ISTP Careers (7+ great options)

This article will explore ISTP careers based on their strengths and weaknesses.

Knowing one’s strengths, a person can make a better choice about the career in which he can succeed.

Thus in this article, ISTP personality type will be discussed, we will first briefly introduce some ISTP careers to avoid and then discuss other ISTP career choices. 

ISTP Careers to Avoid

Here are some ISTP careers to avoid:

  • Urban Planner.
  • Market Researcher.
  • Craft Artist.
  • Journalist.
  • Actor.
  • Reporter.


People with ISTP personality types are labelled as geniuses.

These people dig into new ideas by conducting trials, troubleshooting, creating, finding errors and first hand experiences. 

ISTP people find pleasure when others show interest in what they are upto and usually do not feel bad about getting those people in their personal spaces.

It is apparent that these people do not disturb and try to sneak into the freedom and principles of ISTP people.

And these people also needed to be kind enough to accept the kindness returned by the ISTP people.

People with ISTP personality type are always helpful to others and share whatever they’ve learnt in their lives.

Especially, with their loved ones about whom they care the most. These people exist rarely in numbers. They are 5% of the total global population.

Particularly, women of this personality type are so rare and the gender roles generally expected by the society can be a misfit.

These women are mostly found mimicking the men or playing the role of tomboy.

Strengths of ISTPs

Strengths will constitute a major part indefining ISTP career.

Strengths which are generally considered a part of ISTP personality type people are that:

  • They are capable of adapting to new environments. 
  • These people have soft hearts and positivity. 
  • These people have great passion and curiosity for knowledge. 
  • These people tend to be imaginative, critical thinkers and logical. 
  • These people are naturally confident and relaxed

Weaknesses of ISTPs

In addition to strength, weaknesses will also define the ISTP career choices.

Weaknesses which are generally found in people with ISTP personality types are that:

  • Their logically thinking patterns make them insensitive. 
  • They find it hard to focus on their long term plans. 
  • There are naturally spontaneous which can make them to tak risks. 
  • They find it hard to commit to other people.

The ISTP at Work

ISTP career choices also depend on their personality and preferences at work places.

Thus in addition to knowing the ISTP career list, it is important to know them at their workplace. 

The people with ISTP personality type are motivated by their drive to accomplish their goals using their technical skills.

These people find it joyful to manipulate and get expertise in the tools, whatever they may be, such as saws, hammers or any other tools of modern technology and business. 

These people love to be involved in those tasks which provide them physical results in return and they get the feelings of satisfaction when they have accomplished the task of building something stronger.

These people are good at probing the problems, looking for those careers which make them able to practice their skill set in order to practically solve the problems. 

ISTP careers are mostly those which allow them to be physically involved, also offering some kind of danger or risk and they do not like to sit at desk uselessly.

These people start working immediately instead of spending some time making plans and theorizing things. 

These people tend to like logic, efficiency and flexibility in their work.

The ISTP career choice is mostly based on practical and action-oriented things without getting hindered by procedures, rules and regulations and over burden. 

If you’re INTP personality type, you can look for INTP careers, specific to your personality to avoid problems.

Workplace Habits

The priority of virtuosos’ is mostly a sense of Virtuosos’ is uncertainty and thrill when it comes to the workplace.

This is what makes the ISTPs personality more difficult with relationships even with close family members and friends.

This personality trait of ISTPs can bring frustration for their colleagues at their workplace. All this comes down to digging up and getting to know what makes them like this.

The ISTPs can be very productive people in an organisation when they put their hands in to solve a problem.

Forcing these people to mold into a shaped routine or schedule will not work for them.

If people at their workplaces get to know about their university personality characteristics and gifted talent, it can produce remarkable results. 

Virtuoso (ISTP) workplace habits

Virtuoso Subordinates

Working as a subordinate, what ISTPs desire the most is minor wriggle room.

The ISTPs with an easy going approach and relaxed mind have the potential to stick around with unmatchable loyalty, until or unless their senior ranked people do not force them to show commitment to such things which are not possible for them to be undone next day.

The ISTPs get bored and cramped by the strict guidelines, rules and formal agreements.

If these habits of ISTPs are criticised or they are compelled to change these habits, ISTPs can prove to be stubborn surprisingly. 

Virtuoso Colleagues

The ISTPs are always liked by the people they work with more than they can expect.

The people with ISTP tend to be quite reserved and they are always in search of a personal physical space, but simultaneously they also enjoy looking at other people to get to know if something of their interest is happening.

These people are not emotional or empathetic by nature which is the reason why the can be blunt while communicating which may hurt others or can create misunderstanding.

Virtuoso Managers

The ISTPs as being managers at work place will treat their juniors in the way they wanted to be treated, with minimum conversion and loose ends.

ISTPs do not find it easy to chat or being emotionally expressive and sensitive people may observe them as distant and cold. Backbiting and effusive praising is not part of their nature.

ISTP Career:

Thus ISTP career choices will be as followL

  1. Mechanical Engineer

These people are generally willing to engage in those tasks which involve learning about things’ working and finding out the viable solutions.

Thus, the ISPTs career is likely to be a mechanical engineer which allows them to work independently.

  1. Mathematician

ISTPs are considered good at problem solving naturally. Thus ISTPs career choice to be a mathematician can be a good choice to make.

They tend to be practical, analytical and their eyes cam catch minor details. All these abilities can be extremely beneficial for them to be a mathematician.

  1. Pilot

ISTPs have the capability to control their nerves, remain relaxed and to make quick decisions after careful analysis and directly communicating what they think with other people can be helpful for them to be a pilot.

As they will be working by the sides of the crew and copilot, most of the time they will remain quiet which will give them peace of mind.

  1. Carpenter

ISTPs career choice to be a carpenter can be a good decision as they will be working quite comfortably with their hands involved to produce something practical and physical.

These people are good at finding solutions to the problems as they appear,embracing the situations and applying an empirical solution in the moment.

Being a carpenter will enable these people to have a lot of independence and personal space.

They like to work in a comfortable environment which will allow them to follow their solid plans to complete every task they start.

  1. Mechanic

ISTPs will likely be getting energized by resolving the real world and practical problems by physically fixing something.

These people have an ability to contain much details which is helpful when it comes to learn about how heavy machinery and cars work.

These people get to know the exact differences among different models and they can adapt their thoughts as the situation evolves.

  1. First Responder

The ISTPs have the patience and calmness which is required in critical situations which need logical and quick decisions and actions.

These people can adapt to any environment and situation easily and soak up the details of a situation which requires them to come out with viable, accurate, suitable, sound and practical choices which will save the lives of people in emergency situations.

However, they had to work on the improvement of their communication skills with other people. Thus, they would be able to thrive as first responders.

The ISTP on a Team

People with ISTP personality type have a pragmatic approach, they are task oriented members of the team who  generally focus more on the problem in front rather than the people who are involved.

These people can probe troubles and have the ability to contribute with putting their efforts into the project. They have talent and are straightforward.

These people do not have an intention to attain attention from their teammates and rather they prefer to observe and go straight to where they observe that an opportunity is available to get something done.

ISTPs career in teams can flourish as they have the potential to bring positive and constructive energies into the team and generally like to be on front while taking actions where they feel the requirement to do so.

These people rationally analyse the situation and reach straight to the problematic things and also help other people to know how to advance further.

Nevertheless, the ISTPs do not have enough patience for having discussed the plan, thus they can abandon the much needed discussions and workings with other people.

As a matter of fact, most of the people with ISTP personality types tend only to do what they are required to do instead of spending time getting others informed or even involved.

The ISTP as a Leader

The ISTPs career being at a leadership place make them flexible and they avoid to intervene and anticipate their working to be independent as well.

The ISTPs have a concrete and practical approach and they also like to be the leaders of the teams in projects where they can see the tangible results quickly. 

These people have the ability of crisis management.

They get positive energies from the situation in which an immediate action is required and they will straight away do the job.

These people possess a strong sense of action with a working plan and the way they understand and evaluate the task is more kind of practical than verbal.

They will mostly get it easy to do the job themselves rather than explaining to others which can be enormously challenging for them to attempt to delight.

People with ISTP personality type are naturally good at leading people by setting an example themselves instead of explaining and generally they do their best when leading the team of experienced people and self-sufficient workers.

ISTP Careers to Avoid

It is of immense importance to have understanding of the fact that people with any type of personality can be successful in any career.

But, there are few careers which suit well with the gifted abilities and preferred work style of people with ISTP. 

As other professions need different behaviours and modes of things which are not natural in ISTPs.

Those ISTPs careers which are not suitable to them and require them to operate outside of their personality traits can be frustrating and stressful and will not attract ISTPs who are in pursuit of getting a job. 

There are few occupations, based on data gathered from surveys, which are not popular among ISTP should be the last ISTP career choice.

These occupations are given below:

  1. Craft Artist
  2. Reporter
  3. Journalist
  4. Actor
  5. Urban Planner
  6. Market Researcher
  7. Clergy
  8. Social Worker
  9. Preschool Teacher
  10. Special Education Teacher
  11. Social Service Director
  12. Receptionist
  13. Public Health Nurse
  14. Dentist
  15. Occupational Therapist
  16. Family Physician
  17. Pediatrician
  18. Veterinary Technician

FAQs about ISTP Careers

What is ISTP Personality Type?

People with ISTP personality types are labelled as geniuses.

These people dig into new ideas by conducting trials, troubleshooting, creating, finding errors and first hand experiences.

What are the strengths of ISTPs? 

These people have great passion and curiosity for knowledge. 

These people tend to be imaginative, critical thinkers and logical.

What are the weaknesses of ISTPs? 

There are naturally spontaneous which can make them to tak risks. 

They find it hard to commit to other people. 

What are suitable careers for ISTPs? 

These people can be mathematicians, pilots, mechanical engineers, carpenters and mechanics. 

What kind of careers ISTPs should avoid?

The ISTPs should avoid being a Craft Artist, Reporter, Journalist, Actor and Urban Planner.


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