Is Talkspace covered by Blue Cross? (+5 ways to afford therapy)


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Page last updated: 7/09/2022

This article will answer if Talkspace is covered by Blue Cross. We will also be looking at various reasons why therapy is so expensive and a few ways that you can use in order to get access to more affordable therapy. Finally, we will be explaining some of the advantages of using Talkspace for therapy.

Is Talkspace covered by Blue Cross?

Of course, Talkspace is definitely covered by Blue Cross. It is also covered by other insurance providers such as Tricare, Optum, Cigna, Humana and many more. This brings down the costs of therapy significantly and makes mental health care more accessible and feasible for anyone who needs it.


Why is therapy so expensive?

It is a universal truth that therapy is quite expensive and thus not many afford this luxury on a regular basis. The reasons why therapy is expensive are multifold. Some of these reasons have been discussed in detail below:


The costs of education are very high

The costs of education in order to become a therapist can be very high. And thus, many therapists go on paying off their educational loans long after they have started their practice. Also, these degrees and diplomas need to be taken at prestigious and top-ranked universities and colleges which can further drive up the costs to become a therapist.

Therapists need to market themselves

Private practice is also a business and thus therapists need to market themselves in the right manner in order to bring in the right clients. These marketing strategies and tactics can take up a lot of money and also effort. In addition to this, the marketing also needs to be conducted classily as it is dealing with a serious subject, that is mental health.

Therapist offices can be expensive to rent

Those who have been to a therapist’s office know the feeling of relaxation and comfort one can experience at such a place. Therapists create their office in such a manner that any client feels instantly relaxed there and this requires a lot of expenditure to bring in the right utilities and accessories.

Personal assistant costs

Therapists often hire personal assistants to help with their daily tasks and schedules. Personal assistants help therapists with their paperwork and also for creating and managing their various appointments. All this can add up to a lot of expenditure and thus can make the cost of being a therapist quite expensive.

Licensing expenses

In addition to a degree or a diploma, therapists are required to have a license that will allow them to practice in their respective states or regions. These licenses can also be quite expensive and also need to be renewed on a regular basis. Licensing also requires the therapist to take additional courses, further bringing expenditure.

Emotional labor

It is of course not at all easy to be a therapist full-time. Therapists undergo a lot of trauma and distress of their own while working with their clients and thus can experience a great deal of stress. Many therapists require therapy for their own mental health and also require additional self-care.

Is Talkspace covered by Blue Cross? (+5 ways to afford therapy)

Ways to afford therapy

While therapy can definitely be expensive, there are several ways through which you can get access to more affordable therapy. Some of these ways have been described as follows:

  •  If you are working, you can ask your HR if the organization’s EAP includes therapy
  • If you are a student, you can contact your school administration to check if they have counseling at discounted fees. Many colleges and universities also have an in-house counselor or therapist to take care of the mental health needs and requirements of their students
  • If you are part of a community based organization, such as churches, you can ask these if they provide counseling services
  • You can also try sliding-scale therapists. These therapists do not always charge for the entire hour and instead charge for the amount of work that has been done. And thus, the costs of these therapists can be quite less
  • Group therapy can also be a great option for those who are finding in-person therapy quite expensive. Through group therapy, you cannot only get access to therapy but can gain better social support and motivation
  • You can also try online therapy platforms such as Talkspace or Betterhelp. These platform provide virtual therapy sessions at very economic prices


Advantages of Talkspace

Talkspace can bring its users a large range of advantages and benefits such as:

  • It can bring therapy to you no matter where your location is, or what time it is
  • The platform brings a better client-therapist fit due to the large network of therapists who work here
  • It also has features for teens therapy and even couples therapy
  • The plans of Talkspace are quite cheap when compared to in-person therapy. Furthermore, the plans here can be easily covered by insurance and thus mental health care becomes more accessible and affordable
  • Talkspace has several formats for the therapy sessions and this means that users can choose to communicate with their providers through text messages, audio messages and even video messages. This brings a lot of flexibility and convenience to the user



This article has answered if Talkspace is covered by Blue Cross. We have also looked at various reasons why therapy is so expensive and a few ways that you can use in order to get access to more affordable therapy. Finally, we have explained some of the advantages of using Talkspace for therapy.

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