ISFP and depression (+How they cope)

This article will discuss how people with an ISFP personality type will behave when they are depressed. Aside from that, the article will show what can lead them to become depressed, and ways they can cope with depression.

ISFP and depression 

Depression can change how any person will behave, and it is no different with someone that has an ISFP personality. When they are depressed, they can feel extremely unhappy and shut themselves off from other people. 

Depression will lead them to frequently wallow in their negative emotions, which can contribute to them feeling bad. Because of that, people with an ISFP personality tend to go towards negative coping mechanisms such as cutting or even joining in risky behaviors.

Due to how shut off they are, they can have trouble putting their thoughts into action. And the obsessive thinking often puts them in a spiral of abstract ideas about what their life should be like, and their future, which can make them feel even more hopeless.

As a way to deal with the negative emotions, they can throw themselves into a project, and focus solely on it. People with an ISFP personality tend to have strong values and will stand by them. But this is something that can easily lead them to conflict, and they can feel extremely drained when they feel like they are being challenged. 

Feeling like someone is pushing them to something different from what they believe in can lead them to depression. The same can happen when they feel they are in a job, or a relationship that doesn’t align with their values. 

Aside from that, feeling controlled, or that people are putting too many rules on you can also make you feel drained. The lack of new things is something that will harm your life, that is why being in a job in which you are stuck in a mundane routine seems impossible to you.

The same is said about working on strict deadlines or being in controlling relationships. Not having people around you that you can trust and build deep friendships with can make you feel empty. 

In the same way as not getting enough alone time. Let’s not forget that even though you like new things, you are still an introvert that needs time by yourself to recharge.

You can find it hard to deal with people that don’t have a realistic perspective on things. And you can feel stressed, and possibly depressed when you feel like you can’t do a task someone gave to you.

If you have an ISFP personality and are going through depression, know there are some ways you can cope with it. Let’s learn what they are.

How can I cope with depression if I have an ISFP personality? 

If you are going through depression, and you have an ISFP personality, here is how you can cope.

Take time for yourself 

Even though you may be a caring person, that gets well easily with others once you know them well, you need your time alone to recharge. Allowing yourself some time to retreat and focus on your well-being can help you cope with depression.

Be around people that have a positive influence on you  

People with an ISFP personality tend to capture the energy of the place they are in, and even though you are a caring person, being around people can drain you. 

Especially when they are negative people. So if you are feeling depressed, you should try to avoid being close to those types of people. Be around people that bring you positive energy, they will make you feel better.

Be open to new things 

As a person with an ISFP personality, you thrive on new things. Opening yourself up to a new challenge, or to something you can put your creativity into can help change the way you see the world and yourself. 

Try to change your mindset

When depressed, a person with an ISFP personality will often gravitate towards negative thoughts and feelings. Try to change the view you have on those. You may do that by talking to others, exercising, or even writing your thoughts down. Anything that will help you move past, even if momentarily, the negative thoughts will help.

Follow your passion

People with an ISFP personality are often passionate about things, that is one of the reasons why they are known as The Artists. To cope with depression, it may be important that you are open to following your passion. This will surely give you more energy, and a sense of fulfillment that will make you feel better.

Look for professional help

Like any person with depression, a person with an ISFP personality should look for professional help when feeling depressed. Through therapy, you will be able to understand your emotions better and learn how to cope with them more positively so it doesn’t lead you to risky situations.

Therapy will help you learn how to navigate depression, and develop the best strategies. Aside from that, some people with depression may need to take medication. That will be the case if their symptoms are too intense. And at that moment, they should look for a psychiatrist, a doctor that specializes in mental health.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): How can depression affect someone with an ISFP personality? 

What are the main good traits of an ISFP?

When a person has an ISFP personality they will often have some very good traits. They can often be extremely accepting of others, and will not judge anyone. Because of that, they will often have social connections in the most different places. They have their strong beliefs, but they will never push them on others.

They are also commonly charming people. They will manifest to people that they are confident, and warm, even if inside they don’t feel that way. People with an ISFP personality are often extremely engaging and entertaining.

They are also free-spirited and like to live in the moment. ISFP people are always open to living an adventure or trying something new. They are always looking for ways to grow as human beings, and want to reach their full potential.

An ISFP person will also be an extremely sensitive person. That is because they are passionate about things, which can make them feel good, and bad, too intensely. They will be unable to walk away from a situation without being affected by it.

And because they are intense people, they will have no time for people that are not willing to show their real selves. People that are looking for superficial relationships will most likely be avoided by people with an ISFP personality. They want people around them that will open themselves up in the same way they will.

How will an ISFP handle stress?

When an ISFP is faced with a stressful situation they will most likely act passive-aggressive, restless, and defiant. If the stressful situation goes on for a longer period, they can begin to act in a more self-destructive manner. 

When facing a situation of chronic stress, they will begin to act very differently than they normally are. They can begin to be overly critical, obsess about mistakes, and how others are doing things, which they can begin to assume are not competent enough. 

When feeling like that, they may try to fix everything wrong, but that can often make the situation even worse.

What will make an ISFP feel drained?

They will most likely feel drained when they need to be close to a large group of people. Although they enjoy being close to people they love, being with a group of people that whom they don’t feel connected can be draining to them. And afterward, they will often need time to recharge. 

An ISFP person will also feel drained if they feel they have been locked in the same space for too long. They usually need to explore new things and live adventures so they can be happy and fulfilled. 

Aside from that, people with an ISFP personality can feel drained when they are close to cruel people. Being close to aggressive and insensitive people can be draining to them, because they are often people that need a positive environment, with compliments to thrive.

Are ISFP people tuned with tradition?

No, although people often think that personalities that contain sensing are more traditional, for the ISFP person that is not true. They are people that will often think outside the box, and because they are independent, they tend to think outside the box and do things in their particular way.

How can I be in a good relationship being an ISFP?

If you are in a romantic relationship, and you are an ISFP, know that there are some things you can do to make your relationship great. The first one is working on your communication skills. Telling your ISFP partner how you are feeling. Even if you have more closed-off moments, let your partner know what is happening.

You are usually very practical, but keep in mind that in a romantic relationship things will often work differently. It is difficult to deal with love practically, so be open to saying what you need out of the relationship in a caring way, and not as if you are criticizing your partner.

You also know alone time is important to you. So communicating with your partner when you need to get some space will help them understand you, and not feel left out by your need for space.

How can I be in a relationship with an ISFP?

If you are in a romantic relationship with an ISFP, you can make the relationship great by giving them space. Understand they often need some alone time, and it has nothing to do with not loving you. You should also keep in mind that they usually like things to be more practical, so don’t try to dig too deep in conversations.

A great way to bond with your ISFP partner is by doing fun things with them. More than having long conversations, they treasure doing exciting things with their loved ones. Aside from that, being a good partner to an ISFP means you should encourage them to share their feelings since they are often too intense.


This article showed how people with an ISFP personality can behave when they are depressed. Aside from that, it explained why they can become depressed, and ways they can cope with depression.

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