Famous ISTP anime characters (19+ list)

In this article, we will briefly talk about the ISTP personality type, along with 14 famous ISTP anime characters.

The ISTP personality type

Being an ISTP, the dominant way of focusing is an inner one, towards the inner world, where you analyze things rationally, logically. Secondly, you are oriented towards the outside world, where you judge things through the five senses, in the most concrete way.

ISTP people have a great way of understanding the way things work. They are very good at logical analysis of things and like to use it for practical purposes. They usually have a great capacity for rationalization, although they are not interested in theories or conceptualizations if they do not see at least an applicative, practical part of them. They like to take things in segments, to study the way they work.

ISTPs have an adventurous spirit. They are attracted to motorcycles, surfing, gliders, aeroplanes. They are fearless, adoring to be in the middle of the action. They are very independent, making their own decisions for the next step. I don’t believe in rules and regulations. The great desire for adventure will make them feel bored quickly.

ISTP people are faithful to their beliefs and ideals. They believe that people should be treated equally. Although they do not follow the laws of the “system”, they loyally obey their personal value system. They obey the unwritten laws of mankind and respect those who are loyal to them.

ISTPs like and even need to spend time alone because in such moments they clarify their thoughts. They absorb large amounts of impersonal facts from the outside world, as observers, and they need to be alone to place those things in value judgments, conclusions.

ISTPs are action-oriented people. They like to do all kinds of things, office work not being one of their favourites. Adaptable and spontaneous, they respond immediately to requirements. They usually have special technical skills and can easily become technical leaders. They are practical and, although focused on details, they know how to send the extra ones quickly, making decisions quickly.

ISTPs avoid making judgments based on personal values ​​because they feel that decisions and judgments must be made impartially, based on objective facts. They are not naturally focused on how they make others feel. It is difficult for them to take their own feelings seriously, even trying to ignore them, because they have difficulty distinguishing between emotional reactions and value judgments. 

This is one of the most common ISTP problems.

ISTPs have a lot of skills that make them good at many activities. However, they are happiest when they are focused on activities that require detailed logical analysis related to the technical field. They feel proud of their ability to decide well and correctly the next step.

They are optimistic people, loyal to equals, simple in their desires, generous, receptive especially to people who do not want to limit them in commitments and vows, they love freedom.

ISTP and INFP anime characters share some of the most remarkable differences.

ISTP anime characters – Alucard, from Hellsing Ultimate

Alucard is the most famous vampire and the protagonist of the manga and anime Hellsing. When he was defeated by Van Hellsing, for 100 years he was under the bondage of that family and during that period he was transformed into a powerful weapon that would be used to defeat other vampires and monsters that attack humanity. 

He is the most powerful agent in the Hellsing organization and serves as Sir Integra the last of the Hellsing. As the strongest agent in the organization and a member of the Order of the Royal Protestants, he has a duty to protect England and the Queen from any kind of threat. He has a wealth of skills, is immortal, can regenerate, and is very skilled with weapons. He is seen as a true monster and as the worst enemy anyone can have and many have tried to defeat this powerful vampire.

ISTP anime characters Batou, from Ghost in the Shell

Batou is a former marine with eye implants and an almost complete prosthetic body.

It features straight grey hair that changes from being straight to having a ponytail. Third in command and is in charge of training new team members, sometimes being too hard on them. 

He is a seasoned and special agent, with a long military career and a pointless attitude. Although he looks imposing, Batou is known for his warm heart and sense of humour.

ISTP anime characters  Canaan, from Canaan

Canaan was the only survivor of a war-torn town in the Middle East; after wandering for a short time, she was found and trained by Siam, who adopted her under the name “Canaan.” During her training, she developed a great respect for her mentor. 

As an elite mercenary, Canaan is a highly skilled sniper and expert in close combat, with her favourite weapon being a semi-automatic Beretta Px4 Type G 9mm. Canaan has the ability known as synesthesia that allows you to focus and combine your senses. Use this ability as radar to locate others, hack mechanical systems, and dodge/deflect bullets with ease. However, if you use it too much, your strength will run out and collapse.

ISTP anime characters Daru /Hashida from Steins; Gate

Itaru Hashida (橋 田 至, Hashida Itaru) is an experienced hacker both in software and hardware and is also a fan of things related to otaku culture. Okabe and Mayuri call him by his nickname: Daru. On the internet and in his secret work, on the other hand, he is known as DaSH (“Daru the Super Hacker”). 

He is a member of Laboratory 003, having entered before the events of the series, and 

has a leading role as such in Steins; Gate, Steins; Gate 0 and Robotics; Notes DaSH.

ISTP anime characters Dutch from Black Lagoon

Dutch is the head of the Black Lagoon “trading company”, an African American veteran of the Vietnam War who stayed in Asia, as well as the captain of the company’s main ship which is a Vietnam PT 109 torpedo boat.

Dutch uses a Smith & Wesson Model 29 calibre 44 calibre revolver. A 6-shot double-action magnum, this revolver was made quite popular by the movie Dirty Harry and was used by some marines and SGO commandos during the Vietnam War. The Rémington 870 shotgun was one of Vietnam’s 12/70 calibre 8-shot marines regulatory weapons that was good for close combat against the Viet Cong.

ISTP anime characters Guts from Berserk 1997

Guts (ガ ッ ツ Gattsu?)Known for his epithet “black swordsman” (“kuroi Kenshi”, “black warrior” in English translation), is the protagonist of the manga and anime Berserk. He is a former branded mercenary who travels the world in a constant internal struggle between pursuing his revenge and protecting his loved ones.

He is capable of doing anything for his goal, no matter how may dangers he goes through. In the past, he joined a group of mercenaries known as the Band of the Falcon, decisively assisting in his forays during the Hundred Years War as captain of the assault unit.

ISTP anime characters Izumi Curtis from FMA: Bro

Izumi Curtis (イ ズ ミ ・ カ ー テ ィ ス, Izumi Kātisu) is an alchemy teacher and a skilled martial arts teacher. She lives in the city of Dublith where – along with her husband Sig Curtis – she runs a butcher shop. Although she generally has no students, Izumi accepted Edward and Alphonse Elric as her wards and taught them alchemy in theory and practice for six months.

ISTP anime characters Kirito from SAO

Kazuto Kirigaya (ヶ 谷 和 人, Kirigaya Kazuto), also known as Kirito (キ リ ト Kirito), whose nickname is a contraction of his name written according to the Japanese name that is Kirigaya Kazuto, is the protagonist of the Sword Art Online franchise and an avid MMO player.

During the beginning of the game and during the beta test, Kirito had the appearance of a greater character than he really was. After Kayaba Akihiko’s tutorial, his avatar changed to reflect his actual physical appearance.

ISTP anime characters Levi Ackerman from AoT

Levi Ackerman (リ ヴ ァ イ ・ ア ッ カ ー マ ン Rivai Akkāman), Also referred to as Captain Levi (リ ヴ ァ イ 兵 iva Rivai Heichō), Is the squad captain (兵士 長 Heishichō of “Squadron Special Operations”) of Exploration, and is known as “the strongest soldier in humanity”.

His seriousness and coldness transmit that kind of respect, especially this first factor, being someone with few words and who very rarely expresses his feelings. He knows perfectly well the responsibility that comes with managing a group of soldiers, and that depending on what his orders are, he can lead those soldiers to certain death.

ISTP anime characters Minene Uryuu (Mirai Nikki)

Minene Uryu (雨 流 み ね ね, Uryū Minene) was a terrorist and the ninth owner of a Future Diary. She used to own the Escape Diary.

Minene considers herself a survivor above all, and her Escape Diary reflects her belief. Before winning her Diary, Minene still had a first version of the Escape Diary that is used as a regular diary, and she had to navigate to her own ways of getting out of situations, writing down possible escape routes in the diary.

 Due to her survival instinct, Minene believes that she doesn’t need anyone else in her life to help her, after spending her childhood and adolescence alone without love or guidance. Minene is highly tactical and intelligent as well as cunning and is able to easily deduce and obtain information. In her first appearance, Minene is very intimidating.

ISTP anime characters Mori-senpai from Ouran Host Club

Takashi Morinozuka is commonly known as Mori to his friends and classmates. He is a 3rd-year student at Ouran Academy and the second-oldest member of the Ouran Host Club. As a Host, he is considered the “Wild” type in the manga and the “Strong-Silent” type in the anime. He is rarely seen without his cousin and best friend, Mitsukuni “Honey” Haninozuka, who is often found riding on his shoulders.

ISTP anime characters Shiki Ryougi from Garden of Sinners

Shiki Ryougi (両 儀式, Ryōgi Shiki?) is the main protagonist of Kara no Kyoukai and a user of the Mystic Eyes of Mortal Perception. She works at Garan no Dou, an agency that investigates paranormal cases.

Children born to the Ryougi family are generally boys to whom two distinct personalities are artificially induced, but because Kaname was unable to manifest a second personality of his own and Shiki was successful in demonstrating the trait; she was raised as the head of the family. In this way, Shiki showed the personalities of SHIKI (織,?), A male personality called “yang”, and Shiki (式,?), The female personality of “yin”.

ISTP anime characters Shinya Kogami (Psycho-Pass)

Shinya Kougami (狡 噛 慎 也 Kōgami Shinya) is a 30-year-old man who previously worked as an executor for the Office of Public Safety, in Unit 1. He is one of the three main characters in Season 1 being relieved to a second flat in season 2 although in season 3 it becomes more important.

Kougami is a highly skilled detective, his ability to solve cases makes him a valuable member of the office and for the First Division. Kougami is moved by his animal instinct although he usually keeps a cool head, and he does not let emotions cloud his judgment (he maintains a stoic attitude), no matter what situation he is in. He also has a sense of humour and found it amusing to mock the then-new Inspector, Akane Tsunemori.

ISTP anime characters Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop

Spike Spiegel (スパイク・スピーゲル スパイク Supīgeru) is a former member of the Red Dragon Crime Syndicate, who left by faking his death after falling in love with a woman called Julia.

He then became a bounty hunter and the partner of Jet Black, the captain of the Bebop. Spike and Jet pursued criminals across the populated planets and moons of the solar system. His ship was the Swordfish II.

During his adventures on board the Bebop, Spike is drawn back into a bitter feud with Vicious, a rival from the Syndicate who seeks to kill him.

ISTP Anime Characters Haikyuu!!

The main ISTP Anime characters on Haikyuu!! are as follows:

  • Eita Semi
  • Hyakuzawa Yuudai
  • Iwaizumi Hajime
  • Miya Osamu
  • Sakusa Kiyoomi
  • Suna Rintarou
  • Ukai Keishin
  • Kentarõ Kyõtani 
  • Takahiro Hanamaki

All of these ISTP anime characters on Haikyuu!! have the typical traits of the ISTP personality, they are observant and calculated, and they tend to have a seriousness about them that may sometimes look like an introverted nature and a calm and collected attitude.

Take Takahiro for example, this ISTP anime character from Haikyuu is someone who can be described as calm, collected, observant and perceptive, and he is often able to read the game situation with surprising ease, which may be due to the function of extroverted sensing.

Another ISTP anime character on haikyuu, is Kiyoomi Sakusa, who displays common traits of the ISTP personality as well, and he also appears very calm and collected but he can sometimes display a low self esteem, which may be reminiscent of an unhealthy ISTP personality.

The last ISTP anime character from haikyuu we look at is Rintaro Suna, who may be classified as an ISTP personality type on the basis of traits such as her deadpan and quiet attitude, which is very frequently associated with the ISTP personality, especially ISTP anime characters or ISTP fictional characters.

Other ISTP anime characters from Haikyuu!! are also quiet types, and they may frequently appear to be characters that know exactly what they want but they will go about it very easily and not at all superficially.

ISTP anime characters BNHA

A very accurate ISTP anime character from Boku no Hero Academia is Eraserhead, also known as Aizawa Shota, because he shows ISTP traits such as being introverted but intense, and being observant and sure of his convictions.

Eraserhead has a very simple quirk, “erasure,” but he truly believes that it is not a very powerful quirk at all and this displays his tendency to sell himself short or not talk about himself at all, something with many ISTP individuals can do.

This ISTP anime character from BNHA is strong, analytical and hard-working, but he does not make a huge deal about these things and this is something one might find in their ISTP friends, they go about whatever they want to do in a very solid and specific fashion and they don’t much care for anything when the are engaging in analytical thinking or engaging with their environment.

This ISTP anime character in BNHA is willing and able to adapt to any unknown things that may happen that he may not have prepared for, which is likely due to his extroverted sensing function that makes him very observant and in touch with his environment.

He also has a deep sense of loyalty and likes to do things which allow him to interact with the situations and environments around him.

ISTP Anime Characters Kakegurui

The main ISTP anime character in the anime Kakegurui is Miroslava Honebami, who is a quiet and calculating person with a tendency to observe and think deeply, which many people associate with the ISTP personality.

A cursory glance at Miroslava will convince you of the fact that she is, in fact, an ISTP anime character in the show Kakegurui, because her deadpan and flat expression that gives away nothing is very typical of the quiet and reserved ISTP personality.

Miroslava is very stoic and level-headed, which are qualities often thought of in relation with the ISTP personality, and she tends to take her time with things and make sure she gets them right, rather than rushing them.

She also uses the introverted thinking function of the ISTP personality to carefully ponder her next move, which makes her a very good gambler, and this may also be because she is so well in touch with her environment, thanks to her extroverted sensing function.

Miroslava plans ahead as well, and this ISTP anime character from Kakegurui shows her sentimentality briefly with Yumeko Jabami, because she sees potential in her and at the same time shows that she is very perceptive. 

Like a true ISTP anime character, she is also someone who doesn’t have too many high and mighty ambitions, which may be seen in Kakegurui when she doesn’t possess a great interest in being president herself and states.

ISTP Anime characters AOT

Some perfect ISTP anime characters from AOT (Attack on Titan), are:

  • Levi Ackerman
  • Annie Leonhart
  • Boris Feulner
  • Dennis Aiblinger
  • Eld Gin
  • Mike Zacharius
  • Traute Carven
  • Ymir
  • Zofia

The most commonly typed ISTP anime character on AOT is Levi Ackerman, who has already been discussed above, so we will look at some of the other ISTP anime characters on AOT, for instance, Mike Zacharius.

Mike Zacharius is an ISTP anime character from AOT that shows typical traits like a brave heart and a tactical mind, and he has a fierce sense of loyalty to the Survey Corps which makes him a somewhat adamant vanguard for mankind’s freedom.

He firmly believes that humans can only lose when they stop fighting, and he is a great fighter, which indicates a familiarity with using tools and weapons, much like a typical ISTP.

Another ISTP anime character from AOT is Boris Feulner, who also shows traits being extremely prudent, pragmatic and pessimistic, which are qualities that may be seen in real ISTP people as well.

Another ISTP thing about this character is that he does not particular enjoy picking fun or laughing a lot, which is evident in the AOT scene where he stops Marlo Freudenberg and Hitch Dreyse from giving Annie Leonhart a hard time, and when he refuses to join Hitch in laughing or even smiling at Marlo’s ambition. 

ISTP Anime Characters MHA

My Hero Academia is an anime also known by the name Boku no Hero Academia, and while we discussed one character already, here are some other ISTP anime characters on MHA:

  • Chimera (Chojuro Kon)
  • Dabi
  • Ectoplasm
  • Edgeshot (Shinya Kamihara)
  • Geten
  • Gran Torino (Sorahiko Torino)
  • Hound Dog (Ryo Inui)
  • Iwao Oguro (Knuckle Duster)
  • Kyouka Jirou (Earphone Jack)
  • Moonfish
  • Shota Aizawa (EraserHead)
  • Snipe

Eraerhead is widely known as an ISTP anime character from MHA, but another great example of ISTP on MHA is Ectoplasm, because of traits like Being unrelenting and serious, and he has actually become a very popular hero due to these traits.

This ISTP anime character on MHA is a teacher, and he wants the absolute best from his students and therefore he pushes them plenty, and this is something one might find in many ISTP authority figures like team leaders or group managers.

He likes the idea that his students will shine under pressure and therefore he doesn’t mollycoddle them, or treat them as subpar in any way, which is something that one might see in many ISTP people, as well as ISTP fictional characters as well, like Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation, who is a great ISTP fictional character as well.

Another ISTP anime character from MHA is Ryo Inui, who shows ISTP qualities like being quiet and calm till he is angry or feeling violent, at which point he starts acting out significantly and even then, he speaks in a low growling voice without really making anything too obvious.

The last ISTP anime character from MHA we discuss is Chojuro Kon, who was ostracized for his animal-like appearance and therefore hates society now.

He shows a deep sense of loyalty in how he chooses to serve Nine after being saved by him, and he then hopes to create a new society that would be determined by power.

ISTP Anime Characters HxH

There are many ISTP anime characters on HxH, and they are:

  • Baise
  • Binolt
  • Bloster
  • Feitan Porter
  • Ging Freecss
  • Izunavi
  • Johness the Dissector
  • Koala
  • Machi Komacine
  • Maha Zoldyck
  • Menthuthuyoupi
  • Razor
  • Riehlvelt
  • Silva Zoldyck

One of the very primary ISTP anime characters on HxH is Baise, and she is shown to be a very beautiful woman but one with a sadistic sort of side, which would actually put her quite squarely in the ISTP anime villains category as well.

Another ISTP anime character in Hxh is Ging Freecss, who is typed as ISTP because of his quiet and stubborn tendencies, which are all too frequent in this personality type.

Ging is also typically shy, which is a very ISTP personality type thing, and he sometimes can be so shy and introverted that he only wants Gon to meet him alone and claims that it would be cowardly of Gon to bring a friend to meet him, which also causes one of his friends to wonder if he is afraid of crowds. 

He also seems to respect the significant people in his life, which is evident in how he reacts at the New Hunter Chairman Election to ensure Netero’s will be carried out after he has died, which are also typical ISTP traits.

Ging can also be quite volatile, which many people may not associate with ISTP personality but the truth is that these people can be very unpredictable at times.

His introverted thinking often shows how extremely intelligent he is, which also makes him a great ISTP anime character in HxH.

Even though he has the ability to make flawless plans years in advance, he sometimes acts without knowing why and impulsively, which surprises him too.

ISTP Anime Test

While there is no ISTP anime test, one may go ahead and take the MBTI 16 personalities test to find out which personality type they have, and then they can check out websites like personality database to figure out which anime characters fit that personality type.

This next one is not a link to an ISTP anime test per se, but it tells you which anime you would like based on your personality type, and you can try it out if you are looking to start watching anime.

ISTP Anime Characters Naruto

There are many ISTP anime characters on the show Naruto, probably because this is also a fairly common personality type, and these characters are:

  • Aoba Yamashiro
  • Asuma Sarutobi
  • Darui
  • Dosu Kinuta
  • Fudō
  • Fugai
  • Futami
  • Ganryū
  • Gari
  • Gen’yūmaru
  • Gengo
  • Genma Shiranui
  • Gerotora
  • Gitai
  • Guren
  • Hanzaki
  • Hayama Shirakumo
  • Iwa Kunoichi
  • Jūzō Biwa
  • Kakashi Hatake (Road to Ninja)
  • Kotetsu Hagane
  • Matatabi
  • Pakkun
  • Pakura
  • Samui
  • Shikaku Nara
  • Tazuna
  • Tetten (Road to Ninja)
  • Torune Aburame
  • Zabuza Momochi

One of the most well known ISTP anime characters in Naruto is Hayama who is shown to be a very quiet, calm and collected individual who is typically ISTP in the way he is able to carefully assess situations and formulate strategies around that making him a good leader. 

These abilities of an ISTP anime character as well as ISTP person come from their extroverted sensing and introverted thinking, and in addition, he also has ISTP traits like a great sense of duty and a protective nature.

Another ISTP anime character on Naruto is Kotetsu, who is also very loyal, and is never seen without his partner and best friend Izumo, and he trusts him explicitly in and out of combat. 

He is a good fighter, which is seen in many ISTP individuals who are good with weapons and other tools of the trade, and he can also be quite carefree and irresponsible sometimes.

Another great and famous ISTP anime character on Naruto is Shikaku Nara, who is actually shown to be a bit of an alcoholic, which is something many ISTPs and other personality types with extroverted sensing might suffer from, because they have a tendency to seek external pleasures and external sensation, and in unhealthy individuals it can easily lead to risky behavior and addiction.

He also has somewhat traditional views, like believing that women should be tender and sweet, but, as his son says, his wife had him “whipped”, though he appeared to have a few things hidden away that he did not want her to see.

He also has a very strong resolve and this is seen rather clearly in the fact that even during the most depressing or dangerous of situations, he can maintain great determination and understanding, as shown from how he had repeatedly helped Shikamaru regain his sense of worth.

These ISTP anime characters in Naruto show the best and sometimes also the worst of this personality type, and they can be good character studies for anyone looking to understand the ISTP personality.

FAQ about ISTPs

Are ISTPs rare?

ISTPs are not the rarest type of personality, but they make up to 5% of the general population.

Are ISTPs lazy?

ISTPs are not lazy, but they are often mislabeled and misunderstood. ISTPs are true rebels and rule-breakers.

What is a virtuoso personality?

A Virtuoso personality is an MBTI type of personality – the ISTP. ISTPs are dominated by Introverted, Observant, Thinking, and Prospecting personality traits.


In this article, we talked about the ISTP personality type, and we presented to you 14 famous ISTP anime characters.

ISTPs have an adventurous spirit. They are attracted to motorcycles, surfing, gliders, aeroplanes. They are fearless, adoring to be in the middle of the action. They are very independent, making their own decisions for the next step. I don’t believe in rules and regulations. The great desire for adventure will make them feel bored quickly.

Do you know other ISTP anime characters that are not in our list? Please let us know!








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