Is Talkspace worth it? (+3 alternatives)


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Page last updated: 7/09/2022

In this article, we shall explain if Talkspace is worth it. We will prove this by mentioning some of the great features that this platform can offer. In addition to this, we will also look at some of the other alternative online mental health platforms that are available in the market. Online therapy brings much more ease and convenience and thus is increasingly sought after.

Is Talkspace worth it?

According to the users galore who utilized Talkspace for all their mental health needs and requirements, the platform is definitely worth it. Some of the great features and advantages of this platform that users have enjoyed have been described in this section:

It has certified therapists

The therapists who are in Talkspace are all certified and well-qualified to deliver high quality therapy services for their users. All the therapists who want to be on board with Talkspace need to provide the right documents and certifications and also regularly undergo learning through the therapist community in Talkspace.

It has a wide variety of therapies

The platform does not follow only a single school of thought and in fact has therapists practicing all sorts of psychotherapy. This can be quite beneficial for users as they can pick and choose therapists according to their liking. They also have access to many kinds of therapies and can find out which one suits their needs and requirements much better.

It provides Teen therapy

Talkspace also has provisions for Teen therapy and counseling, specifically targeting the age groups of 13-18 year olds. This is essential as many mental illnesses start showing signs and symptoms at these impressionable ages. Teens also often go through a lot of stress related to school and relationships, for which this feature can be greatly helpful.

It has Couples counseling

The platform also provides couples counseling, which was in fact one of its first features when it was founded back in 2012. Couples counseling cannot only help the individuals in the duo but also families as a unit. And thus, many couples seek counseling and therapy to build better and stronger relationships that can help them grow and develop together.

It has an insomnia program

The platform also has an insomnia program that can help those who are facing difficulties in sleep. Sleep issues are quite common and can easily affect those who have a haphazard work-life balance. The insomnia program in Talkspace allows users to be more aware of factors that take away their rest and sleep and help them manage in a positive and constructive manner.

It creates a better client-therapist fit

Talkspace also allows a better client-therapist fit between the user and their provider. Client-therapist relationship is the key feature for quality and effective therapy and Talkspace definitely has a great solution for this. The platform requires the user to fill in a questionnaire about their needs and preferences and brings in a range of providers whom they can choose from.

Is Talkspace worth it? (+3 alternatives)


It has many other resources

The platform also has many other resources that make it much more than therapy alone. There are plenty of mental toolkits and worksheets that users can utilize to gain better understanding of their mental health and emotional states. Furthermore, they can even use the various tools to understand their progress in their individual therapies.


It can be covered by insurance

In-person therapy can be quite expensive and this is the reason many individuals are switching to online therapy platforms for their mental health needs and requirements. However, online therapy can also burn a hole in the user’s pocket and thus the programs in Talkspace can be easily covered by insurance, making it even more invaluable for its users.

It has live sessions

In addition to text therapy or messaging therapy for which it is popularly known for, Talkspace also offers live sessions for its users to get immediate responses and interact with their providers in real time. The live sessions can be done through messaging, audio or even video and typically last for about 30-50 minutes each.

It has different modes of messaging

Yes, Talkspace has unlimited messaging therapy plans which sounds great as it is. However, another reason to love this platform is that it has multiple modes of messaging which users can choose according to their convenience. All the plans in Talkspace allow unlimited text messaging, audio messaging and even video messaging between the user and the provider.

Alternative online mental health platforms

A few online mental health platforms with features similar to Talkspace are:

  • Betterhelp: This platform has already created a great name for itself in the field of online therapy and has many cost-effective plans. However, Betterhelp cannot be covered by insurance and thus can be quite pricey otherwise.
  • Calmerry: Calmerry is another online mental health platform which has a large network of licensed therapists who can easily help users with their emotional and mental problems. There are also a variety of programs that are available on this platform.
  • 7 Cups: This platform specifically targets teenagers and young adults who are struggling emotionally. The superb thing about this platform is that users can have free listening sessions where their problems are heard by trained volunteers.


In this article, we have explained if Talkspace is worth it. We have proved this by mentioning some of the great features that this platform can offer. In addition to this, we have also looked at some of the other alternative online mental health platforms that are available in the market.

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