Is Talkspace a scam? (+7 Pros Of Text-Based Therapy)

In this post, we will discuss if Talkspace is a scam. We will also be looking at the various benefits of text based therapy or text based counseling. Lastly, we will be elaborating on the best features that Talkspace provides to its users. Talkspace is one of the most popular online therapy platforms today, and caters to nearly two million users every day.

Is Talkspace a scam?

No, Talkspace is not a scam. Talkspace is a legit online therapy platform that has thousands of licensed and certified therapists who bring affordable mental health care to the users. This platform not only has affordable plans for everyone, but can also be covered by insurance through in-network providers like Cigna, Optum and even Humana.


Benefits of text-based therapy

In a world where any action can be performed through a text, therapy has also found a wonderful medium such as this. Many platforms like Talkspace, BetterHelp and even Calmerry are offering their users text-based therapy and counseling. This mode of therapy brings plenty of benefits and advantages such as the ones explained in this section:

Text-based therapy is more affordable

While in-person therapy or traditional therapy is definitely pretty expensive, text-based therapy is a lot more affordable. Many platforms like Talkspace also offer insurance coverage for their text-based therapy plans. This makes text-based therapy and even other forms of  online therapy more appealing than traditional therapy settings.

Therapy can be accessed from anywhere

Therapy itself can be accessed and used from anywhere. Text-based therapy only requires the user to have a smart device and an internet connection. The user can send a limitless number of messages to their therapists while they are at work, traveling somewhere and even from their own homes according to their needs and conveniences.

There are various modes of therapy

Text-based therapy is, of course, not always text-based. This mode of therapy follows several formats. Users can opt to send text messages to their therapists, audio messages and even video messages. They can also schedule live chats with their therapists if they wish for real-time conversations.

It is practical in COVID-19 times

COVID-19 has changed many aspects of the way our lives are conducted. It has even affected the way therapy is conducted. Since COVID-19 regulations mandate that we socially distance ourselves, many users of in-person therapy have switched to online therapy formats such as text-based therapy to bring more safety.

It can be great for those who are busy

Those who have very busy schedules can also find great use in text-based therapy. Text-based therapy can be used even outside the normal business hours and does not require an entire hour to be dedicated for therapy, unlike traditional therapy settings. Thus, those individuals who have extremely busy schedules can avail therapeutic advice even when they are at the office.

It helps in expression

Self-care is necessary to improve our mental health as well as our levels of resilience. Healthy expression and venting are a big part of self-care and text-based therapy can prove to be a great space for this. Text-based therapy allows the user to send a limitless number of messages at any time, and they can thus, use this medium to freely express themselves in a non-judgmental space.

It brings more accountability

There is also more ownership that text-based therapy brings to users, that may be somewhat lacking in traditional therapy settings. In text-based therapy, the user has utmost control in when they want to communicate with their therapists and when they would like some space. This ownership also brings more accountability, thus leading to a better effectiveness of therapy.

Best features of Talkspace

Talkspace brings a lot of benefits to anyone who is using this platform for mental health care. The best features of this platform have been explained in this section:

Talkspace can be used from anywhere

Talkspace operates completely online using HIPAA compliant technology. And thus, therapy can be conducted from anywhere and everywhere as long as the user has an internet connection and a compatible device. This can be great for those who cannot leave the house due to mobility issues or as they are taking care of someone else.

Is Talkspace a scam? (+7 Pros Of Text-Based Therapy)

It can be covered through insurance

Talkspace offers affordable therapy when compared to in-person therapy. This can prove helpful for those users who are finding affordability the main reason for avoiding therapy. Talkspace also provides insurance coverage for its plans through in-network providers such as Optum, Cigna, Humana, etc.

It offers various formats of therapy

There are also many formats of therapy that are available in Talkspace. In this platform, users can opt to communicate with their therapists through messaging as well as live sessions. The messages can be text messages, audio messages and video messages. The live sessions can also be conducted as live chats, live audio sessions and live video sessions.

It brings a great client-therapist fit

Since the rapport between the client and the therapist is essential for therapy, Talkspace uses a smart algorithm to match the user with a suitable therapist according to the information provided by them during sign-up. This not only creates a better fit, but also increases the quality of therapy.


In this post, we have discussed if Talkspace is a scam. We have also looked at the various benefits of text based therapy or text based counseling. Lastly, we have elaborated on the best features that Talkspace provides to its users.

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