It hurts to live (Why)

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It hurts to live – Understanding the reasons why a person express it hurts to live.

In this guide, we will discuss why a person feels like it hurts to live, the feelings behind and how to work with it.

It hurts to live

Life is full of surprises, which can be good and not so good. There will be situations that we can deal with, but there will be others where we will have to make a greater effort to overcome them. It is not always easy to deal with a negative event, it changes the way we see the world which can be positive and sometimes not.

There are many factors of which we have no control, which is normal, therefore, we do not know how to respond when something happens unexpectedly in our lives. We can only move forward and do our best.

Some situations mark a before and after and make it possible to reach a point where you say it hurts to live. You may have seen yourself in a situation where you simply do not know what to do, where you never imagined that something like this could happen and you begin to experience a series of pain that casts doubt on whether it is worth living if it is worth enduring this suffering.

There will be many situations that will lead us to the point of thinking that it hurts to live. Sometimes we believe that we are not prepared to digest so much pain and it is in the same situation where we realize that we really can, but we do not know how to do it.

Any situation can trigger feelings and thoughts that call into question the decision to continue living. A divorce, a loss of a job, economic debts, any of these can lead a human being to think that it hurts to live.

For some people it can be easy to deal with the situations mentioned above, but for others not so much. It is the capacity with which each person deals with the problems that it does with what he can deal with and with what it cannot. Some people have carried out a divorce process calmly and serenely, but there are others that this situation represents the end of the world and cannot with pain.

Each person has their way of manifesting and expressing pain. You might be a person capable of getting up in the face of any fall, but it does not mean that others are like that and then that is where empathy and compassion come in. Living in this society may seem more difficult every day, where the inclusion of technological means can lead people to compare themselves with others and give them an idea that their life is miserable. And not only this, the situations of the daily life put into play in how the person interprets who it is and what it is capable of.

We all come to think that it hurts to live, but then we understand that it is normal and it happens to us, other people with this type of thinking may be the beginning of something deeper, something that can end in the worst.

There are many reasons why a person can feel or think that it hurts to live and it is important that, rather than identify the situations that trigger these feelings, it is to learn how to deal with them even with the pain so strong it feels.

Reasons why a person feels that it hurts to live

There are many reasons why a person feels that it hurts to live. Any situation can take her to the point of feeling that way. Some of the most common are:

Deal with a loss

The loss of a loved one due to death or separation, losing a job or losing money, can be reasons why a person feels that it hurts to live. Dealing with a loss is not easy for some people. Losing something or someone you want is difficult to handle. When a person knows it won’t be next to the person it wants any more can cause a sadness so big that it makes the person question whether it is worth living life.

There are people who after a divorce do not know how they will live their life without that person they loved. They believe that their life has no meaning after losing the person they once loved. Losing a job also puts into question what the person will do with its life, especially if it is a person in charge of responsibilities that can only be supplied by that job.

An accident

Someone who suffers some type of accident and this leaving consequences in the life of a person can make this person think that it hurts to live. A person who has a car accident and sees that because of this it loses its limbs, it may feel devastated. It feels that it would make no sense to live life. Also experiencing an accident leaves mental sequelae. The person creates a fear of life and tries not to expose itself to situations that have felt that way.

A mental illness

Mental illnesses exert a great influence at the moment is how a person perceives any situation. A person suffering from a disorder such as depression may think that it hurts to live and that it is better not to exist. Mental illness changes can lead to the person perceiving their environment as threatened, stressful and dangerous. 

Someone with high levels of stress and anxiety can feel very distressed if things do not go as planned, a person with post-traumatic stress will find it difficult to live life before the accident in which it was involved.

Also, aspects related to the person’s perception of itself have influence. A person who has low self-esteem and perceives that others see it negatively can create a lot of pain. It is not accepted as it is and understands that its way of life is miserable.

Damages that one person caused to another

A person may feel that it hurts to live when it suffers some kind of damage from another person. A betrayal or deception of any kind can lead to the person suffering, feeling distrustful and not understanding why they experience this type of pain. Some people may also think that they deserve this type of action.

Substance use

Excess alcohol and consuming prohibited substances can lead to the person experiencing a certain type of pain. Substance use is not a cause in itself, but feeling depressed can lead to an exaggerated person consuming any substance that leads them to feel bad.

How to stop the feeling of it hurts to live?

It is difficult to go through situations where the person feels that it hurts to live, the positive is that there are some actions that the person can take to reduce or eliminate this type of thoughts and have a better quality of life.

One of the things that a person can do to not feel that it hurts to live is to learn to recognize that life will be full of good times and not so good. Human beings have no control over many things and this is something we cannot change. When a situation happens that we could not control we should not feel bad because we could not do something. You have to learn to recognize that bad things can happen at any time. It is good to be cautious in life, but at some point, something may happen that was not within our reach and affects us.

Sometimes people believe they are invincible and that nothing will happen to them. It is good to have an attitude of strength and ability, but recognizing our weaknesses. 

When a situation that causes pain such as death or illness comes to our life, it is normal to feel sadness and anger, but accepting that this type of thing happens naturally. The feeling of guilt must be eliminated since there are people who believe they are worthy of the difficult situations they are going through.

Another action that the person can take to change those thoughts about it hurts to live is to seek help. Help can come from friends and family, those with whom you have confidence and feel that they can help you. Sometimes it is good to talk with other people about how we feel since they can give us support.

If the person feels that it hurts to live due to some type of mental illness, it is best to seek professional help. The area professional will help the person to diagnose if these feelings are related to a disorder such as depression and from there start treatment. When mental illnesses are not treated, the person can get worse by taking them to the point of thinking about committing suicide. Statistics reflect the high rate of people worldwide with mental illnesses such as depression, which is a sign that we must continue working on people’s mental well-being.

Taking care of mental health is crucial for a person to be in control of their emotions. Learning to recognize these kinds of feelings and others will help to have a better quality of life. Recognizing that there will be difficult times in life is part of having good mental health.

FAQs about it hurts to live

What happens if a person is not treated for a mental illness such as depression?

When a person is not treated for mental illnesses such as depression, it can only get worse. These diseases are not cured by themselves and a person who is depressed may consider suicide as an option to end the pain it feels.

Is it normal to feel so much pain after the loss of a person?

Yes, it is normal for the person to experience pain since it is a normal part of the duel. If the person does not overcome the duel after a while, it would be a matter of seeking professional help.

How to deal with a person who causes you harm?

If you are next to someone it causes you harm, it is better to walk away. You cannot afford to be with someone who does not treat you well and only adds suffering to your life.

How to help a person who feels a lot of pain from living?

Make it understand that person who is not alone, motivate that person to seek professional help and stay by his side in those moments. It is not easy for a person to live with that feeling, so your support will be crucial.

What can I do if a person I know is suffering but doesn’t want help?

In these cases, you cannot force the person to seek help or help. Let him know that you are available for anything you need and show a lot of compassion and empathy. Sometimes when people feel they are forced to do something they show more resistance to do it.


Many situations can lead us to think that it hurts to live in this world. It is normal to feel this way from time to time but we must not let that feeling take over our lives. Life has wonderful things and every difficult situation must be regarded as a learning situation. Hard times will be present but the support of the people who love you will be crucial to deal with those situations and move forward.

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