The best 9 ISFP Anime characters (A review)

The best 9 ISFP Anime characters (A review)

In this blog post, we will talk about the ISFP personality type. We will also describe 1o ISFP anime characters.

The ISFP personality type

ISFPs are gentle, generous people who take their relationship commitment seriously and look for long-term relationships. They are very reserved when it comes to expressing true feelings and opinions towards people. This can also cause them problems in intimate relationships with the partner, especially if he does not know or does not trust the feelings of an ISFP. 

Those who have this habit of not expressing what they feel and what they want may be in life in situations where they feel overshadowed or even treated above others. Very practical and cynical by nature, not expressing feelings can make them even more acidic, reaching either to give up the relationship or to use that relationship only for personal gain. 

However, this is not the case for all those in the ISFP typology, especially if they learn to communicate their feelings and personal needs. In general, ISFPs have a very warm and positive outlook on life and love and will not engage in relationships in which they feel they would benefit. They are loyal and offer support, satisfying their partner, having a great ability to love. 

They do not like conflicts and dissensions, appreciating very much if they are accepted as they are. They need space to live their lives in their own way and will respect the need of others for intimacy and distance.

ISFPs are warm, generous who know how to take care of the other with a lot of depth, with emotional depth, rarely observable from the outside, except for those who know them well. Some people live with intensity, who experience emotions on a very intense level. Unusually among other SP, sensory-perceptual, they want and invest in long-term relationships.

To make people understand different personality traits, anime characters have been used to do this work. For example, this blog discusses ISFP anime characters. There are others as well, like the ISTJ anime characters or the ISTP.

Asahi Azumane – Haikyuu!

The best 9 ISFP Anime characters (A review)

In contrast to his appearance, he is quite calm and gentle and has his difficulties realizing that he is Karasuno’s ace, as he does not initially feel that way. He proves to be weak-willed at first when he leaves the team before the first few years come, feeling that he let down his entire team when they lost to Date Tech High even though they expected him. 

After returning to Karasuno, he realizes that his will to play volleyball is much stronger than he thought and with the help of his teammates, he acknowledges his position as Karasuno’s ace (even though he still mocks Daichi for not having “As-like presence”) and gains self-confidence.

Thorfinn Karlsefni – Vinland Saga

The best 9 ISFP Anime characters (A review)

This is the main character of the Vinland manga. This anime, which is currently being broadcast, is the adaptation of Makoto Yukimura’s manga of the same name.

Vinland Saga is the story of Thorfinn, a young Viking who seeks to avenge his father and his village. But what is interesting about this story lies in the way in which Yukimura, the mangaka, mixes historical characters in his work, who through their adventures, are telling us about various events that took place in Denmark, Iceland and England during the century XI.

Ojiro Mashirao – My Hero Academia

The best 9 ISFP Anime characters (A review)

His alias as a superhero is “Tailman” and his Quirk is called “tail”. This Who is very simple, Ojiro has a very powerful tail that he can handle at will.

He is a kind and easy-going student with a great sense of justice and a lot of hard work. Despite not having a very powerful Quirk, he found out a very effective way to use it by always trying his best. His great sense of justice allowed him to resign in the final of the Sports Festival as he realized that he had been sabotaged and did not want to win by cheating.

Ojito has two types of clothing, the UA class uniform and his superhero costume. This consists of a white karate chemist with a black belt and sandals on his feet. As for physique, he is blond and with dark eyes. Its tail is flesh-coloured and quite long with blonde hair at the end.

Genya Shinazugawa – Demon Slayer

The best 9 ISFP Anime characters (A review)

Genya Shinazugawa is a Demon Hunter. He is also the younger brother of the Shinazugawa Sanemi Wind Pillar.

Genya is a moody individual and refuses any help from others and shows no interest in being polite or having manners, just like his older brother.

This changed later when after fighting Hantengu, a demon from the Upper Moon, along with Tanjiro, Kanroji Mitsuri; The Pillar of Love, and Nezuko Kamado, was no longer as imposing as before.

Genya belonged to a family of nine with a working mother who never slept and a tireless father who occasionally beat her despite her weakness, including the children as well.

Eren Yeager – Attack On Titan

The best 9 ISFP Anime characters (A review)

Eren hails from the Shiganshina District, a city located outside the Wall Maria. Together with his stepsister Mikasa and his best friend Armin, they decide to join the military.

Eren is a very stubborn and repulsive person, he cares a lot for his companions and continually risks his life to save them. At an early age, he displayed violent behaviour to save Mikasa. Now that violence and anger that he has been directed towards the titans. He was the first to teach the importance of having great willpower and self-improvement to achieve your goals.

Haruka Nanase – Free! 

The best 9 ISFP Anime characters (A review)

Haruka is the protagonist of the anime Free! and the High-Speed light novel! He is practically a freestyle swimmer and vice-captain of the Iwatobi High School swimming club, is a third-year high school student, considered the most outstanding character and one of the most beautiful boys in the group, with a cool personality, making it more attractive to the public. 

A little communicative young man, always opting for silence, a fact is seen when he was still a child, preferring to be alone, practising swimming. Even if he doesn’t show it, he loves being with his friends and, above all, swimming with them. Free! It’s an incredible anime, its plot is well elaborated and, besides, the characters are very charismatic, captivating and beautiful. The soundtrack is very addictive and lively, the animation is simply amazing.

Ryuko Matoi – Kill La Kill

The best 9 ISFP Anime characters (A review)

Ryuko Matoi is the main protagonist of Kill la Kill, she is the daughter of Isshin Matoi and sister of Satsuki.

Although she may not seem like it from her clothes, Ryuko is a somewhat embarrassing girl. She is also calm and cheerful, she smiles easily, but gets angry even more easily, since she is very temperamental.

After meeting Senketsu, we will always see her dressed in him, a black and red sailor uniform. Before, she wore a long-sleeved sweatshirt in the same colours and unbuttoned sneakers.

In some chapters, we can also see her with a red tracksuit, or simply a sheet and driving a motorcycle.

Simon – Gurren Lagann

The best 9 ISFP Anime characters (A review)

Simon is the protagonist of the anime TTGL, although at first, he does not usually show it since his brother Kamina usually monopolizes his protagonism. Simon is a 14-year-old boy who is shy, insecure, lonely, cowardly, in short very negative characteristics, who works like everyone else digging to further expand the town of Jeeha, being from there. 

Simon’s parents have died in an earthquake collapse when he was only 7 years old and he is usually rejected by most of the inhabitants of the Jeeha village, except for Kamina who considers him as his brother and proposes that they together two rise above the surface and reach the sky.

One day Simon is digging as usual and comes across a giant face, and later they discover that this giant face is a robot that they are considered to be Ganmen, which they decide to call “Lagann” and thus later undertake an adventure with him.

Tatsumi – Akame Ga Kill!

The best 9 ISFP Anime characters (A review)

Tatsumi goes out in search of the salvation of his people, taking a trip with Ieyasu and Sayo, the two very friends of Tatsumi. Her dream is to reach the capital and be well known in the imperial army, thus being able to lift her people out of poverty. 

While advancing on their journey they had problems on the way and they separated, Tatsumi arrives in the capital and goes in search of his friends, while he continued to admire the capital he met Leone, she told him that she would give him the information in exchange for He will buy her a drink. 

Tatsumi told him that he wanted to get directly to captain or some very high position and she told him that money and connections were the most important thing, Leone told him that he knew people with connections but he needed their money to be able to do it, Tatsumi gave it to her and she left telling him that she will wait for her here, and her last words were “This situation will help you a lot”.

Sasuke Uchiha – Naruto Shippuden

The best 9 ISFP Anime characters (A review)

Sasuke Uchiha (う ち は サ ス ケ, Uchiha Sasuke) is the deuteragonist of the series. He is one of the few survivors of the Uchiha Clan, Itachi Uchiha’s younger brother, as well as the current reincarnation of Indra Ōtsutsuki.

Despite creating relationships with members of Team Kakashi, Sasuke decided to desert the village in search of the power necessary to avenge his clan and assassinate Itachi. After discovering the truth about his brother, he founded Taka, was a temporary ally of Akatsuki, and became a well-known international S-rank criminal. 

After talking with Hashirama Senju, he decided to follow his brother’s dream, collaborate with the Great Shinobi Alliance and set himself a goal to carry out a Revolution in the Shinobi World. 

He would eventually end up giving in to Naruto’s mindset and becoming an official ally and inhabitant of Konohagakure. At the end of the Fourth Shinobi World War, Sasuke was forgiven for his crimes as he helped undo the Infinite Tsukuyomi, later he became Sakura Haruno’s husband and Sarada Uchiha’s father.


In this blog post, we talked about the ISFP personality type. We also described 1o ISFP anime characters.

ISFPs like to make others happy. This is typical for those with emotional preferences as a personality. This characteristic along with not expressing personal needs makes others take advantage of their kindness. If this happens, ISFPs can become harsh and cynical. They can come to think of themselves as victims and raise all sorts of barriers that separate them from those who hurt them.

Do you agree with our list? If you have any suggestions of what other ISFP anime characters we should write about, please let us know!


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