ISFJ and depression (+How they can cope)

This article will explain how people with ISFJ personality can manifest depression, and what are the main causes that can lead them to depression. Aside from that, the article will explain ways ISFJ people can cope with depression.

ISFJ and depression 

A person with an ISFJ personality type when depressed will be one that will change some of their most common traits. They can become more closed off, and feel like they need to stay in their comfort zone. 

They may also put a huge effort into doing things to make themselves feel better. Those things will usually have made them feel better before.

For example, in a previous time when a person with an ISFJ personality felt sad, they turned to music. So now, when they are depressed, they will most likely turn to music again as a way of finding some comfort. But if that doesn’t work out as well as it did before, it can lead them to a deeper sense of hopelessness. 

Some things can have a toll on the mental health of a person with an ISFJ personality. They are also people that like to have a sense of stability in their lives. 

They are people that will usually have a routine, and this can often give them a lot of calm. But when this routine is broken, it can lead them to feel anxious and like they have failed.

So if they go through a traumatic experience, it can be that they will feel like the world is unstable, and unpredictable, which can lead them to get depressed. What makes it all even worse is when people will tell them that they are getting worried about nothing. 

Having their feelings belittled can harm them. Aside from that, being in environments that constantly have conflict can impact their mental health, as well as seeing injustice, and lack of solidarity among people.

An ISFJ person also has a lot of difficulties expressing their emotions. Even though they know exactly what they are feeling, externalizing it can be hard for them, leading them to bottle everything up, which can make it easier for them to feel depressed. 

People with an ISFJ personality will always have social events, but that doesn’t mean they are extroverts. They are the people that usually have few but good friends, and that is what nourishes them. But it can be draining from them when they are surrounded by people they can’t have a meaningful conversation with.

Aside from that, lack of sleep and proper nutrition is also something that can harm them. Finally, the lack of alone time to focus on themselves will also be something that can harm their mental health.

But if you are a person with an ISFJ personality, and you feel like you are depressed, don’t lose hope. Let’s discuss ways you can cope with it.

How can an ISFJ cope with depression? 

If you are an ISFJ and are going through depression, here are ways you can cope.

Be open to new possibilities 

Even though you may try to feel good using your old strategies, keep in mind they may not work. Depression is not a common sadness, and you may have changed over time. So open yourself to new possibilities.

It may be that only comforting music won’t do the job. But maybe exercising, and doing a volunteer job will be a huge help in making you feel better. Aside from that, it may be that you have never thought of therapy, but that can also be a new thing that will surely help you deal with depression.

Try to find a routine 

Sometimes life puts us off the track, and even though that would be hard for most people, it is extremely hard for people with an ISFJ personality type. If that is one of the reasons why you are feeling depressed, try to understand what has changed in your life, and how you can create a new sense of routine with whatever is going on.

Taking time to care for yourself, sleeping, and eating well are things that nurture an ISFJ person. Don’t leave those behind. 

Write it out

People with an ISFJ personality tend to have a clear notion of their emotions. But the hardest thing for them is to express it. If you feel like a lot is going on inside you, know that this turmoil can lead you to depression. So as a way to cope with it, or even to prevent it, you should try to write your feelings out.

It is not only a great way to externalize them. But it is also a way that you can read them over, understand them better, and try to find ways out of the problem. With that in mind, keeping a journal can do wonders for your mental health.

Be around people that support you

Although you may often isolate yourself when you feel depressed, having the people you love around you can be one of the best ways to fight depression. Having people that will tell you positive things like how much they care for you and want to help you, will ease your pain.

And surely you don’t need to open yourself up to everyone. But as a true ISFJ, you will probably have one or two friends you would trust with your life. Try to tell them how you are feeling, and listen to everything they have to say. They may offer some good insight, or at least help you to find your way to look for treatment.

Look for professional help

Although it may be hard, no one should deal with depression on their own. Make sure you look for professional help. Having a therapist with whom you can understand your emotions, will certainly help you cope with depression. It may even allow you to understand the root of it.

And keep in mind that in some cases medication may be needed, and that is nothing to be ashamed of. Life has those difficult times, but to make sure we go back to our track in the best of health, we need to open ourselves up to treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): What does it look like when an ISFJ is depressed? 

How can I cheer up an ISFJ? 

If you have someone in your life that is an ISFJ, and they are feeling down, you can try to cheer them up by making them feel appreciated. Let them know how important they are to you, and how you value them. 

It is important for them to feel loved, and when you give back to them all they have done to you, it can make them feel better. The simplest things like watching a tv show with them, or just sitting by their side can be extremely helpful. 

What are things that calm an ISFJ? 

When an ISFJ person is feeling stressed, they will most likely benefit from meditating, since focusing on their deep breath, and relaxing their muscles will help them calm down. Aside from that, massaging your scalp will also help you release the tension you are in. It can reduce your blood pressure, and slow your heart rate, and your stress levels.

You can also have things that you can look at to make yourself feel better. It can be looking at old pictures, for example. Look at things that bring you positive emotions, and give you a sense of comfort. 

Writing about your feelings can also help you. It will allow you to understand your emotions better, and deal with them more positively, making it easier for you to deal with whatever happens in your life.

What is the best of the ISFJ personality? 

They are usually people that make the community they live in better. They are usually great at remembering details, which can make the environment they live in better for people.

They often have a balanced outlook on life. They can be extremely empathetic, but will also have a more grounded view on matters. They are people that will always be open to facing the facts, and since they are really practical, they will want to have a realistic view of things.

What is the worst of the ISFJ personality? 

The worst part about people with an ISFJ personality is that they can be extremely rigid. They will only trust their views and experiences and disregard what other people feel or went through. Aside from that, inside they can be very insecure, and this leads them to be close to authority figures, or people that are insecure.

They can often feel like people don’t value them enough, can easily develop a persecution complex, and can begin to complain a lot, and become resentful of people.

How can I win an ISFJ over?

If you have an ISFJ in your life that you want to win over, you should take the time to get to know them. They will know when someone is not genuine. They will appreciate it if you are an honest person, who is down to earth.

They will enjoy it if you like to spend time with them, but also respect their need for space. They will enjoy people that are present in the moment. The most important thing for them is the quality of the time spent together, not the amount of time.

If you are someone that asks them questions, and that is interested in them, you will most likely win them over. They will also be touched by people that let them know how much they appreciate the relationship. So calling, or displaying affection is a way to win them over.

Sharing with them some memories you have with them will also let them know how much you care, making them see how much you care will often go a long way. They will also be won over by people that will often encourage them, and help them feel safe.

But if they realize you are either trying too hard, or if they realize you are pushing them to move fast in a relationship, they can become distant, and move away from the relationship.


This article showed how an ISFJ will act when they are depressed, and what are the main reasons that can lead them to get depressed. Aside from that, the article also explained ways for people with this personality type to cope with depression.

If you have any questions or comments about this article, feel free to write them in the section below.