ISTJ depression (+How they can cope)

This article will center on explaining how people with an ISTJ personality behave when they are depressed. Aside from that, the article will explain the main reasons that can lead them to depression, and ways they can cope with it.

ISTJ and depression 

A person with an ISTJ will often change their behavior when they are depressed. They will most likely isolate themselves, and it will be hard for their friends to reach them. Spending time with their loved ones won’t be something as exciting for them as it was before.

They tend to be stuck in their negative thought patterns when they are depressed because they usually spend too much time thinking.  This can lead them often to rumination, making it easier for them to be depressed. 

And as a way to focus on something besides their pain, they will, different from other depressed people, direct all of their energy to their work. 

People with an ISTJ personality are often too practical, because of that, they can have trouble understanding their emotions, and even other people’s emotions. They can often think that showing emotions is a sign of weakness, which can make depression a lot harder on them.

They are also people of habits and routine. They enjoy a stable, and peaceful environment. Aside from that, having a sense of familiarity with things will allow them to think and understand your purpose in life. Because of that, change can be harder on them, which can lead them to stress and even depression.

They are people that like to have a sense of order and control. But when things get chaotic, and they feel like they are not able to predict what will happen, they can feel stressed, and this can harm their mental health, leading them to become depressed in some cases.

Aside from that, people with an ISTJ personality can also become emotionally drained when they spend too long in a place that is too emotionally charged. Not having people with whom they have a meaningful and loyal relationship, or that are inconsistent, and undependable can also take a toll on them

ISTJ people need some time on their own, so not having that, can also impact their well-being. They can also be down when they are not getting enough sleep and adequate nutrition. And because they are people that often need stable things, dealing with illogical people can also be something that causes them to feel stressed.

If you are a person with an ISTJ personality, and you are feeling depressed, know that there are some ways you can cope with it. Let’s discuss what they are.

How can I cope with depression when I have an ISTJ personality? 

If you, a person with an ISTJ personality, are feeling depressed, here are some ways you can cope.

Try to keep your routine

When you have an ISTJ personality type, you need some structure, so try to have some sense of structure. Depression can make it harder for you to keep that, but keep in mind that the routine will be something that will calm you. Having a sense of structure is important for people with an ISTJ personality. 

Keep a healthy lifestyle 

Having a healthy lifestyle, in which you eat well, and exercise can also help you cope with depression. Doing something physical, when you are depressed, can be a great way for you to get out of your head and the negative thoughts. 

Recognize your emotions

Commonly, people with an ISTJ personality will have trouble dealing with their emotions. Being something uncontrollable can be hard for you, but fighting them can only make your depression worse. Try to be accepting of how you feel, this may be the first step towards feeling better.

Write down your emotions

If you feel that accepting your emotions may be hard, because you don’t know how you feel, you should try and write it down. There is no need for it to look pretty, or make sense. But writing them down maybe a way to even help you understand them better.

Spend time with your loved ones 

Spending time with your loved ones will also be something that can recharge you. There is no need for big plans, sometimes even just watching something on TV, or letting them help with your chores can give you a sense of support and relief.

Take some time for yourself

People with an ISTJ personality are people that need their personal space. You may enjoy doing some things by yourself, taking the time for that will surely help you feel better. 

You may want to try to do something challenging and engaging such as a puzzle, which will put your brain to work on something other than the negative thoughts.

Look for professional help

Every person that is struggling with depression should look for professional help. If you have an ISTJ personality, it is no different. In having a therapist you will be able to talk about how you have been feeling, and they can help you make some sense of your emotions, which often seem strange to you.

Aside from that, having someone you can trust, and that won’t judge you or think you are weak, can make it easier for you to open up. Therapy will help you gain some sort of control over your feelings, making navigating through depression easier.

Some people, when they are going through depression, may also need a psychiatrist. This form of doctor specializes in mental health. They will be able to prescribe you medication when necessary to manage your depressive symptoms.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): How will an ISTJ person behave when depressed? 

How can I be better being an ISTJ person?

If you are trying to improve, and you are an ISTJ, there are some things you can often work on to make yourself better. The first thing to do is to make yourself softer to people. People may often view you as intimidating, rigid, and unforgiving. Try to be open to other people’s points of view, and maybe connecting to others will be easier.

As you are looking for a partner, be sure to find one that is dependable. Know that you are an extremely loyal person, so you should be with someone that treats you the same way. It may also be important for you to learn how to say no.

You will usually put yourself through a lot, and take on more than you can handle. So if you are trying to improve, a great way to do that is by saying no when it is necessary. 

Know your strengths and try to be in places that will value your personality. For example, you can try to work in management positions, in which you can coordinate things without sounding overbearing.

And finally, you should relax on the expectations you have. Keep in mind that people view things, and will most likely behave differently than you. Wanting people to do things as you would only lead you to frustration.

How does an unhealthy ISTJ act?

When an ISTJ is dealing with things that are difficult for them, and they don’t know how to cope, they may act in negative ways. An ISTJ person, when dealing with hardship, can begin to nag, complain, and feel gloomy. They may also begin to experience symptoms and physical pain such as headache, and nausea.

What are things that make an ISTJ happy?

If you know an ISTJ person, know that some things will ultimately make them happy. The first is having a social group in which they feel accepted. They often need to be around people that will understand them. It can be that friends will tease one another and so on, but they need to feel that the friendship will remain. 

Aside from that, they often need a sense of routine and a stable environment. This will make them feel comfortable and happy. In the same way as doing things, they need to do and get the sense of achievement that will come with it. ISTJ people also need to feel constantly stimulated.

So dealing with a puzzle, or a challenge in their personal life is something that will always make them happy. They will often enjoy focusing on one struggle at a time, in which they can dive deep. 

Helping others is also something that will make an ISTJ happy. They can often stay calm in situations, so they can be a great help when people are in desperate need.

They are also extremely happy when they can take some time to do some self-care. Even the littlest thing can make a difference to them. It can be listening to a podcast they enjoy, but it will surely recharge them.

What are good gift ideas to give an ISTJ?

If you have an ISRJ in your life, and you want to give them a gift, know that there are some gifts that they will commonly appreciate. You can give them some practical things that will make their day-to-day life easier like tools, or cooking supplies. You can also give them money since it will give them the possibility of choosing what they want.

Buying a book can also be appropriate for an ISTJ. They tend to be bookworms, so you can ask them what book they are looking forward to reading, and get them that one. 

Giving them an experience such as a trip will also be a good gift. But be sure to ask what kind of experience they would enjoy since they need things more planned out.

Since they are introverts, giving them things that can help them stay more comfortable when they are inside is always a good choice. And giving them high-quality pens and notebooks will also be appreciated since they like to have nice things to work in.

What do ISTJ people hate?

ISTJ people will hate doing a sloppy job, or dealing with people that do that. Having to think of things that are not practical is also something that can lead to a lot of trouble for people that are ISTJ.

In the same way, ISTJ will hate dealing with things in which there is no clear structure. And also when there is a need to deal with messy emotions. Not having their alone time can also be a problem, as well as breaking rules, and when people don’t keep to their words.


This article showed how people with an ISTJ personality can behave when they are depressed. Aside from that, the article showed the main reasons why people with an ISTJ personality can get depressed, and how they can cope.

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