Is free for small businesses?

This blogpost will discuss if is free for small businesses. We shall also learn more about the free plan that offers. In addition to this, we will look at the features of that can be useful for small businesses. is being used by teams of all sizes due to the wide range of features the platform possesses.

Is free for small businesses?

While is not exactly free for small businesses, the free plan can be useful for tiny teams who are just starting out. In order to cater to a wider audience, the platform has created several priced plans with different pricing strategies that even small businesses will find very cost effective and beneficial.

Features of the free plan in

The free plan of can be used by individuals who are looking for project management tool to coordinate and organize their schedules and calendars. Some of the features of the free plan in have been discussed below:

  • Users can easily create an unlimited number of boards in their account.
  • However, the number of items that can be created in the free plan is limited to 200. If the user wants to earn additional items in, they will need to refer a friend to use the platform. After this, they will earn an additional 100 items for their board.
  • They also have access to over 200 ready to use templates in the platform that can be used for practically any type of task or assignment.
  • They can invite up to 2 team members to use the account along with them and can communicate with them through board comments, tagging and also the updates section.
  • Users of the free plan will also enjoy up to 500 MB of file storage space. Any data they save on the platform will be regularly backed up to the servers.
  • They can also easily change their board view to a Kanban board view which can give them additional information about their content. for small businesses can be quite beneficial for small businesses who deal with a smaller number of customers and clients. Some of the ways through which can be advantageous for small businesses in particular are:

By bringing easy customization

The great thing about is that it can be easily customized and adapted for various tasks and assignments. This is why the tool is so popular among various business verticals. Almost all the elements and features of this tool can be easily customized and adapted to whatever project the team is working on.

Seamless integrations

Integrations are important as teams work with multiple tools at once and require all of them to be synchronized and connected with each other. If this is not there, teams will spend unnecessary amounts of time swiping back and forth between apps. With the help of the Integrations Center in teams can easily set up integrations with tools like Zoom, Slack and Mailchimp.

Easy automations

Automations are necessary as teams work with large projects which require repetitive tasks to be performed continuously. This is especially relatable to marketing teams who might need to send out automated responses to queries and issues. In, these automations can not only be set up easily but also customized with various recipes.

Improved collaboration

Small businesses require their teams to be highly collaborative as this brings better work processes and work efficiency. offers both synchronous as well as asynchronous means of communication to the teams. And thus, teams can effectively interact with each other through @mentions, board comments and also through the updates section.

Strong security features

The platform prides itself on its security features. This is especially important for small businesses as any information that is leaked about their clients or customers can be dangerous and damaging for multiple parties. brings security with features like multi step authentications, end to end encryptions and strong firewalls.

CRM features

Customer Relationship Management is even more important for small businesses which require every customer to be on board regularly. offers small businesses a CRM template which will guide all their work processes and workflows. In addition to this, can also generate leads and manage the customers throughout their entire life cycles.

Finance management

Finance management can be tricky for small businesses. However, this is a very important area of business management. can be used to track and manage finances for small businesses. In addition to this, the platform can also be easily integrated with other finance apps like Quickbooks that improves its effectiveness.

Offline use

Another amazing thing about is that it can be used offline. While data connection is pretty common, teams might not always have access to this. This is especially relatable when teams are in remote locations or situations where data is not stable. In the offline mode, teams can access their files and create content which will be uploaded when the data is restored.


This blogpost has discussed if is free for small businesses. We have also learnt more about the free plan that offers. In addition to this, we have looked at the features of that can be useful for small businesses.

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