Is there something called Xenogender Dysphoria? (+15 Mental-Health problems)

The current detailed article will be answering if there is something called Xenogender Dysphoria. We will also be discussing Xenogenders and their mental health issues. Xenogenders often create debating opinions, and are a part of the MOGAI community.

Is there something called Xenogender Dysphoria?

No, there is nothing called Xenogender Dysphoria but only gender dysphoria which is quite prevalent among trans-persons. At the same time, Xenogenders may face a lot of confusion and anxiety since there lie outside of definite labels and social constructs.

Xenogender does not exactly refer to a single gender, but basically refers to all genders which are non-binary in nature. This means that a person who refers to themselves as Xenogender does not go by male, female or even bi.

Those who are Xenogender categorize their identities by things that fall outside of human social constructs or labels. This is the reason why many people say Xenogenders are not part of the LGBTQIA+ community.

More than a singular term, Xenogender refers to an umbrella of other types of identities such as pyrogenders, energenders and other similar terms. Thus, you can see that Xenogenders are not actually related to a certain gender but a certain concept.

Xenogenders and mental health

Just as those who are part of the LGBTQIA+ community suffer from a variety of mental health issues, persons who are a part of the MOGAI community, such as Xenogenders also struggle with problems in their mental health. Some of the mental health problems faced by them are:

Not being accepted by everyone

The problem with being a member of the Xenogender community is that this term is still not accepted by everyone. Even those who are members of the LGBTQIA+ community tend to see Xenogenders as outsiders or outliers.

Xenogenders may have their own community, which is called the MOGAI community or the Marginalized orientations, gender alignment and intersex. However, the members of this community may not be found in large percentages leaving the person feeling unaccepted.

Gender dysphoria

Gender Dysphoria may come in bouts among all members of the LGBTQIA+ community. Now, while Xenogenders state that they lie outside the male & female social construct, they still may experience a lot of dysphoria.

This is mainly because there is not much research about this community and also the definition of the community is also pretty lax. Since they are confused about their identity and their limits, members of this community may feel even more anxious.

Anxiety attacks

Mental health conditions are quite common among those who identify their genders differently and this applies for Xenogenders as well. This is especially true among those who are leading a hidden identity and are yet to complete their coming out process.

Even among those who are leading lives compliant with their particular identity, anxiety levels may be high because of the lack of acceptance by others. Furthermore, Xenogenders may also find it hard to create a community of their own, creating more anxiety in them.

High stress levels

High stress levels are also present among those who are part of the Xengender community. Continuous high stress levels among Xenogenders can also lead to more physical problems and even other mental health conditions among them.

Poor communication levels

Another thing that Xenogenders often experience is a lack or an issue with communication skills. Since most of their community can be found only online, Xenogenders and even other members of the MOGAI community may find it hard to communicate with others in real life.

Poor social skills

Just as their communication skills may lack, Xenogenders may also struggle with their social skills. This can be blamed partly on the anxiety that members of this community go through and also because of the lack of a physical community for Xenogenders.

Social isolation

Furthermore, Xenogenders may also experience social isolation. Members of this community may feel that they have nobody to understand them and to accept them. This can lead them to isolate themselves which in turn can lead to mental health conditions like depression.

Family issues

In addition to the issues mentioned previously, Xenogenders may also experience problems in their family. Lots of family members may not understand the term Xenogender and therefore may continuously berate them or harass them.

This in turn can lead to more mental health issues for those who identify themselves as Xenogender. Due to harassment or abandonment by their family members, Xenogenders and even those who are a part of the LGBTQIA+ community may experience extreme turmoil.

Workplace harassment

Just as they experience harassment and abuse from their loved ones, Xenogenders may also experience a lot of workplace harassment because of their identity. Harassment at work can lead to stress and even a backward economic status for those who are a part of this community.

Sexual abuse

Apart from harassment at work, Xenogenders may also experience abuse and harm from others sexually. This can especially come from romantic partners who may not empathize enough with those who are a part of this community.

Identity issues

Another thing that Xenogenders experience often is a matter of identity. This is mainly because there is no particular definition for those who are members of the MOGAI community. Some Xenogenders may also be left out of appropriate forums and groups, leading to identity issues.

Problems with discrimination

One more issue that can cause extreme stress to the user is discrimination. As it is, members from the LGBTQIA+ community go through immense discrimination when it comes to workplace opportunities and other social situations.

The experience is even more for those who belong to the Xenogender community since this group is often misunderstood and taken too casually. Because of this, those who identify themselves as Xenogender are discriminated against even more by others.

Substance abuse issues

Substance abuse is a major problem among discriminated and oppressed minorities, including those who don’t conform to the usual gender constructs. Substance abuse in the form of alcohol, drugs and other substances can also lead to other issues among Xenogenders.

Lack of friendly mental health professionals  

One more important factor that Xenogenders experience is inability to access appropriate mental health care. Not all mental health professionals are going to understand and accept those who are Xenogenders and this can also cause immense stress to the person.

Furthermore, some mental health professionals may seem to be caring on the outside but may practice plenty of passive-aggressiveness which can cause even more stress to the person who is consulting them, which can be more if they are part of a community such as MOGAI.

Suicidal thoughts and acts

Many people who are a part of the Xenogender community may also be plagued by suicidal thoughts. These often come as a result of the mental health issues which may be present in them already. Suicide rates are much higher comparatively among communities like MOGAI.


The current detailed article has answered if there is something called Xenogender Dysphoria. We have also discussed in detail about Xenogenders and the various mental health issues they may experience on a daily basis.

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