Is Talkspace free with Cigna? (+9 pros of Talkspace)


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Page last updated: 7/09/2022

This blogpost will discuss if Talkspace is free with Cigna. We shall also explain the various pros and cons that Talkspace as an online therapy platform provides for its users. Online therapy is fast becoming the go-to mode of therapy and has only risen in popularity ever since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Is Talkspace free with Cigna?

Yes, Cigna covers Talkspace plans for all its members. Insurance coverage is definitely one of the best plus points of Talkspace and this can definitely reduce the costs of otherwise expensive therapy. Talkspace is one of the few online therapy platforms out there in the market which allows insurance coverage.

Pros of Talkspace

In addition to insurance coverage, Talkspace brings plenty of pros and advantages that can be great for many users. Some of the best pros of Talkspace have been described in this section:


It can be used from anywhere

Talkspace is fully functional online and thus can be accessed from anywhere as long as there is stable internet connection. This becomes convenient for those who stay in faraway locations and thus may not have easy access to well-qualified and certified therapists. It also becomes convenient for those who cannot leave the house often.

It has strong security

Talkspace also offers its users strong security features and thus patrons of the platform can rest assured that their information and data is well-protected. The security features of Talkspace are absolutely HIPAA compliant and this is necessary since users often share sensitive and confidential information with their therapists.

It provides safety for its users

Many individuals can be still hesitant to go to therapy since they are not comfortable being alone in a room with a stranger, even if that stranger is a therapist. This can especially be distressing for victims of violence or assault. Talkspace does not require the therapist and user to physically meet each other and thus brings a high level of safety to users.

It brings quick and easy therapy

Seeking a therapist after you have finally decided to go to therapy can actually be a tedious chore. There are also many chances that the therapist you have chosen may not be the most appropriate one for you. However, through Talkspace, all these are extremely simplified and thus therapy can be availed quickly and easily.

Is Talkspace free with Cigna? (+9 pros of Talkspace)

It allows a better client-therapist fit

There is also a better client-therapist fit for the users of Talkspace. This is especially because of the large number of therapists available on the platform. This is also guaranteed through the initial consultation with the therapist where the preferences of the user is noted down and the appropriate provider is brought across.

It has multiple formats of therapy

There are also many formats of therapy that are brought by Talkspace. Through this platform, users can choose to communicate with their therapists through text messaging, audio messaging and even video messaging. Users can also opt to communicate in real-time with their providers through live sessions.

There are several plans to choose from

Talkspace also provides a variety of plans for users to choose from. The Unlimited Messaging Therapy Plus plan of Talkspace allows the users to send an unlimited number of messages to their provider through various formats. The Unlimited Messaging Therapy Premium and Unlimited Messaging Therapy Ultimate plan offer these features in addition to live sessions.

Users can send limitless messages

The users of Talkspace can send an unlimited number of messages to their providers. The messages can also follow many formats such as text messages, audio messages and even video messages. The limitless number of messages can also serve to improve reflection and can also be used as a form of healthy venting or expression.

It provides psychiatry features

There is also a psychiatry feature provided in Talkspace. In fact, this platform is one of the few online therapy platforms which also offer psychiatry services. This is necessary since many mental illnesses require medications and drugs. And thus users of Talkspace can easily be prescribed drugs to treat their various mental issues.

It has couples therapy

Talkspace also offers couples therapy as well as family therapy services for its millions of users. This is necessary since families are becoming very complicated and thus require external help in maintaining a positive and constructive home environment. Couples therapy can also be great for those who are planning on getting married and can strengthen the bond between the two.

Cons of Talkspace

While Talkspace is certainly amazing and highly advantageous for its users, it also has a few limitations that users have experienced while utilizing the platform. Some of the limitations of Talkspace are:

  • Online therapy can be still seen as ineffective when compared to in-person therapy and thus many individuals will be hesitant to use the platform
  • The prices of the plans of Talkspace are not clear to the user until the last stage of the sign-up and thus users might feel like they are being coerced to buy a subscription
  • Talkspace cannot be used in times of crisis and emergencies since providers are not guaranteed to respond immediately
  • While the platform is definitely covered by insurance, the plans of Talkspace can be quite expensive for those who do not have insurance coverage

BetterHelp: A Better Alternative

Those who are seeking therapy online may also be interested in BetterHelp. BetterHelp offers plenty of formats of therapy, ranging from live chats, live audio sessions and live video sessions. In addition, unlimited messaging through texting, audio messages and even video messages are available here.

BetterHelp also offers couples therapy and therapy for teenagers in its platform. Furthermore, group sessions can also be found in this platform, covering more than twenty different topics related to mental health and mental illness. The pricing of BetterHelp is also pretty cost-effective, especially considering the fact that the platform offers financial aid to most users.


This blogpost has discussed if Talkspace is free with Cigna. We have also explained the various pros and cons that Talkspace as an online therapy platform provides for its users.

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