Is Talkspace going public? (+3 Talkspace alternatives)

This post will discuss if Talkspace is going public. We will also be looking at the best features of Talkspace that have made it such a success. Furthermore, we will be mentioning some alternatives to Talkspace that readers might be interested in. Talkspace is only one of the many online therapy platforms that bring cost-effective mental health care to millions of users.

Is Talkspace going public?

Talkspace has gone public since January of 2021 through a merger with Hudson Executive Investment Corp. The company is to be traded in the NASDAQ stock exchange and goes by the symbol ‘TALK’. Talkspace is an online therapy platform that provides cost-effective therapy to millions of users, every day.

Best features of Talkspace

Talkspace has many wonderful features that can be highly advantageous and beneficial for anyone who is seeking therapy. Some of the best features of Talkspace have been described in this section:

Talkspace can be used from anywhere

Talkspace can be accessed and used from anywhere and everywhere. Thus, anyone who has a reliable internet connection can easily be in touch with their therapists and have therapy sessions. This becomes quite useful for those who have extremely busy schedules, or those who are not able to leave the house often to go to therapy.

The platform has several plans

There are also several plans that are available in Talkspace. The Unlimited Messaging Therapy Plus plan of Talkspace offers limitless messaging between the user and their provider. The Unlimited Messaging Therapy Premium and the Unlimited Messaging Therapy Ultimate plans additionally offer live sessions for the users.

It uses many formats of communication

There are also multiple forms of communication that users can choose from for their therapy sessions. Users can opt to send text messages, audio messages and even video messages to their providers. In addition to this, they can also communicate with their providers through live sessions in different formats which they can choose according to their convenience.


The platform is highly secure

Talkspace is completely HIPAA compliant and thus provides high security to all its users. This is necessary for all online therapy platforms since users often share sensitive and confidential information with their providers which can cause a great deal of damage if leaked or stolen. In Talkspace, users can rest assured that all their data is stored safely.

The plans can be covered by insurance

In-person therapy or traditional therapy can be quite expensive for many people to afford. And thus, many users opt for online therapy platforms such as Talkspace or even Betterhelp. To make things better for its users, Talkspace provides insurance coverage for all its plans which can greatly reduce the cost of mental health care for many.


Users can enjoy more safety

Users can also enjoy a lot more safety when they use a platform like Talkspace. Many individuals still have reservations or hesitations about being in a room alone with a stranger and thus may not feel comfortable about in-person therapy. However, Talkspace guarantees more safety for its users since they do not need to meet their therapists physically.

There is a better client-therapist fit

Client-therapist fit is highly necessary for the effectiveness of the therapy. If there is no great relationship between the client and the therapist, then the therapy sessions might actually become distressing and counter-productive. Through the right consultations and artificial intelligence, Talkspace guarantees a better client-therapist fit for its users.

The platform provides psychiatry services

The platform is also one of the few that provide psychiatry services for its users. Medications and drugs are required for the management of many mental illnesses and conditions. Those like depression and anxiety often use a combination of medications and therapy and for these users, the psychiatry services of Talkspace can be a great addition.

It has Teens therapy

Talkspace also offers Teens therapy for those teenagers between the ages of 13 years to 18 years. This becomes important since many mental illnesses show their first signs in these age groups and thus may require early interventions. Therapy is also necessary for teenagers so that they can learn great coping mechanisms to deal with various stressors in life.

Alternatives to Talkspace

There are plenty of other online therapy platforms with features more or less similar to Talkspace. Some of these are:

  • Betterhelp: This is easily the best alternative to Talkspace. Betterhelp  not only provides individual counseling, teens therapy and couples counseling for its users, but also provides group therapy in addition to all these.
  • Calmerry: Calmerry is another cost-effective platform that mirrors many of the great features of Talkspace. This platform offers its users easy access to licensed and certified professionals round the clock.
  • ReGain: This platform is especially famous for couples therapy and also family therapy. The services of ReGain can be used to strengthen family bonds and relationships to create a better environment at home.
  • Cerebral: Cerebral is another platform that offers both talk therapy and also psychiatry services. Just like Talkspace, this platform also offers insurance coverage for many of its plans and thus can be quite cost-effective in nature.


This post has discussed if Talkspace is going public. We have also looked at the best features of Talkspace that have made it such a success. Furthermore, we have mentioned some alternatives to Talkspace that readers might be interested in.

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