Is a CRM? (+9 benefits of CRM tools)


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Page last updated: 2/09/2022

This article will discuss if is indeed a CRM. We shall also describe some of the CRM features of and the various reasons why organizations should seriously consider incorporating a CRM tool into their work processes. can be used for a wide variety of purposes due to the large number of features that make up the platform.

Is a CRM?

Yes, can be easily used as a CRM. While the platform defines itself as a Work Operating System (OS), it is being used for the purpose of project management as well as workplace collaboration in many organizations. In addition to this, the platform is also being used by Sales and Marketing teams for the purpose of Customer Relationship Management.

CRM features of

The features of that make it an amazing, yet simple CRM tool have been discussed in this section:


It can be used as a database

Since marketing teams work with a lot of information and data, they often look for a centralized database that everyone can have quick access to. The boards on can easily serve as databases for these teams. Additional information from spreadsheets can also be incorporated readily into the platform, thus making information more accessible and shareable.


It can improve communication

Sales and marketing teams who work with Customer Relations require the best kind of communication between themselves. This is to ensure the customer is fully satisfied and is more loyal to the brand. With the help of the communication features in such as board comments and tagging, teams can easily collaborate and serve their customers better.

It brings in shared calendars

Different individuals work with different schedules. Since almost everyone uses different social media and email services, they might even have multiple schedules across various platforms. In, all these calendars and schedules can be easily synced so that sales teams can coordinate events and appointments in a better coordinated manner.

It can do automations

The platform can also be set up to perform plenty of automations for teams. According to the plan that the team is using, the number of automations allowed per month can differ. These automations can specifically help CRM teams who might have to respond to a large number of queries and issues with repetitive messages.

It can be easily integrated

The Integrations Center in has more than 40 popular apps and tools that can be easily integrated with the platform. Sales and marketing tools rarely work with only one project or collaboration tool. And it is important that all these tools are in sync with each other in order to avoid miscommunication and misunderstanding.

It offers clear project overviews

Project overviews are important as all the team members need to be on the same page about the project or assignment at all times. This ensures a better chance of success in the project. Project overviews can be easily conducted with the help of, with the help of the numerous charts and graphs and also task dependencies.

It can generate leads

Sales and marketing teams require strong leads to follow up with in order to generate sales and profits. However, great leads can be difficult to come by. With the help of the features at, leads can be easily generated through web forms and other sources. Teams can also easily get across to these leads and translate them into sales.

It is easy to use

The platform also has an easy to use interface that can be great for CRM teams. Since the platform is simple and user friendly, even large teams can easily get the hang of it in a short span of time. The elements and features of are quite accessible and very visible which makes navigation smooth and efficient.

It offers strong security

Security is an important aspect of any CRM tool as the data and information of customers has to be protected at all costs. offers plenty of security features like multi step authentications, strong firewalls and even end to end encryptions. The data of the users is also regularly backed up to the servers.

Importance of CRM tools for organizations

CRM tools can bring a wide range of advantages and benefits for organizations and teams. Some of these benefits are:

  • It can improve customer service by tracking issues and resolving problems in quick and efficient manner
  • Customer lifecycles can be tracked and managed from start to finish
  • CRM tools can improve the collaboration and coordination between teams and different departments
  • Leads can be translated into sales more effectively
  • Databases of contacts and leads can be created and managed in a centralized platform
  • Customer buying behavior and trends can be spotted early on and predicted in order to improve the sales process
  • CRM tools can also make the buying process a lot more individualized and personalized for customers
  • These tools can be used to market campaigns in an appropriate and robust manner
  • They can be easily integrated with social media platforms for better reach of customers


This article has discussed if is indeed a CRM. We have also described some of the CRM features of and the various reasons why organizations should seriously consider incorporating a CRM tool into their work processes.

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