s not shameful to recognize that you would rather be working from home or a quiet space where you can be comfortable.

This is especially characteristic of introverts, so don’t worry, you are not alone.

If you are looking for a change of scenery or you are looking for a job recommendation (for a friend, of course), we’ve got you covered!

If you hate being around people and you are an introvert, you may think the worst thing that can happen is you have to deal with “annoying” co-workers and bosses who talk endlessly, are loud or too emotional.

However, you try to keep your cool and avoid telling them how you actually do not enjoy their company and you’d rather be doing something else instead. 

Good news, there are actually specific jobs that require few to no interactions with other people.

These usually involve working with animals, plants, biochemicals, heavy machinery, etc.

Here we will list jobs for introverts that will allow you to be at the quiet place yo so desperately desire.

You can also find jobs that require kindness.

Who is an introvert?

If you hate being around people and enjoy working alone or being on your own more than having team meetings or working in groups, then you may be an introvert.

Introversion is considered a personality trait that is characterized by focusing on internal feelings instead of external resources of stimulation.  

Introverted people just have this type of personality trait, but it is actually not considered good nor bad, just simply a way of seeing and doing things.

It is said that introverts tend to “listen more, are detail-oriented, appear calm, and they think before speaking; such traits are beneficial to an extent for some jobs.”


This type of job is meant for people that enjoy working a good amount of their time alone.

They are information professionals that are usually busy evaluating, organizing, maintaining records and archives up to date.

Archivists also enjoy handling things independently and preserve information according to their value. 


This type of job requires the use of mathematics, statistics, and financial theories.

They analyze the financial costs of risks and uncertainty to help businesses and clients.

It is important to consider that it is required to pass a series of exams to get certified, so your bachelor’s degree alone is not enough.

In addition, you will be required to have a strong background in mathematics, statistics and business-related theories.

Financial analyst

Financial analysts are said to evaluate budgets, businesses, and further financial related tasks and information. “They analyze whether a finance body is stable or profitable adequately for investments. Stocks, bonds, figures, and data are all a finance analyst deals with.”

Subsequently, they are able to advise people and companies on investments.

However, they usually have to interact with customers during check-ups after intervals, still being more into dealing with numbers and figures more than people. 

Street Photographers

This type of job requires people to capture pictures they are passionate and candid about, meaning they can actually work without any interactions with other individuals.

In addition, wildlife photography follows the same principle so it makes it the perfect job for an introvert.

Lab technicians

Usually, they work in a lab in making an effort to contribute to the science and medicine community by analyzing data and doing experimental work.

They usually avoid having to talk with others or being in crowded sceneries, dedicating most of their time to research.

Freelance writer/blogger

There are many writers that tend to focus on a specific topic, but their line of work allows them to work from home rather than an office or having to work with other people.

However, they may be required to interact with editors or others through emails and phone calls avoiding unnecessary any face to face interactions. 

They work independently, like to be self-employed and are characterized by self-discipline and self-motivation. 

Social Media Management or Social media marketing (SMM)

We promise that the keyword here, “social”, it’s actually undercover.

SMM combines business sense, creativity with words and pictures, and the ability to pay attention to an audience and their needs. All the focus as a social media manager goes to the virtual world.

It’s an ideal job for somebody who knows the basics (or a little more) of Social Media channels.

Web developer

When you become a web developer all you have to deal with is codes rather than people.

Web developers write and test code to create computer applications and software programs. 

While most computer programmers hold a bachelor’s degree, an associate degree is a baseline.


If you love numbers more than people, this job could be on your list.

Statisticians use statistical and surveying methods to collect, organize, and analyze data to solve problems.

A bachelor’s degree can be sufficient, but to increase your chances of getting a job, you’ll at least need a master’s degree in statistics, mathematics, or another quantitative field.

Material Engineer

Material engineers are responsible for examining and developing materials that are used to make different products.

The materials are namely, metals, ceramics, plastics, etc. 

The good part here is that a Material Engineer needs to be involved in massive analysis and so need isolated time to focus their attention.

They can work on a computer in factories, offices or labs.

Technical writer

These workers typically write about inanimate objects, which, as you know, don’t talk.

Technical writers prepare instruction manuals, how-to guides, and journal articles to explain complex and technical information.

If you want to be a technical writer it’s important to have experience with a technical subject like computer science, web design, or engineering.

Graphic designer

A graphic designer has to involve in a lot of contemplation for creativity and get innovative ideas alone.

There are some positions that perhaps require teamwork and interaction but mostly this job doesn’t require daily interaction, particularly after discussion on an idea and conclusion, one has to only implement it individually.

As a graphic designer, you can find work in any industry, you can be self-employed and you’ll never get bored. 

Video game artist

A visual artist develops video games which include conceptualization, character modules, design, etc.

This occupation does not need much interaction with people but a sole person can handle the development and creation.

Also, as of last year, the average annual salary for game artists was about $75,000. Isn’t this inspiring?!

Marine and Naval engineer

This is a job for people who hate people but love submarines and ships. Marine and Naval engineers conduct the examination of marine equipment and form technical reports.

This job requires independent research and planning.


A pilot position does not require you to interact much but confidently fly the aircraft.

Your entire attention will be focused on operating the flying gears and tools in the cockpit.

If you love to feel that adrenaline rush and want a job that can take you up in the sky (literally), consider learning for a pilot’s license. 

IT professionals

People who work in this field require a certain level of concentration and have time to be on their own.

For instance, programmers who are coding do not like to be disturbed and prefer to be on their own to concentrate better.

In addition. System administrators, software engineers, data analysts or web developers also need a lot of undisturbed and alone time to concentrate on their work.


Researchers spend most of their time alone, researching, analyzing data, writing, and reading.

From time to time they will be required to socialize their findings but it is not frequent and does not need to be interaction with others while working. 

However, some researchers that are into the marketing area of research may be required to be involved in big-picture thinking, spotting trends and on occasion, public speaking.


Even though you may not like or enjoy having a job where you need to interact with many people.

However, it does not mean you hate all living things like for example animals or plants.

In this case, we can think about how pretty plants can be to look at and especially how they provide such peace and quiet. 

“Horticulturists know everything there is to know about plants—from the scientific name to the exact amount of water and sunlight needed for survival to ways to improve production and resistance to disease.”

Lorry driver

According to Lily Martis from  Monster Staff, “Heavy and tractor-trailer lorry drivers transport goods from one location to another. Driving for hours on end, seeing the country, and listening to the radio—this job can be quite relaxing and offers ample time to be alone with your thoughts and away from the outside world.”


Some people actually prefer the company of animals or caring for them instead of interacting with people then, being a zoologist could be the best option.

However, you may be required to work in an office, laboratory, or outdoors, studying animals in their habitat, or feeding crocodiles and caring for birds in a zoo. 

Having a bachelor’s degree is required but in order for you to advance your career, a master’s degree or even a PhD will be useful. 

Personal Chef

A personal chef is hired by clients to prepare food on a daily basis or when needed, based on their personal preferences. “Only interaction a personal chef has to be involved is to know the client’s preferences and then after customizing the menu, do grocery shopping.”

This type of job allows you to work on your own terms, place, and pace. You won’t be necessarily interacting with other people unless strictly necessary. 


Astronomers are known to deal with the physical universe as a whole.

They do not have to work in teams, just grabbing their telescope, and they are ready to go.

In this line of job, you can spend some alone time studying celestial objects and untangling the mysteries of the universe.

Why is this blog about Jobs for people who hate people important?

Jobs for people who hate people or those with an introverted personality have several options as we have seen.

Most of the jobs we have mentioned require very little contact with other people or having to work in groups/teams. 

This list is not definitive, there are many other job opportunities for people who hate people.

Well, hate might be a strong word in this sentence, but it does feel like that sometimes. 

It’s important for someone to work in an environment that appeals to them, but which at the same time allows them to develop personally and professionally.

Being introverted or having an introverted personality does not translate into being a “bad thing”, it is just a different way of doing things. 

If you’ve enjoyed the ”Jobs for people who hate people” mentioned above, I would recommend you to take a look at ”7 Signs Your Co-workers Are Intimidated By You” too.

Please feel free to leave any comments or thoughts about the content of this article!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Jobs for people who hate people

What is a good job for someone who doesn’t like people?

A good job for someone who doesn’t like people or is an introvert could be:

– Being an auditor

– Statistician.

– Online Support person.

– Software developer.

– Zoologist.

– Actuary.

– Postal delivery person.

– Data entry specialist.

What jobs don’t require communication?

These jobs don’t require communication or their communication is at a minimum:

– Locomotive Engineers.

– Mining roof bolters. 

– Loading Machine Operators.

– Underground Mining.

– Podiatrists.

– Dermatologists.

– Mine Shuttle Car Operators.

– Lorry drivers.

Why do engineers hate their jobs?

Some engineers hate their jobs because they tend to overwork, and they feel burned out faster due to their schedule or amount of hours they put in.

Due to their demanding jobs and the important role, they play in many sectors, their long hours can actually affect their personal lives, their mental health, fitness, and overall health.

In addition, engineering is constantly at a high demand but on many occasions, are hard to come by.  

Are high paying jobs stressful?

It depends on whether you have a high paying job that is very stressful or a high paying job that is made for people who don’t like being stressed, and it seems they are in abundance.

According to business insider, “Plenty of jobs pay more than $60,000 a year on average but have lower stress levels, as defined by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.”

What kind of jobs are best for introverts?

Jobs that are best for introverts include working in the IT business sector, software developer, computer system administrator, veterinarian, radiologist, biochemist, marine engineer, astronomer, accountant, actuary, among others where the contact with other people is minimum to none.  


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