ISTP vs INTP (A Comprehensive Guide)

There are many types of personalities with their own unique strengths and personalities. Here, we will discuss ISTP vs INTP. 

Personality has been studied for decades by psychologists and sociologists to develop better understanding about the nature of human beings.

Sixteen personality types were discovered by Katherine Briggs and Isabel Myers and two of those personality types were  ISTP vs INTP. There are many dimensions to these personalities.

We’ll discuss the characteristics of these two personalities. Moreover, how they are similar and different from each other ISTP vs INTP, will also be discussed in detail in the article given below. 

Before we go into details of the comparison of ISTP vs INTP we should first discuss the characteristics of both personalities separately.

Therefore, we’ll discuss characteristics of ISTP first and then characteristics of INTP and then we shall throw light on the comparison of ISTP vs INTP.

ISTP Personality Type:

ISTP vs INTP have different personality styles.

People with ISTP personality types are labelled as geniuses. These people dig into new ideas by conducting trials, troubleshooting, creating, finding errors and first hand experiences. 

ISTP people find pleasure when others show interest in what they are upto and usually do not feel bad about getting those people in their personal spaces.

It is apparent that these people do not disturb and try to sneak into the freedom and principles of ISTP people.

And these people also needed to be kind enough to accept the kindness returned by the ISTP people.

People with ISTP personality type are always helpful to others and share whatever they’ve learnt in their lives.

Especially, with their loved ones about whom they care the most. These people exist rarely in numbers.

They are 5% of the total global population.

Particularly, women of this personality type are so rare and the gender roles generally expected by the society can be a misfit.

These women are mostly found mimicking the men or playing the role of tomboy.

Dare to Differ

These people are often mysterious and their mechanical tendencies can make them smile instantly.

They are reserved bu friendly, relaxed but also instantly inhibited, full of curiosity but find it hard to focus on study, very difficult to predict even by their loved ones and friends.

The ISTP people may appear very friendly and loyal for a time being but they will keep on storing their impulsive energies and it gets explode instantly, which leads their interest a another new direction.

ISTP people are always only searching for how their new interests will work successfully instead of some sort of vision quest. 

The decisions of these ISTP people always come out from the sense of practical pragmatism and being strong with their heart a sense of direct fairness stems from it which is actually helpful in understanding the many puzzling characteristics of their personality.

Rather than adopting precautionary measures, they avoid being troublemakers for others to avoid getting in trouble due to others, ISTP people can go ahead in accepting the likewise vengeance, good or bad as fair play. 

One of the main problems the ISTP people may confront is that they generally act too fast, by taking their permissive nature for granted and supposing that  others are the same.

These people will tell an insensitive joke too fast, will show more involvement in the project of someone else, acting violently and playing around, and there will be a sudden change of plan because they have caught up something else more interesting.

The ISTP people find it hard to predict the emotions but this is just another addition in their impartiality, provided that how hard it is to measure the emotions and motivations of ISTP people.

Nevertheless, it will create troubles for them to see their relationships through their actions instead of exploring it by empathy.

The ISTP people find it very hard to stay within the limits and follow the instructions, giving importance to move freely and crossing the lines sometimes if needed.

The ISTP are always in search of such an environment which is suitable for them and their projects, working with their close friends who are aware of their unpredictability and work style, blending their creativity, their sense of humour, and being actively involved in building practical things and solutions.

All these things will provide them with a long happiness walk and getting praise from other people. 


As mentioned above, ISTP vs INTP have different personality traits and characteristics, The people with INTP personality type are found rarely.

They are 3% out of the total global population which is considered as a favorable thing for these people because these people do not find anything else making them unhappy than being common. 

INTP people are proud of themselves for being creative minded, innovators, unique and intellectuals.

These people are usually dreamy professors, philosophers, architects and logicians who have made many scientific discoveries in the past. 

These people love designs and pointing out inconsistencies among statements which are associated with them as their hobby.

Making a bad choice to lie to them.

People with INTP personality types usually describe their thinking which is underdeveloped by using other people to run things by their theories and ideas opposed to themselves instead of actual conversation partners.

INTP personality

These people may start unending daydreaming and their process of thoughts is unstoppable and their minds are filled with ideas when they get up after sleep.

This habit of thinking constantly without interruption can lead them to be detached and pensive, as these people mostly conduct complete discussions and debate in their minds.

But these people are often calm, composed and have a friendly nature when they get around the people they know or while sharing their ideas.

However profuse diffidence can replace this when INTP personalities found themselves around the people they don’t know.

Friendly jokes can make them offensive if they feel that their theories and logic are under attack by these banters. 

When INTP people get excited their conversations can feel incoherent when they try to comprehend and untie the chains of their logical arguments which paved the way for their fresh ideas. 

The thing which they are afraid of is being failed and it keeps holding them back.

People with INTP personality types are more vulnerable to consider their own theories and thoughts again and again, being worried that they may be missing a critical point in their ideas which they can stop, lost in an untouchable universe in which their ideas are never implicated.

To overcome this doubt is the most challenging task these people are to encounter but with their god gifted abilities when they are successful in overcoming their doubts they make it worth a fight.

Now we will discuss ISTP vs INTP based on their strengths and weaknesses. 

Strengths of ISTP VS INTP

ISTPs VS INTP shares different personality strengths.

Strengths (ISTP VS INTP)
Optimistic and EnergeticThe ISTP people are always ready to start new projects of their own or with others. The ISTPs are good at their natures and are cheerful. People with ISTP personality type don’t often get under stress as they prefer to go with the flow. Creative and PracticalThe ISTP people are generally so creative while doing things practically, mechanically and with crafts. These people are always open to new ideas and they enjoy using their hands into the action. Spontaneous and RationalThe combination of logic and spontaneity, the ISTPs are able to shift their minds to get fit in new situations without any major efforts. It provides them flexibility and versatility.Know How to PrioritizeThey become flexible while being unpredictable as well. But these people can make their qualities natural and release the energies when they need it the most.Great in a CrisisAs these people are spontaneous and creative in nature. There is no surprise in it at all that ISTP people are good at handling crisis situations. The ISTPs are not afraid of taking physical risks and they are always up to the task when there is a need for them to do so.RelaxedBy going through such situations the ISTPs tend to be calm and composed. They enjoy going with the flow and living in the moment and they do not worry about their future.Great Analysts and Abstract ThinkersPeople of INTP personality type see this world as a gigantic, puzzled machine in which every part is interconnected and interrelated. People with INTP personality type are successful in sorting out these relations by looking how irrelevant elements are connected to each other in such a way that mystifies people of other personality types.Imaginative and Original These relationships are a byproduct of untiring efforts of their imaginations. Their ideas may not seem to be realistically possible at once and it may not be able to hold itself for a day or another but the efforts of these people always prove remarkable innovations.Open-MindedINTP personality type people are not able to establish these connections if they ever believed that they are aware of it. These people are highly prone to get alternative theories, so long as their theories are getting support from facts and logic. In more personalised things, such as traditions and social norms, these people tend to see a broader picture and have a libral sense “minding their own business”. Their ideas are actually what matters at the end.

Weaknesses of  ISTPs VS INTP

ISTPs VS INTP shares different personality weaknesses. 

Weakness (ISTP VS INTP)
StubbornAs these people find it too easy to go with the flow they usually will avoid it as a whole and will go in a different direction with sensitivity and a little apology. If a person is willing to bring changes in their way of life, ideas or habit by criticising them, these people can be blunt when irritated. InsensitiveThe ISTPs are logical people even in the situations where they greet other people halfway being empathetic and emotionally sensitive. It does not always seem to go right if anything is even said at all. Private and ReservedThe people with ISTP personality type are famous for being difficult to get to know about. They keep their personal problems to themselves and are introverts in a true sense. They like to be silent rather engaging in small talks.Insensitive People with INTP personality types are mostly involved in their logic that they do not remember any emotional considerations. They will abandon subjectivity thinking it baseless and also tradition which attempts to restrict the progress. Situations which are based on pure emotions will completely confuse them and people can be offended by their lack of timely sympathy. Absent-minded The people with INTP got lost in their interests and they are mostly found absent which goes beyond social matters including the other world. These people tend to forget and miss those obvious things which are related to them and also they can be forgetful about their health, they will skip their meals and even their sleep.Loathe Rules and Guidelines The struggles they do as socially is a result of their wish to detour the rules of social conducts. While this behaviour is helpful for them to strengthen their unconventional creativity. It also  gives rise to their idea of reinventing the wheel again and again and to purposefully avoid security in support of freedom in ways that can compromise both.

In a nutshell,  both ISTP vs INTP are different from each other but share strong personality traits. ISTP is creative and practical whilce INTP is imaginative and original. 

Similarly, both ISTP vs INTP have some weaknesses. As one is reserved and insensitive, while the second is absent minded. 

FAQs about ISTP vs INTP

What is ISTP Personality Type?

People with ISTP personality types are labelled as geniuses.

These people dig into new ideas by conducting trials, troubleshooting, creating, finding errors and first hand experiences.

What are the strengths of ISTP people?

These people are spontaneous, rational , creative, practical, optimistic and energetic.

What are the weaknesses of ISTPs?

These people are easily bored, private, reserved,insensitive and stubborn.

What INTP personality type?

INTP people are proud of themselves for being creative minded, innovators, unique and intellectuals..