Is really free? (+5 top features)

In this article, we shall answer if is really free. We shall also look at the features of the Free Plan that offers. In addition to this, we shall also discuss some of the top features of and a few free alternatives to that teams and organizations can easily make use of.

Is really free?

Yes! It may be quite hard to believe, but can be used absolutely free of cost. The platform offers a Free Plan that users can fully take advantage of. In fact, the platform does not even ask for any credit card information. The Free Plan of is usually preferred by individuals and tiny teams for their project management needs.

Another great thing about is that it offers a Student Program that is also free for its users. In this plan, there are all the features of the Free Plan in addition to some of the features of the Pro Plan in, for absolutely free. This plan can be used by college or university going students as well as their educators.

Features of the Free Plan

Let’s look closely at the features of the Free Plan that offers in this section:

  • Users can easily create an unlimited number of boards in their workspace
  • The number of items that can be created is limited to 200. If the user wants to earn additional items for their account, all they need to do is to refer a friend to Once this is confirmed, the user will get an additional 100 items for their boards
  • The users of this free plan have up to 500 MB in file storage space
  • They can also invite up to two team members to join their accounts
  • They can easily communicate with them through board comments, tagging and also through the updates section
  • They can choose to see their boards in terms of a Files view, Forms view and even as a Kanban board

Top features of

Some of the top features of that make it so popular among small as well as large teams and also individuals have been discussed below:

It offers great security

The platform makes security of user data a top priority. The data of the users is regularly backed up every 5 minutes to the servers. The security also regularly undergoes testing and auditing by third parties in order to detect and correct even the slightest vulnerability. All the data that comes in and goes out of is additionally end to end encrypted.

It can improve collaboration

Collaboration is important for any organization or team to succeed. However, for collaboration to be effective, it needs to take place through multiple avenues and mediums. Teams who use can easily collaborate through board comments, tagging and also through the updates section.

It has ready to use templates

The platform has a wide range of ready to use templates that teams can easily make use for various tasks and assignments. Furthermore, these templates can be easily customized and adapted for different business verticals. Teams can also create their own templates for their work processes and workflows.

It can be easily customized really makes customization and flexibility a top priority for its users. Almost all the elements and features in the platform can be easily customized according to the needs and preferences of the team members. This customization brings more adaptation and personalization to work processes which can translate into better individual productivity and efficiency.

It can be seamlessly integrated

The Integrations Center of has a large number of project tools and apps that teams can connect with their accounts. Integrations are important as teams work with multiple tools at once and if they are not connected teams will spend an unnecessary amount of time in just switching back and forth between them.

Free alternatives to

Some free alternatives to have been listed as follows:

  • Wrike: This app is a quite popular project management tool which offers both free plans as well as priced plans. It can be easily customized and adapted for a variety of tasks and assignments.
  • Hygger: With the help of this platform, teams can easily collaborate and work together in an agile environment. Since the key feature is agile, teams can easily customize and personalize their work processes in order to bring better results.
  • Flow: Flow is another lightweight tool that teams will love to create and manage projects in. The app aims to bring better visibility and accessibility through colorful features and elements in it. Since it is easy to use, it has a very short learning curve and thus even teams who are extremely busy can make use of this app in their work processes.
  • Team Gantt: This app can be used for more than just creating Gantt charts. The tool is quite lightweight and has a smooth drag and drop navigation. It aims to reduce workloads and create better workflows between team members which it does by improving levels of communication and bringing better project overviews.


In this article, we have answered if is really free. We have also looked at the features of the Free Plan that offers. In addition to this, we have also discussed some of the top features of and a few free alternatives to that teams and organizations can easily make use of.

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