Is Zoom a collaboration tool?

In this blogpost, we will be explaining if Zoom is a collaboration tool. To increase your understanding, we will be delving into the different features of Zoom. We shall also describe the various strategies you can follow for successful video collaboration. In addition, we will list the various Zoom integrations one can use in order to improve meeting collaborations.


Is Zoom a collaboration tool?

Yes, Zoom is a collaboration tool and a highly useful one in fact. This collaboration tool has become highly popular in the post-covid world, not only among workplaces and business organizations but also among individuals who want to interact with each other. Zoom uses video-conferencing in order to help people communicate, even when they are remotely placed.

Important features of Zoom

In order to understand this collaboration tool better, we need to look at its important features. Zoom is highly popular among its users due to its simplicity and easy accessibility. However, some of the other features that make Zoom an amazing collaboration tool are:

  • It allows HD video as a well as audio
  • This platform can host meetings with up to 1,000 participants
  • It also allows file sharing between the participants
  • It has an option for searchable history
  • Zoom not only allows video-conferencing but also team chats
  • It has the option of breakout rooms for better team discussions and brainstorming
  • Zoom has end-to-end encryptions for all the meetings
  • It can also be integrated with Microsoft Outlook and Gmail for scheduling
  • Zoom allows recording as well as transcription

Strategies for successful video collaboration

Even though Zoom is quite easy to use, many of us find it difficult to use it at times. It has many features which can actually be put to great use. In order for successful video collaboration, we should be aware of the various features and options as well as different strategies we can follow. Some of these strategies are discussed below:

Use more reactions in the video

Zoom has a feature for ‘reactions’ which enable users to send thumbs-up emojis or even clapping during the video collaboration. Through these reactions, the video collaboration can become a lot more engaging. It can also motivate the speaker to add more points. These reactions can additionally be used for feedback, helping to make the collaboration livelier.

Change your backgrounds

Changing your background can not only hide your messy rooms and the trash in the background. It also brightens up the whole environment and adds variety to the collaboration. Users can also change or transform their backgrounds to make it more suitable for that particular conversation. Thus, it can add to the learning and delivering of the message.

Use the beauty filter

Since many Zoom video collaborations happen within the confines of our homes, it is highly possible that we might not be in the best shape to face people. Beauty filters can help users save time and effort in applying makeup and getting dressed for the call. It can also be a quick fix to look more professional, thus improving your self-esteem and self-confidence in the process.

‘Raise hands’ to speak up

Zoom video collaborations usually have many participants and moderators or hosts might not be able to engage with all of them on a one-on-one level. It may also discourage participants from speaking up but also lead to cacophony of voices at the same time. In order to gain the attention from the host, you can try the ‘raise hands’ feature and voice your opinion or response.

Review the attendance

It is important to know who is attending the meeting and also who has missed out on it. This helps hosts in coordinating future meetings for the attendees and also observing the participation among the employees. This can be done through the Usage Reports feature in the Zoom app to check the attendance of the meeting.

Record the video collaboration

Since many organizations are using Zoom as an official collaboration app, many of the videos may need to be recorded. Zoom also allows users to record meetings for future use. Recording meetings not only makes it to the official records but can also be used to train and instruct other employees who may be in various time zones.

Use appropriate shortcuts

If you are a regular user of Zoom, knowing your shortcuts can be a great way to improve the speed of the process and also make your workloads a little less heavy. You can use shortcuts like Alt+I for Windows and CMD+I for Mac if you need to invite someone to the meeting.

Alt+M in Windows and CMD+ctrl+M in Mac can be used for muting the other participants in the meeting. You can also use Alt+Shift+S in Windows and CMD+Shift+S in Mac for sharing your screen with others in a meeting.

Useful Zoom integrations

Even though Zoom is a highly useful collaboration tool, it still has many absent features that might make it challenging for employees in the organization. However, Zoom features allow it to be integrated easily with many other apps that allow these loopholes to be filled. Some of the best integrations that can be used with Zoom to make it more successful are:


This is the one of the most popular Zoom integrations used today. Through this integration, organizations can manage projects in a better manner. It is also pretty use to integrate this, since all it requires you to use the Hive app, clicking on Zoom and then giving the required details. Through this integration, you can move easily between video conferences as well as projects.


Slack is commonly used to share ideas between team members. It also facilitates file sharing and document sharing in the team. When Slack is integrated with Zoom, it can remind users of upcoming meetings through various notifications. In this way, team members will not miss out on meetings and can be readily prepared for them.

Google Calendar

This is a very useful integration as it provides the team with shared calendars. Through this integration, the team can easily organize meetings and also communicate with each other in an easier manner. Thus, this integration can help the teams save a lot of time and make the work process a lot smoother and efficient.


When Zoom and Salesforce are integrated, the information of the user can be shared easily within the team. This greatly helps in follow-ups after webinars have been conducted. In this manner, the effectiveness and success of the webinar increases greatly. This integration can also notify Salesforce users about upcoming Zoom meetings.


Through Dropbox, teams can smoothly and seamlessly share files and documents with each other. It uses cloud-based storage for file-hosting, helping the teams reach an efficient work process. Integrating Dropbox and Zoom can help team members be notified about Zoom meetings and also attend meetings from Dropbox files.

Appy Pie Connect

Appy Pie Connect is a great way to bring all your apps together. This also helps in automating workflows in the team. Team members also find Appy Pie Connect incredibly easy to use and thus can save much time and effort. When Zoom is integrated with Appy Pie Connect, it can positively affect productivity and work efficiency in the organization.


In this blogpost, we have explained if Zoom is a collaboration tool. We have also delved into the different features of Zoom and described the various strategies you can follow for successful video collaboration. In addition, we have listed out the various Zoom integrations one can use in order to improve meeting collaborations.

Frequently asked questions: (Is Zoom a collaboration tool?)


Why Zoom is considered a collaborative software?

By using Zoom, team members can conduct and attend meetings. This can greatly help remote teams in collaboration. Through Zoom, the users can also share screens which greatly improve the communication of messages and also the learning process. Through Zoom, users can attend virtual conferences and webinars even though they may be in different parts of the world.

What type of communication tool is Zoom?

Zoom is an app that allows video communication between users. It uses cloud-based technology to achieve this process. Through Zoom, users and teams can have video and audio conferencing, all done virtually. It also supports live chats, screen-sharing, file sharing and also providing great security features at the same time.

Why is Zoom an effective tool?

Zoom has become highly popular today, especially after COVID-19 has entered our lives. It has been used both by business organizations as well as friends and families trying to stay connected while remaining safe at home. Zoom has many great features that make it a highly efficient collaboration tool. Some of the reasons why Zoom is effective are:

It allows efficient video-conferencing

Through Zoom employees can efficiently communicate with each other through video-conferencing. This platform is also highly user-friendly and thus employees do not require additional training to use Zoom. Zoom can also be used by a maximum of 1,000 participants at a time and thus can be used to reach many people at once.

Messages can be delivered quicker

Through Zoom, messages can also be shared between the various team members. It can also be used to send messages to all the members of the team at once, thus ensuring no one misses out on an important announcement or information. It also gives more control to the users in sharing the messages, thus improving the work process of the team.

It is easily supported on all devices

Zoom as a collaboration tool is easily supported on all devices, whether it be Windows, macOS, iOS as well as Android devices. This tool can also be used on several types of browsers, thereby increasing its accessibility and popularity.

It improves employee engagement

Though virtual meetings and video-conferences can reduce the employee engagement in the program, Zoom actually offers great features that can improve the user engagement. Through Zoom, the presentations as well as quality of the video is clear which improves the focus of the users. This encourages users to participate and be more connected with other participants.

Where are collaboration tools used?

Collaboration tools are used in every industry and organization. They can be used to make work processes smoother and more efficient. They can also be used to communicate and interact with each other. Through collaboration tools, team members can send messages to each other and also work on tasks together.

Collaboration tools can also be used for online learning in educational institutions. They can also promote learning in business organizations by allowing employees to share files, documents and videos with each other quicker and easier.

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