Is Talkspace free? (+5 alternatives to Talkspace)

This post will discuss if Talkspace is free of cost. In addition to this, we shall also be mentioning some of the free online therapy services whose services users can easily avail for all their mental health needs. Lastly, we will also be looking at the importance of therapy and the various benefits this can bring to your life.

Is Talkspace free?

No, unfortunately Talkspace is not free of cost for anyone. However, this platform provides a wide range of plans that are quite affordable and very cost-effective for the users. The plans can also be covered by insurance which is essential for those who cannot afford therapy and counseling.

The reason why therapy is not offered free of cost on Talkspace is because the cost of becoming a therapist itself is fairly high. Along with their numerous certifications and licensing, the costs can go up much higher and thus very few therapists promote free therapy services. Since Talkspace has to pay their therapists a fair share of the amount, the plans are not free of cost.

Free alternatives to Talkspace

For those who are looking for free alternatives to Talkspace, the ones which have been listed below can be quite useful. Some of the free alternatives for online therapy are:


This platform can be greatly useful for couples who are going through rough patches or for those who want to grow and bond closer together. ReGain has many features that are provided free of cost for a period of 7 days. There is also individual or persona counseling that is available in this platform.


7 Cups

Teenagers and youngsters might have definitely heard of 7 Cups. This platform brings listening services, absolutely free of cost for teenagers who are looking for mental guidance and assistance. The free service in this platform is provided through trained volunteers who listen to problems and offer advice and counsel which is non-therapeutic in nature.



This online therapy platform also offers free services for a period of 3 days in which you can decide if online therapy is the way to go for you. Users can also enjoy complete anonymity with their therapist who is only allowed to see the username of their clients. Users can additionally choose to only obtain text therapy with their mental health care provider.

Therapy Aid

This platform specifically targets essential workers and also their families. This became especially useful during the lockdowns in the COVID-19 pandemic where essential workers faced a lot of stress and depression. The users of the platform can choose to pay for services if they want to, and can also avail them completely free.

Blah Therapy

Blah Therapy offers chat services for mental health support and guidance. It basically brings easy and quick emotional support to anyone who needs it. The users are given a questionnaire to complete, after which they are connected with an appropriate therapist. They can also choose to listen and interact with others who are going through the same problems as them.

Benefits of therapy

Therapy brings a wide range of benefits for individuals. More and more clients are seeking out therapists who can help them out with their emotional and mental problems. Some of the great benefits of going to therapy have been discussed in this section:

It brings higher self-awareness

Through therapy, a person develops higher self-awareness. Self-awareness is actually the key to growth and development. In order to develop higher levels of self-awareness, there are many techniques, among which therapy is one of the best choices. Through therapy, a person can understand his/her strengths and also their weaknesses a little better.


It can promote growth and development

There is growth and development that can come through therapy. Growth is important for the enrichment of one’s life. However, this is not always easy as not everyone reacts positively to change. A therapist can help you get out of your comfort zone, find your areas that need tweaking and help you grow and add more variety to your life.

It can bring families closer together

Families can also greatly benefit from therapy. There are many platforms such as Talkspace, Betterhelp and Calmerry that have great elements and features that support couples counselling and family therapy. Through therapy, many familial disputes can be resolved efficiently and the units in the family can come closer together and develop healthy relationships with one another.


It can help with anxiety and depression

Anxiety and depression are the leading mental illnesses in many countries. The levels and incidence of these illnesses have only increased after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Therapy can be a great method for those living with anxiety and depression to manage their symptoms and also find the root cause of their mental health issues.

It can help with adolescent issues

Teenagers also frequently go through many problems in their education, among their peers and even in their families. Many teens typically feel that they are not heard and valued and thus have very poor self-esteem. Issues like this can lead to major mental issues later in life, for which therapy can be a great solution.



This post has discussed if Talkspace is free of cost. In addition to this, we have also mentioned some of the free online therapy services whose services users can easily avail for all their mental health needs. Lastly, we have also looked at the importance of therapy and the various benefits this can bring to your life.

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