Is it normal to still love my ex?

Is it normal to still love my ex? – A guide to understanding until what point it is normal to still love your ex.

In this guide, we will discuss the reasons why you may still love your ex and how to start ending with this feeling.

is it normal to still love my ex?

One of the hardest moments of any relationship is when the relationship ends.

There is always a person who decides to end the relationship by leaving the other bewildered as it did not expect to come.

Breaks are difficult and nobody wants to deal with them.

When the relationship ends it is due to many reasons, but whatever these reasons are, they do not become a reason for you to continue thinking: is it normal to still love my ex?

The moment you think if is it normal to still love my ex is because you may be still in love with your ex.

You keep thinking about your ex-partner, how the relationship was and how much you miss it.

You can see yourself at a point where you have not assimilated the break and it still hurts.

There is also the situation in which you accept that things are over, but for one reason or another, the love for your ex continues.

Time has passed. It’s been months and years now and you’re still dealing with the reasons why you still love your ex.

You wonder if your ex feels the same if it is normal that until this point you think about whether it is normal to continue loving your ex.

This thought can get to the point of giving you a little headache.

The idea does not come from you and you want an answer to that thought. You want to know if it’s normal to continue loving my ex.

Surely you have several reasons why you wonder if it is normal to continue loving your ex and want to know if these are valid or not.

You want to know if it is normal to continue loving your ex is a kind of signal to try to recover the relationship or just a silly idea.

Regardless of the case, you keep wondering if it’s normal to continue loving your ex.

There are several reasons why you think about whether it is normal to love your ex and understand them will be a guide to know why this feeling remains and how to continue with your life.

If you still love your ex then you should know how to get back with an ex and do a reconciliation.

Why I still love my ex?

Many reasons lead you to keep thinking about why I still love my ex. Let’s analyze some of them.

One of the first reasons why you wonder why I still love my ex is because you still don’t leave the past behind.

After the relationship ended, you still stuck in the past.

You keep asking yourself even about your ex and reliving the moments that happened again and again in your head.

You find it difficult to recognize that the relationship is over and that everyone is making their life.

You’re still clinging to what that love was.

Although it was good, you do not recognize that this stage has passed and that is why the feelings of continuing to love your ex remain fresh in your memory.

Holding on to a love of the past can be dangerous. Do not allow yourself to move forward and meet other people.

You stay stuck in the past without realizing that things are over.

Another reason why you keep wondering why I still love my ex is that your ex hasn’t cut you emotionally yet.

While it is true that the relationship ended, your ex continues to write to you, which makes it impossible for you to overcome that love.

This type of behaviour can generate confusion in many cases and the one who can suffer is you.

The fact that your ex writes you doesn’t always mean that I loved you too.

It may have different intentions from yours, so it is better to be cautious and not believe that because your ex is looking for you, it is because he also continues to love you.

Is it right to go back to my ex if I still in love?

Up to this point, you have been wondering if is it normal to still love my ex and you have come to the conclusion that you miss him and want to resume the relationship, but you want to know if it is correct or not.

When a person decides on what they want to return to with their ex, there are some situations to consider.

One of the first is to analyze the reasons why the relationship ended.

While it is true that you still love your ex and want to be with your ex again, you have to think first of all what led to the relationship ending.

If the relationship ended due to abuse in the relationship, you should think twice if it is worth being in that type of relationship.

Respect is paramount and whoever feels love for your ex can’t make you forget the treatment you received in the past.

Another reason to think about whether to return to your ex is correct is to analyze the state of how the relationship was when they were together.

Analyze your feelings when I was in the relationship.

While it is true that you loved your ex that does not mean that you felt good.

Sometimes people, when they love others, tend to omit actions and words that over time can hurt them.

Also, another aspect to consider is the reason to be together.

Yes, you have indeed stated that you love that person, but what else do you expect from the relationship?

Is it with someone you see in the future or a simple hobby?

You have to clarify what you are looking for and see what that person is looking for and decide, since in the end who can get hurt is you.

What can I do if I still love my ex?

At this point the question you have is the following: you think if is it normal to still love my ex, you want to know the reasons that keep you still loving your ex and if it would be convenient to return with the ex.

These are thoughts that are in your mind every day and you don’t know what to do.

Some people feel like they can’t stop loving someone.

First, analyze calmly because the relationship ended. Relationships end when something is not working.

The reasons for the break are the best indication to know if it is convenient to continue thinking that if it is normal to continue loving your ex or once and overcome it.

Breaks are painful, but they are part of the situations we have to deal with.

In many cases, it is better to accept what it was and stay with a beautiful memory of what the relationship itself was but not implying that for that reason you must continue loving your ex.

The fact that you continue to feel love for your ex is nothing bad and especially if he was a good person, just remember that having that feeling even after spending break time does not help you or the next person you may be meeting.

Keep loving an ex unconsciously from blocking open to other people since you only have a mind for your ex. You have to let it go.

If you still love your ex and have learned from certain sources that he also feels the same, a dialogue is a solution.

Both can allow themselves to speak and express what they feel. Be honest and explain everything you expect from the relationship.

Sometimes the second opportunities work, but it all depends on how the reasons for the relationship ended.

If your ex was a person who mistreated you, continuing to love him despite those actions would not be right for you.

The most important thing is that, in whatever decision you make, think of yourself first.

Think about how to return to your ex and how to continue loving affects you.

You might feel good about returning with your ex because you love him, but also think if it’s worth it after how the whole relationship went.

Holding on to love doesn’t mean it’s right to come back and if you’re still wondering if is it normal to still love my ex after the break has had a long time from the moment it happened, that means you have to work harder on you.

Work on self-love, on loving you first before others.

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FAQs about is it normal to still love my ex

My ex treated me badly, but says he has changed and wants to come back to me, what can I do?

When there is abuse in a relationship, one must think well if it is worth returning.

Do not rush back, study the situation and analyze if you should be with that person again.

How do I stop thinking about my ex?

Some of the things you can do to forget your ex is not to talk about your ex and if someone brings up a related topic, ask in a courteous way to talk about something else, do not look at photographs or anything else that makes you think about your ex and accept that the relationship is over and that thinking about your ex is not worth it.

How to stop loving my ex?

To stop loving your ex you have to start by accepting that the relationship is over and that there is no possibility of reconciliation.

Accept that your ex is doing his life and that you are also going that same way.

Is it right to keep talking to my ex?

Everything will depend on how you feel.

If you are a person who is clear that you and your ex are not going back and that you both have no problem in making a friendship, there is no problem.

But if your ex or you want to have a friendship as a way to resume the relationship, it would not be correct.

The deception is not correct in any of its forms.

How can I overcome a breakup?

Accepting that the relationship has come to an end and that it is a process that many people go through.

It is permissible to be sad the days after the breakup, do not try to pretend that everything is fine if you do not feel that way inside of you.

Allow yourself to live your duel that over time you will overcome.


It is normal that, at some point in your life, after having finished a relationship, you wonder if is it normal to still love my ex.

That you still have feelings for your ex does not mean you want or have to return to the relationship.

Feelings may appear in your life, but don’t let that blur you and make you think it was a bad decision to end the relationship.

The relationships have their reasons why they end and if at that time you ended or decided to end with you it is because it was the best.

Focus on yourself and don’t let yesterday’s thoughts disrupt your present.

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