The best ISFJ anime characters (19+ list)

In this blog post, we will talk about famous ISFJ anime characters, right after we give you a brief introduction on how the ISFJ personality type is.

List of ISFJ Anime Characters 

Here is a brief list of some amazing ISFJ anime characters:

  • Alphonse Elric
  • Isaac Netero
  • Sakura Haruno
  • Andrew Gilbert Mills
  • Sakonji Urokodaki
  • Bakura Ryou
  • Tamaki Amajiki
  • Luca (Berserk)
  • Miroku (Inuyasha)
  • Father Orsi

The ISFJ personality type

ISFJs are people-oriented towards building a family and a career. Their strong sense of duty, the tendency to work hard and the ability to quickly find the right solution in a given situation are their strengths.

With a dominant function that quickly understands the qualities inherent in the external world and a secondary function that weighs such perceptions of their value in the world, ISFJ has a great talent for discovering compatible and relevant aesthetic and essential qualities in a real-world situation.

ISFJ attaches great importance to its interpersonal relationships. They are generally very generous and loving people who prioritize the needs of others over personal desires. They have a problem that often becomes too emotional and hardly hides true feelings from others. 

ISFJs take relational commitment seriously and look for long-term relationships. ISFJ are reliable people who know how to act tactfully. They sometimes have difficulty saying “No” when asked to do something and therefore feel that they are taking advantage of it.

ISFJ – Strengths

  • Warm, friendly, positive by nature
  • They  want to thank those around me
  • Good listeners
  • They invest a lot of effort in fulfilling their obligations and debts
  • They have very good organizational skills
  • They are good at taking care of everyday, practical needs
  • They know how to save money
  • They take relational commitment seriously, looking for long-term relationships.

ISFJ – Weaknesses

  • Do not pay enough attention to personal needs
  • They may have difficulty integrating into new places
  • They do not like conflict and criticism in any way
  • Because they do not express their needs, they can accumulate inner frustrations
  • They have trouble leaving a relationship that doesn’t work
  • They have difficulty continuing their normal life after a breakup.

Alphonse Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Alphonse Elric (Arufonsu Erurikku) or simply Al (Aru). He is a character in the anime and manga Fullmetal Alchemist. In one of the two protagonists, along with his older brother Edward Elric. The story centres on the trips that both make seeking to recover their bodies. 

Some years before, they tried to resuscitate their mother with human alchemy, but this led to them paying a high price: in Alphonse’s case, his entire body. Ed, who had lost only one leg, tied his younger brother’s soul to armour, at the cost of his right arm. After Ed’s recovery, they set out to find a way to recover their original bodies, this being the axis of the story.

Isaac Netero (Hunter X Hunter)

Isaac Netero appears to be a helpless old man, but he is surprisingly fit and muscular for his age. As for his physical appearance, he sports a ponytail, a thick beard and in his extended lobes, he has two piercings in each one.

In the arch of the chimaera ants, he wears a shirt, which he says is good luck, this shirt has the Japanese kanji for the word “heart/mind”/ 

Sakura Haruno (Naruto)

Sakura is a Konoha medical ninja, also one of the great kage level kunoichis, she could even go so far as to surpass Tsunade-Sama, who taught her, currently, she is married to Sasuke Uchiha and has a daughter named Sarada is part of team 7. 

Sakura has a kind, friendly and kind personality, but at the same time an angry and bloody Personality, besides that she is very strong, at the beginning of the series she was a girl who easily fell ill, due to her attitude and personality, that’s why many fans hated her.

Andrew Gilbert Mills (Sword Art Online)

He is one of the 10,000 players who were trapped within Sword Art Online. In the real world, his names are Andrew Gilbert Mills and he is the owner of Café Dicey. 

Agil is a man who is tall and stocky with a brown complexion and brown eyes. He is bald with a well-trimmed beard. In SAO he wears green and grey armour. In ALO he wears a similar outfit but linked to the Gnome race.

Agil appears for the first time attending Diavel’s board when Kibaou says that the Beta Testers must apologize for not helping the other players, Agil comes to his defence saying that they distributed a guide on “SAO” for free.

Sakonji Urokodaki (Demon Slayer)

Sakonji Urokodaki is a minor character that appears in the anime Kimetsu no Yaiba.

He is a Swordsman Cultivator in the Demon Slayer Corps in order to instruct them to make the Final Selection and thus become Demon Slayer. He usually wears a Tengu mask. He has been a Cultivator of many apprentices, including Tanjiro Kamado. Urokodaki uses the “Breath of Water Style”, which is why Tanjiro knows how to use this style. His disciples are characterized by wearing Fox masks.

Bakura Ryou (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

Ryo Bakura is a character from the Yu-Gi-Oh manga and anime. In the 4kids Entertainment version, his name is the same as the original Japanese version, but the characters only call him by his last name, Bakura. In some media, his name is Romanized “Ryou”.

Yami Bakura is his other self, which appears thanks to the power of the millennium ring. The two rarely speak directly, and the few times they do, Ryo Bakura always tries to resist his counterpart’s intentions to use it. 

Unlike the relationship between Yugi Muto and Yami Yugi, Yami Bakura is an evil entity that keeps his mind and thoughts separate from those of his host, even though he and Ryo Bakura share the same body, and this other one suppresses completely his soul when he takes control.

Tamaki Amajiki / Suneater (My Hero Academia)

Tamaki Amajiki is one of the so many characters from the Manga / Anime Boku No Hero Academia, his role is that of a student at the UA academy, whose main objective is to form heroes, in this same Amajiki academy he is part of a group called “Los Big Three “formed by the three of the best UA students, among them this Tamako Amajiki together with Mirio Togata and Nejire Hado.

Tamaki transferred to a new school during the spring, on his first day he could not give his self-introduction, Tamaki was not able to get into any group since he did not have the courage to do so. Due to considering himself a boring person, he was unable to make any friends. Suddenly Mirio Togata approached him after discovering that Tamaki liked heroes, it was the beginning of the friendship between Tamaki and Mirio.

Luca (Berserk)

Luca is a heavy and altruistic person who has found herself forced to sell herself to survive. She acts as a mother figure with her protected ones. Luca was also the protector of Caska. When Luca was affected by those who were protected, she was willing to sacrifice her life to give them a chance of survival. In less gloomy situations, Luca tends to show her happiest side.

Miroku (Inuyasha)

Miroku is one of the main characters in the anime and manga Inuyasha, belonging to Rumiko Takahashi.

He is a Buddhist monk who is dedicated to exorcising demons. His family was cursed by the demon Naraku, in the form of a black hole in his right hand capable of absorbing anything.

His mission is to find Naraku to assassinate him and thus break the curse that will lead to death. During his journey, he meets Inuyasha, Kagome and Shippo and joins his group.

Father Orsi (Black Clover)

Orsi is shown to treat the orphans as his children. He is a good, honest and hardworking man, who tries to instil morality and virtues into the children he is responsible for. 

He is shown to be very proud of Asta and Yuno for their quick rise in the ranks of the Magic Knights, as well as being overjoyed in their generosity for sending most of their monthly waes to the village church, allowing them to properly repair the old building and finally buy enough food for everyone to eat filling meals every day. 

He openly says if Asta or Yuno ever wishes to return to Hage, the church will always be their home.

Haji (Blood+)

Co-star of the Blood + series alongside Saya Otonashi. He appears from Chapter 1 as a mysterious cellist who finds Saya playing on the street. His story, like that of the other characters, is discovered throughout the series.

Due to his hard past, he is impassive in the face of adversity, patient, mysterious and enigmatic. Detailed, protective and elegant. He may seem introverted, but he is always there when he is needed with the right phrase or gesture.

His personality changes throughout his life: initially introverted, during his years at the zoo against his will, later happy for his friendship with Saya, to end up being an enigmatic character when he lost his memory.

Hubb (Wolf’s Rain)

Detective police, the ex-husband of Cher. He is still very much in love with her and seeks to protect her. At first, he does not believe in wolves, but after an encounter with Quent and the disappearance of Cher, he begins to see everything clearly. 

He has short light brown hair pulling for blonde and green eyes. He is 35 years old. In some chapters, you can see that he has a beard and a bit longer hair. He wears a purple shirt although there are scenes from the anime that look blue and he wears a lilac jacket, in addition to a hat with a black stripe.

Misaki Takahashi (Junjou Romantica)

He is shy and attentive to everything, although a little dense, and has a childish character, thanks to this behaviour it is said that the character is the Uke of the relationship, he does not like to inconvenience anyone, he is predictable, friendly and adorable. 

He has a trauma for the death of his relatives, more specifically his parents, and he blames himself for it. Misaki is not gay (Yes of course 7v7) he is only in love with Usagi and apparently he would not leave him even for a woman, because he really loves him too much. He usually gets into various problems (Too many I would say) because of his innocence.

Nagisa (Clannad)

Nagisa Furukawa is the female lead in the Clannad anime. Her personality (most of the time) is shy, quiet and somewhat persistent when required.

Nagisa is a girl of normal height shooting short. She has brown eyes and short brown hair, with two very thin, long locks that look like “antennae.”

Regu (Made in Abyss)

Reg is a child-like robot that suffers from a severe case of amnesia and is found by Riko on the edge of the abyss, being later taken by her to the Belchero Orphanage.

Hailing from the depths of the Abyss, Reg is completely immune to the curse of the deep. They usually classify it as a rarity of the abyss or an Aubade.

ISFJ anime characters Rem (Re: Zero

Rem is a very quiet young woman, there were a few times when she stood out at the beginning of the work. Besides her sister, who appears to have a family personality, she is very calm, always engaged in doing the activities of the Roswaal mansion and helping her masters. 

In the beginning, the character appeared very suspicious about the new guest of the house, however much he at first appeared to have won the trust, both his and Ram’s. 

ISFJ Anime Characters Haikyuu!!

Given below are some of the best ISFJ anime characters from Haikyuu!!:

  • Hayato Yamagata
  • Ikejiri Hayato
  • Kai Nobuyuki
  • Mika Yamaka
  • Moniwa Kaname
  • Narita Kazuhito
  • Ohira Reon
  • Yachi Hitoka

Out of these, Kiyoko Shimizu is one of the best ISFJ anime characters from the show Haikyuu due to traits like always being there to make sure the whole team excel to greatness and constantly rooting for them and supporting them in any way she can.

This ISFJ anime character from Haikyuu also goes to any extent to help those around her,, even if that means staying late at school to help them practice. 

Like a true ISFJ she does not display too many emotions often, but at the same time she cares so deeply for the team and their success, which is evidence of the fact that she is super warm-hearted and her encouragement helps all the boys feel like they can reach their goals.

She is well known for her aloof and straightforward personality, much like many ISFJ individuals might be, and though she can be serious and passionate about her position as the volleyball club’s team manager she cares a lot.

ISFJ Anime Characters BNHA

Here are some of the best ISFJ anime characters from BNHA, or Boku No Hero Academia:

  • Bubble Girl (Kaoruko Awata)
  • Cementoss (Ken Ishiyama)
  • Fuyumi Todoroki
  • Inko Midoriya
  • Komari Ikoma
  • Mandalay (Shino Sosaki)
  • Manga Fukidashi (Comicman)
  • Manual (Masaki Mizushima)
  • Masaru Bakugo
  • Mezo Shoji (Tentacole)
  • Momo Yaoyorozu (Creati)
  • Nagamasa Mora (Chewyee)
  • Naomasa Tsukauchi
  • Nirengeki Shoda (Mines)
  • Ryukyu (Ryuko Tatsuma)

Mandalay is one of the best examples of an ISFJ anime character from BNHA, and her personality contrasts with her partner, Pixie-Bob’s, which is evident in how while Pixie-Bob is often loud and energetic, Mandalay remains calm and gentle. 

She is also quite eccentric and demanding but like a true ISFJ she never fails to show great concern for others including her nephew Kota, as well as the students from U.A. High. 

While she is genuinely caring, Mandalay is not above poking fun at others’ expense, which may be a quality many ISFJ anime characters might possess, as well as many ISFJ people. 

Like many other ISFJ anime characters, this BNHA character has a frightening appearance, that hides a very friendly and gentle personality and she is someone who will work nicely with anyone. 

Tamaki Amajiki is another ISFJ anime character from Boku no Hero Academia, or BNHA.

This ISFJ anime character from BNHA is socially awkward which may not be seen in a lot of ISFJ people due to them having a good understanding of human behavior and while he can also be extremely shy and aloof, at the same time, he can show outstanding flashes of bravery and cares for his friends and loved ones a lot.

However, he has great potential for growth and this is seen during the course of the show, as he becomes better with time and learns from those who teach him.

ISFJ Anime Characters Kakegurui

There are few ISFJ anime characters on Kakegurui, which are:

  • Ryota Suzui
  • Mikura Sado
  • Nanami Tsubomi

Out of these, Ryota Suzui is often types as an ISFJ anime character from Kakegurui due to typical ISFJ traits like being a kind and friendly person, but at the same time being introverted and not necessarily outspoken.

However, at the same time, he is not reserved either and is rarely shown to be timid per se, which is true of many ISFJs, because the word Introverted in ISFJ does not necessarily mean someone who does not talk a lot as such.

This ISFJ anime character from Kakegurui also has trouble showing confidence but after meeting and befriending Yumeko Jabami, his self-confidence slowly grows and even despite his reluctant personality, he tends to be very level-headed and rarely holds grudges against other people. 

Like a true ISFJ anime character that is devoted to their loved ones or friends, Ryota also cares a lot about Yumeko and worries something might happen to her due to her risk-taking nature.

ISFJ Anime Characters AOT

Some of the best ISFJ anime characters from AOT, or Attack on Titan, are as follows:

  • Bertholdt Hoover
  • Carsten
  • Dina Fritz
  • Franz Kefka
  • Hannah Diamant
  • Historia Reiss
  • Lisa Blouse
  • Mikasa’s mother
  • Mina Carolina
  • Moblit Berner
  • Mr. Yeager
  • Thomas Wagner
  • Ymir Fritz “The Founder”

One of the best ISFJ anime characters on AOT is Hannah, who tends to be a bright and cheerful girl, who is shown as happily agreeing with Franz Kefka that hopefully the Titans would not return, showing the typically sunny faith of this defender ISFJ personality.

They are also emotional people though, which is seen in how this ISFJ anime character from AOT is very shaken when Trost District fell as she accepted comfort from Franz and she is seen as becoming very frantic and delusional when Franz died, and even constantly attempted to resuscitate him with CPR despite him being torn in half.

Much like ISFJ personality, Hannah has a very strong loyal side to her, seen in how loyal a follower of the Eldian Restorationists she is, and even though she generally has a soft expression, she can often be plagued with worry too, which shows on her face.

Another great ISFJ anime character on AOT is Dina Fritz, who initially seemed to love Grisha Yeager unconditionally, and though she truly and really appeared to be elated at the time they were married, and even when the Restorationists were banished and turned into Pure Titans, she promised Grisha that she would find him again no matter what happened to her. 

She is truly an emotional and sentimental ISFJ anime character from AOT, which is very much in line with ISFJ people in the world too.

ISFJ Anime Characters MHA

One of the best ISFJ anime characters on MHA is Asui , who, through her many ISFJ traits like being likeable and lovely, has found a way into the hearts of many fans, and this may be because she is very sweet and nice.

This ISFJ anime character from MHA, or My hero Academia, is kind, dependable, and great in a crisis, which may often be traits found in an ISFJ personality, leading to them being called defenders.

Like a true ISFJ anime character, this MHA girl also has a very strong sense of right and wrong, for example, when Izuku and the gang are all off breaking the rules in hopes of saving Bakugou, Asui is left in the dorms, and not because she doesn’t want to help rescue Bakugou, but because for Asui, the line between good and bad isn’t something that can be shifted. 

She takes her place in the Academy very seriously, and her true ISFJ sense reminds her that the ideals they stand for must be upheld no matter what, which might be seen very often in these personalities even in real life.

Like any true ISFJ anime character who minds being put in positions where she cannot break the rules but needs to, she also struggles greatly with the actions of Izuku and the gang before finally confronting them about what they’ve done. 

Another typical ISFJ thing about this MHA anime character is that she tends to repress emotions that are too difficult to deal with, which is often a character flaw of many ISFJ individuals.

ISFJ Anime Characters HxH

Below is a list of some great ISFJ anime characters from HxH:

  • Beans
  • Canary
  • Goreinu
  • Ikalgo
  • Mito Freecss
  • Oito Hui Guo Rou
  • Reina
  • Shura
  • Squala

One of the best examples of an ISFj anime character from HxH, or Hunter x Hunter is Canary, who has traits like loyalty to the Zoldyck Family and being a ruthless guardian who does not hesitate to attack trespassers, which may be seen in ISFJ individuals often, given their moniker of The Defender.

It is also noted later though that she is not as heartless as she pretends to be, and just for a fraction of a second, her eyes convey gentleness or concern, although she tries to suppress it which many ISFJs might try to do so they can look strong or make themselves appear intimidating.

Like a true ISFJ anime character, this HxH girl is also deeply moved by attempts others make for good things, and it can often leave her feeling affection for them.

Another great ISFJ anime character on HxH is Squala, who has ISFJ traits like caring deeply for his girlfriend Eliza and the dogs in his care and even snapping at Pakunoda, who although complimented Eliza, thinking her life would be in danger, which are traits of a true defender who simply lives to help others.

ISFJ Anime Test

While there is no ISFJ anime test, one might be able to take the MBTI personality test and then go to one of the websites like personality database and look up anime characters that are also typed as that particular personality type, whether that is ISFJ or any other personality.

At the same time, you can also test your personality and find out if you are ISFJ, and then visit a forum that is devoted to that personality, where you may find that people often discuss fictional characters and anime characters that have an ISFJ personality type.

ISFJ Anime Characters Naruto

Given below are some of the best ISFJ anime characters on Naruto:

  • Chishima
  • Chōjūrō
  • Dan Kato
  • Dodai
  • Emina
  • Fusō Uzumaki
  • Haku
  • Hamura ŌtsutsukiHanabi Hyūga
  • Hayate Gekkō
  • Hinata Hyuuga
  • Hizashi Hyūga
  • Hotaru
  • Ino Yamanaka (Road to Ninja)
  • Inoichi Yamanaka
  • Isaribi
  • Katsuyu
  • Mabui
  • Matsuri
  • Mikoto Uchiha

Kurenai Yuhi is an ISFJ Anime character from Naruto, who seems to be an ISFJ due to characteristics like being a caring and brave woman. 

As with many ISFJs, she is seen in a “big sister” capacity, and her personality is unyielding, honest, and simple. She often shows great concern towards her students and is known to take a vested interest in their growth.

This ISFJ anime character from Naruto is also a very responsible and cheerful mother even though her partner dies, which also suggests classic ISFJ traits of being nurturing and independent.

Another ISFJ anime character from Naruto is Sakura Haruno, who is widely typed as an ISFJ because of her self-confidence after making more friends who give her the courage to stand up top bullies and she often projects problematic thoughts and feelings inward.

She calls the true side of her “Inner Sakura” and here she contains all the opinions she wants to keep to herself. 

Inner Sakura is the true sense of what an ISFJ might feel, completely different sometimes while there is another person altogether on the inside.

ISFJ Anime Villains

ISFJ anime villains are not very common, due to the tendency of these individuals to be helpful and protective towards those around them, and the only way in which there might be an ISFJ anime villain is if they were using their feelings function for evil, through manipulation or excessively skewed emotions.

ISFJ anime villains, or ISFJ villains in general, tend to use manipulation for evil purposes, like hurting those around them or trying to get their way, and they may always be observing and thinking about how to bring problem to those they encounter, which is the opposite of what the healthy ISFJ would usually use these powers for.

Furthermore, any ISFJ anime villain would likely also have next-level awareness about the various dynamics going on which they may use as evil if their motivations were impure, and these villains would likely be able to blend into the world around them rather well.

Another common trait that might be seen in ISFJ anime villains may be that they just never get over anything and might make it their mission in life is to hunt the person who has wronged them down and make them pay for what they did to them.

This means that the typica ISFJ anime villain is likely to operate from a place of emotion, much like the normal and everyday ISFJ anime character, and they are likely to have their problems rooted in their childhood issues and/or upbringing.

While he is not a typical ISFJ anime villain, Bakura Ryuo from the anime Yu-Gi-Oh! Can be considered something of an ISFJ anime villain, due to the fact that he is controlled by an evil spirit and he shows a great need to be himself again and is even willing to sacrifice himself for it, because he cannot stand not being himself.

Other than that Bakura is good-natured and gets stronger eventually, which may be seen as a sort of juxtaposition that may be seen in an ISFJ personality even in real life, these individuals may be likely to behave in opposing manners and being very different things.

ISFJ Anime Characters PDB

Personality database, or PDB, is a website about everything related to personality types according to the MBTI system as well as others like Enneagram, and some of the best ISFJ anime characters according to PDB are:

  • Hinata Hyuuga: Naruto Shippūden
  • Shouko Nishimiya: Koe no Katachi
  • Momo Yaoyorozu (Creati): Boku no Hero Academia
  • Madoka Kaname: Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica
  • Historia Reiss: Shingeki no Kyojin
  • Nezuko Kamado: Kimetsu no Yaiba
  • Yachi Hitoka: Haikyuu!!
  • Eiji Okumura: Banana Fish
  • Rem: Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu
  • Sophie Hatter: Howl no Ugoku Shiro
  • Ami Mizuno (Sailor Mercury): Sailor Moon
  • Bertholdt Hoover: Shingeki no Kyojin
  • Suzaku Kururugi: Code Geass
  • Retsuko: Aggressive Retsuko (Aggretsuko)
  • Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli: JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken
  • Potato Chip: Death Note
  • Tsubasa Hanekawa: Monogatari Series
  • Ryota Suzui: Kakegurui
  • Chihiro Fujisaki: Danganronpa: Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei The Animation
  • Tony Tony Chopper: One Piece
  • Takasu Ryuuji: Toradora!
  • Makoto Tachibana: Free!
  • Daidouji Tomoyo: Cardcaptor Sakura
  • Furukawa Nagisa: Clannad
  • Elizabeth Liones: Nanatsu no Taizai
  • Krillin: Dragon Ball Z
  • Gilda: Yakusoku no Neverland
  • Brock (Takeshi): Pokémon
  • Inko Midoriya: Boku no Hero Academia
  • Hanayo Koizumi: Love Live! School Idol Project
  • Luka Urushibara: Steins;Gate
  • Haku: Naruto Shippūden
  • Ichigo: Darling in the Franxx
  • Ruby Kurosawa: Love Live! Sunshine!!
  • Ran Mori: Detective Conan
  • Vinegar Doppio: JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken
  • Asahina Mikuru: Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu
  • Mumen Rider: One Punch Man
  • Muhammad Avdol: JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken
  • Lan Fan: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

You can find many other ISFJ anime characters on PDB by going to the website and choosing the personality type and choosing what category you want to search for this personality type in.

ISFJ Anime Characters Danganronpa

There aren’t many ISFJ anime characters on Danganronpa, but the two ISFJ characters present are given below:

  • Chihiro Fujisaki
  • Sakura Ogami

Sakura Ogmai is a very strong looking girl who may look threatening and intimidating to start with, but like a true ISFJ anime character, this Danganronpa girl is quiet, kind and level-headed.

As with many ISFJ anime characters, Sakura rarely loses her nerve and is usually able to maintain clarity in any situation no matter what is happening, which is a true ISFJ trait.

She has a short fuse, and tends to be slightly annoyed and upset rather easily when things don’t do her way or particularly when she is forced into or out of feminine roles despite her tendencies otherwise, for example when people assume things like she isn’t a good cook due to her looks. 

Her emotional reactions can sometimes go to the point of her losing her temper completely and becoming extremely intense, especially in situations where her friends have gotten hurt and often she has been shown to be rather impatient if she cannot properly train for a long period of time. 

These are typical ISFJ traits because ISFJ tends to be very much in touch with their surroundings, and they like doing things, and in accordance with that, this ISFJ anime character from Danganronpa also loves protein and protein coffee and enjoys exercising early in the morning before a large breakfast.

At the same time, this ISFJ anime character also has had an old-fashioned upbringing, which is why she often talks in an old-fashioned, formal manner and because of the same upbringing she also believes that being a martial artist is simply her destiny which shows typical ISFJ sentimentality.

Lastly, like a true ISFJ would, she cares deeply about duty and honor and she tries to uphold both her internal as well as external values regardless of the hardship she might be facing, which is what makes this Danganronpa character a good ISFJ anime character.

FAQ about ISFJs

Who are some famous ISFJ personalities?

Among famous ISFJ personalities are Bruce Willis, Gwyneth Paltrow, Anne Hathaway, Elijah Wood, Halle Berry, and others. 

What is ISFJ good at?

ISFJ people are very good as leaders, helping others, guiding and being practical. They are good at taking care of everyday, practical needs, they know how to save money, and they take relational commitment seriously, looking for long-term relationships.

Who should ISFJ marry?

ISFJ are introverted and sensing, therefore they would make a good match with extraverted sensing, like ESTPs, for example. ISFJ attaches great importance to its interpersonal relationships. They are generally very generous and loving people who prioritize the needs of others over personal desires. They have a problem that often becomes too emotional and hardly hides true feelings from others. 

Are ISFJs smart?

ISFJ are very intelligent people, focused and practical, but also taking care of others. With a dominant function that quickly understands the qualities inherent in the external world and a secondary function that weighs such perceptions of their value in the world, ISFJ has a great talent for discovering compatible and relevant aesthetic and essential qualities in a real-world situation.


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