Is owned by Slack? (+7 benefits of using Slack)

In this post, we shall answer if is owned by Slack. We shall also explain how you can set up a Slack integration in your account. In addition to this, we shall be discussing the various benefits of Slack and how can be used to improve workplace collaboration among your teams.

Is owned by Slack?

No, is not owned by Slack. In fact, the company has gone public since June 2021 and thus is publicly owned. The headquarters of are in Tel Aviv, Israel with several offices all around the world. The whole reason why was created was to solve the work management and task management problems that teams usually face in organizations.


How to set up a Slack integration in

In order to set up a Slack integration in, you will need to follow these steps explained below:

  • On the board where you want to create the integration, click on the Integration button. You will find this located at the upper right part of your screen.

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  • From the Integrations Center, choose Slack. You can also search for it using the search bar.
  • When you click on the Slack option, you will find the various integration recipes that offers. Click on the one that fits your preferences and requirements.
  • You will next be asked to connect your Slack account with your account with the right permissions.
  • You can now set up the integration and customize it in any way that you prefer.

Benefits of using Slack

Slack is a popular collaboration and communication tool that teams all over the world frequently use. Some of these benefits have been discussed as follows:

It has great security features

The platform provides strong security features for its users and their data. This is extremely important as users often share confidential and sensitive information that can cause damage to multiple parties if leaked or breached. This high level of security makes Slack a popular tool even among large organizations and their upper management teams.

It makes communication easy

The communication is simple and easy, just as how team members prefer it to be. The great thing about Slack is that it promotes both synchronous as well as asynchronous types of communication. This is important if teams want their workplace collaboration to be effective. Conversations are easy to start and messages can also sent quickly and seamlessly.

It provides different channels for communication

The platform provides different channels for teams to communicate with each other. Users also have the option to create private channels, public channels or even directly message each other. These channels are basically groups where everyone can see the messages and the updates in the conversation and are great for brainstorming, problem solving and decision making.

Sharing information is simple

If a user wants to share a document, an image or a video, they do not need to use an external party or app for this purpose. All this and more can be done using Slack. This makes the sharing of information as well as access to files and documents quite easy and thus, saves a lot of time for busy team members.

It has ease of access

Slack can be used both on desktop as well as in any kind of mobile device. It however, needs to be installed as an app on your desktop or mobile. Once it has been installed, Slack can be easily accessed from anywhere at any time, thus bringing more flexibility for teams who are placed in various geographical locations and thus work remotely.

It can be integrated

Another super thing about Slack is that it can be easily integrated with a wide range of project tools and apps. This instantly increases the effectiveness of collaboration in the project tool and also brings more features to Slack itself. One of the most popular tools that Slack is usually integrated with is which helps teams communicate and work better together.

It has aesthetic appeal

Slack is also preferred by teams due to its ability to be customized and adapted for various uses and purposes. The platform also allows its users to customize their aesthetics in the tool with various color schemes and color codes. This brings more visibility and accessibility to the users of the platform. for workplace collaboration calls itself a Work Operating System and is widely used for the purpose of project management as well as task management. It however, can also be used for workplace collaboration. Some of the ways it can help in this are:

  • It provides multiple avenues for communication including board comments, tagging and also through the updates section
  • It brings more transparency among teams and team members through various charts and graphs which shows who is doing what in the team
  • It also makes task management easier by showing leaders and managers the status and progress of each sub task in the project
  • It can be easily integrated with other collaboration apps like Slack or Zoom to increase the levels of communication between teams


In this post, we have answered if is owned by Slack. We have also explained how you can set up a Slack integration in your account. In addition to this, we have discussed the various benefits of Slack and how can be used to improve workplace collaboration among your teams.

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