Is a good CRM? (+6 CRM features)

In this article, we shall discuss if is a good CRM. We shall also examine the features of that help in CRM for businesses and organizations. Furthermore, we shall also look at other great features of that promote it as not only a CRM tool but also for project management and collaboration purposes.

Is a good CRM?

Yes, is a great CRM. In fact, it is one of the best CRMs out there as it has other features as well that make it popular with workplaces and teams. With the help of, customers can be easily managed in a transparent and efficient manner. Thus, the customer is taken care of in a prioritized manner throughout their lifecycle.

With the help of, businesses can greatly improve their relationships with customers, thus promoting brand loyalty in customers and also helping in marketing. can also be used to solve issues and problems that customers might have and work in coordination to understand these gaps better.

To help users purpose as a CRM, the platform has many helpful tips and tricks to guide them in their way. They have a resourceful webinar called ‘Get Started for CRM’ that users can take part in. They also have an advanced version of this called ‘How to use as a CRM’.

CRM features of

The different CRM features of that can be helpful in customer relations and solving customer issues are described below:

Lead generation

With the help of, leads can be generated easily from web forms. The platform also helps in lead scoring so that you can easily prioritize them. This feature of allows businesses and organizations to grow and expand. They can also manage leads from start to finish of the customer lifecycle.

Robust analytics

Data and timely analytics allow organizations to gain more information and also create diverse perspectives of various factors. When an organization thrives on scientific data, its work processes also become a whole lot smarter. The dashboard in is filled with information and analytics that sales and marketing teams will simply love.


Automation features

This project management tool aims to make work easier and lighter for any user. With the features of automation available in, certain actions can be completed. This relates particularly to recurring tasks that may need constant intervention from the users and team members otherwise.


Regular updates about teams

Since sales and marketing teams usually have a lot of members working on various tasks together, it might be difficult for leaders and managers to track their progress. The features that are available in allow for better tracking of tasks and also management of these, so that managers can have a better hold of their teams and guide them in the right manner.

Customer interaction management

Sales are not always about contacting the prospect and pitching the sale. It has a lot to do with gathering the right information and also waiting for the right time to interact with the customer. This will increase the chances of success the sales rep will have. The interactions of customers can be easily tracked with the help of as a CRM.


Ease of access

The platform can be easily accessed from all smart devices. This means users can interact with their customers and also manage their needs in a faster and smoother manner. This greatly improves the strength of the customer relationship with the organization, ensuring more sales and a longer life cycle of the customer.

Other important features of

Highly visual platform

The interface in is very visual and also very visible. This helps the users find items easily and also be informed about updates and changes in statuses in a quick manner. Furthermore, the bright color schemes and the color codes of the platform make it visually pleasing, creating a supportive environment for team members to work in.

Great customer service

The customer support and service at is fantastic. Not only is the team highly knowledgeable and supportive but they are also easily accessible through phone as well as chat options. They also conduct regular webinars and Q&A sessions where the users are encouraged to interact and learn more about the product.

Wide variety of integrations

The platform also has a wide variety of integrations that users will love. Since organizations and teams use many project and collaboration tools, they would need solid integrations between these platforms. can be easily integrated with a wide number of tools such as Slack, Dropbox, Gmail, Outlook , Trello, Salesforce, etc.

Handy widgets provides its users with many handy and useful widgets which can help in making work easier and also fun and engaging at the same time. There are widgets that can do all sorts of things like notify users about changes in statuses of tasks, let them know when they have been mentioned in conversations and also inspire them with a daily motivational quote.


In this article, we have discussed if is a good CRM. We have also examined the features of that help in CRM for businesses and organizations. Furthermore, we have also looked at other great features of that promote it as not only a CRM tool but also for project management and collaboration purposes.

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