Is Jim Jefferies depressed?

This article will discuss if Jim Jefferies is depressed. For that, the article will discuss what the comedian has said in interviews and during his work about his mental health. Along with that, the article will discuss, based on what the comedian has said, what depression is, and what are ways to cope with it.

Is Jim Jefferies depressed?

Yes, Jim Jefferies has openly talked many times about his depression. And although sometimes it may be hard to understand, comedians also have depression, many of them have spoken publicly about their mental health condition. 

And Jim Jefferies is no different. In his work, he has expressed how he battles depression and suicidal thoughts. He even speaks about how not only he, but his father also has had a hard time dealing with depression. 

Along with that, he says in his shows that he believes he got depressed because of hopes and dreams. He has shared that he believes that people in their 20s, 30s and 40s get depressed because they are constantly expecting something from their lives.

They are wondering when they will meet the love of their lives, or when they will get that great job. He says that this can be overwhelming, making it even hard to get out of bed. All of that has also made him suicidal at times. 

In his work he has also said how achieving his purposes in life has made him even more depressed. How he was depressed and thought it would only get better when he became a comedian, and when it happened, he thought it would only get better if he got paid for it, and then only if he was a headliner, and he is still depressed.

Through this, he showed how he is constantly chasing something to give meaning to his life, which just makes him feel even more empty and without purpose once he reaches it. Along with that, Jim Jefferies says how he feels suicidal as soon as he gets frustrated, not having enough appreciation for what he has already achieved.

In one of his shows, he even makes a comparison of suicide rates in rich and poor countries. Saying that it is much higher in rich countries, but how people from poor countries live a harder life and make it their purpose to survive. As rich people are in emotional pain for no reason whatsoever.

Although this is a comparison that is difficult to make, it can still be shocking to people how one can achieve what they want and still not feel happy. And that is why depression is still such a mystery. And why it can be so strange to see comedians struggling with depression, or even committing suicide. 

There have been many of them. Robbie Williams is the most known example. He was this character adored by everyone, but not everyone knew he was battling depression when he killed himself. The same is said about Drew Carey, that wrote in his biography about his long battle with depression, and many suicide attempts. 

And although humor can be a good coping mechanism for people dealing with depression, it is always important to have in mind how it is a thin line. People that are laughing, or making others laugh, can also be in tremendous pain. 

Let’s understand a little more about Jim Jefferies’ life story, so we can dig deeper into how he experiences depression.

Who is Jim Jefferies?

Jim Jefferies is an Australian-born comedian, writer, and actor. Although he was born in Sydney, when he grew up he moved to Perth to study musical theater, and when he finished it, it was when he started doing stand-up. 

In 2007 he started to get some attention because of his performance in the Manchester Comedy Store, and in 2008 he got famous in the United States due to his HBO special I Swear to God.

Global fame came due to a sitcom called Legit, which went on during 2013-2014. After that, he made a well-known show called The Jim Jefferies Show, which was on the air between 2017 and 2019. 

He is now 45 years old and is married to his second wife, British actress Tassie Lawrence, with whom he has a son. He also has a son with his first wife, which was born in 2012. 

Now that the background of Jim Jefferies is clear, let’s discuss what depression is, and what, according to his thoughts, can lead to depression.

What is depression?

Depression is a mental health condition that causes the person to experience intense sadness, but it is not only that. As said before, many people with depression can seem fine, and even make people laugh for a living. 

As shown by Jim Jefferies, depression is not only sadness but is also related to a  loss of interest in things, a crippling fear, and overwhelming expectations. Those can make you set your focus on such high goals, that you lose track of all that is already around you. 

When he says that he is constantly waiting for the next big thing in his life, which is why he got depressed, he is saying how hard it is to live constantly waiting for something to give you life purpose. Which is extremely common for people with depression. 

They can have such high expectations that are impossible to fulfill. Leaving them completely hopeless, impacting their sense of purpose, and overall sense of well-being. 

He also says how depression has been a part of his life for many years. And with that, one can understand that coping with depression is not a simple thing. People can go through it for many years. 

And because depression can be related to some factors, such as genetics, or even an imbalance in a person’s brain chemistry, caring for it takes work. It is a process of managing your body functions, but also, to handle depression, one needs to go deep in their feelings. 

Understanding why you feel so overwhelmed, or demand too much of yourself is also a way of treating depression. This will let you reconnect with a more honest purpose and realistic expectations for your life, as a way to feel more fulfilled.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Is Jim Jefferies depressed? 

Does depression have a cure? 

No, depression doesn’t have a cure. Because it has a genetic aspect to it, and people that have experienced depressive episodes have a higher chance of getting depressed, it is impossible to say it will never happen again.

What mental health professionals usually say to patients is that it is possible to go into remission. When a person is in remission from their depressive episode, they can regain control of their emotions, and feel as if they can handle life’s situations more positively.

This prospect can make people feel discouraged and hopeless about depression and how, and when, they will get better. But keep in mind that you will be able to go back to feeling joy, and when it happens, the knowledge you gained about your mental health will live on with you.

What are ways to cope with depression? 

Depending on what form of depression you have, it can be treated in many ways. But usually having people around you that are supportive, keeping an active and healthy lifestyle, even though it can be hard, and trying to find little moments of pleasure in your day-to-day can improve your sense of well-being.

Aside from that, having professional help, such as therapists or psychiatrists, or even taking part in support groups, can be a way for you to cope with depression. The support groups will allow you to be in touch with people that are going through similar things as you are, and exchange experiences and coping strategies.

Therapy will allow you to get in touch with your emotions, and maybe understand the root of your depression. And the psychiatrist can help you if medication is needed.

What are suicidal thoughts? 

Suicidal thoughts are one in which people consider ending their own life. It can be a more passive thought, in which the person doesn’t plan on doing it, but it is rather thinking about how it would be to not be in pain, or how the world would be without them.

Other people can have a more active thought about ending their lives. They start to plan how, where, and when to do it. In those situations, people should look for help immediately, and have people around them, so they don’t take action in an impulsive moment.

When a person is considering suicide, they can start to show some signs. They can develop a curiosity around violent events, death, and even suicide. They might become more agitated, and their sleeping patterns can change. Along with that, they can start to say goodbye to people, and give away their belongings.

How can I help my friend that has suicidal thoughts? 

If you think your friend is having suicidal thoughts, you can start an open and honest conversation with them. This will allow them to share their thoughts and feelings, and for you both to look for ways out of this.

Making yourself present is important. It will allow them to feel connected, which can be an important way to prevent suicide. It can also help if you set up their support network periods so that people can be around them, so they are not left alone. Taking away things that they can use to harm themselves is also a good way to help.

What are antidepressants?

Antidepressants are medications that are used to treat people with depression. But not only that, it can be used in the joint treatment of many mental health conditions. There are different types of antidepressants, and each of them will act differently in the person’s brain.

In the same way, each person can react differently to the medication they are taking. That is why it is so important to be assisted by a physician as you are taking those medications. They are taken only when prescribed, and your doctor can let you know what are the possible side effects of each type.

And if you experience high side effects, and the medication is not working as well as your doctor said it might, you can discuss with them about the possibility of changing it, but never stop them cold turkey, since it can lead to withdrawal symptoms.


This article discussed if the comedian Jim Jeffries is depressed. For that, the article looked over interviews and how his mental health appeared in his work. Along with that, the article explained what depression is, and how to cope with it based on his experience.

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