Is Talkspace only messaging? (+7 pros of text therapy)

This post will explain if Talkspace is only messaging. In addition to this, we shall also look at some of the benefits of text therapy or messaging therapy for users. Lastly, we will be discussing some of the wonderful features that Talkspace offers for its millions of subscribers. Text therapy is a form of online therapy delivery that is quite popular, especially with the younger generation.

Is Talkspace only messaging?

No, Talkspace does not only use messaging. This versatile platform also offers live sessions between the user and the provider and thus brings a lot of flexibility to therapy itself. The messages also can take various formats such as text messaging, audio messaging and even video messaging that the user can choose according to their needs and preferences.


Benefits of text therapy

Text therapy or messaging therapy is quite popular due to its ease of use and high convenience. Other than these factors, text therapy can also bring plenty of other benefits and advantages for users. Some of the great benefits that text therapy can provide have been described in the following section:

Text therapy can be very convenient

The best thing about text therapy is that it can be very convenient. Unlike in-person therapy or even remote video therapy sessions which require the user to dress-up and sit straight, text therapy can be conducted even while lying in your bed or sitting at a coffee shop. This high level of convenience makes text therapy quite appealing for many.

Therapists are easily accessible

Therapists are also easily accessible through text therapy. Text therapy or messaging therapy is usually conducted through online therapy platforms such as Talkspace or Betterhelp where there are a large number of therapists available. And thus, access to a licensed and well-qualified mental health professional is quick and easy.

Messaging can take many forms

Text therapy does not only refer to texting. It can also refer to the other forms of messaging, such as audio messaging and even video messaging. Thus, users can pick and choose the format that suits their needs and their situation the best. Audio messaging and video messaging can also provide additional cues for the user to pick up on the therapist’s message.

Text therapy allows a lot of reflection

Text therapy and messaging therapy platforms allow the chat transcript to be easily visible for everyone to see at all times. And thus, anyone can go back and read their conversation with their mental health provider. This becomes a great space for reflection which is actually necessary for therapy and growth.

It can be a venue for venting

Text therapy or messaging therapy platforms like Talkspace allow its users unlimited messaging between them and their providers. While the therapist may respond only at certain times, the user can definitely send a limitless number of messages to them, and this can be a great source for venting and healthy expression.

It can be quite cost-effective

In-person therapy can be quite expensive. And this factor is the main reason why many individuals do not go to therapy even if they require it the most. However, online therapy is definitely a cheaper option. Platforms like Betterhelp also provide financial assistance for those who are finding affordability an issue, while others like Talkspace provide insurance coverage.

It can help with daily stressors

Not everyone is suffering from a high risk mental illness. Many of us are encumbered with day to day stress and tension which can be quite frustrating at times. For these issues, text therapy can be a safe space for venting and constructive self-care, which is necessary for mental health and growth.

Features of Talkspace

Talkspace is not only a great provider of messaging therapy, but also has many other features that users will simply love. Some of these features are:

It provides Teens therapy

Teens therapy is one of the features that is provided by Talkspace. Teens therapy can be great for those adolescents who are facing a lot of stress and frustration in various areas of their lives, such as school, family and relationships. Having extra support and guidance in the form of therapy can greatly improve the mindset of these teenagers.


It has couples therapy

The platform also provides couples therapy as well as family therapy. Family therapy can greatly improve the bond between the family members and also benefit the home environment by bringing positivity and openness to the equation. Couples therapy can also be useful for pairs to get to know each other and help each other grow and develop.

It offers multiple formats

The messaging therapy plans of Talkspace offer not one but several formats of communication between the user and their provider. The users can opt to communicate and interact with their providers through text messaging, audio messaging and even video messaging. Furthermore, these messages can be limitless in number, bringing more benefits to the user.

It also has live sessions

The platform also offers live sessions in addition to messaging therapy. However, this feature is not available in all the plans and needs to be scheduled much in advance. The live sessions also take place through various modes such as live chats, calls and even live video sessions.


This post has explained if Talkspace is only messaging. In addition to this, we have also looked at some of the benefits of text therapy or messaging therapy for users. Lastly, we have discussed some of the wonderful features that Talkspace offers for its millions of subscribers.

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